Aug. 30, 1896 Salt Lake City

Dear Cora,

Your welcome letter to mamma of 26 inst. Came safely to hand, & was appreciated.  We were glad to learn that you were well and happy and that you were having such a pleasant time.  Make the most of it, – for after you have had your romping time, other duties and labors will come crowding in upon you.  I returned home from Tooele Co. on Friday evening, and found your dear ma and your younger sisters all well.  While absent, in some respects, – I was quite successfull.  A new enterprise is now opening up for me, or rather, I am opening one up myself in which, – if agreeable to your feelings, I am satisfied your serves, can, or may be of value to your parents, and to yourself.  In a brief letter I can only explain a word or two.  I am taking the Lecture field as a profession.  Have conferred with Bp Whitney and other leading men, – they indorse me and give me words of incouragement.  My personal friend Pres. Jos. F. Smith being one of the member.  In fact I have, up to date delivered five lectures, to assemblies of from 20 to 60 persons and my addresses thus far have been well received and favorably commented upon.  In my lecture tours, – if agreeable to you, – I should be very glad to have you accompany me, and sing at the opening, one of your popular songs.  In case this idea strikes you favorably, I desire to have you commence at once, without delay, to practice with the above object in view.  Shall have some bills printed, in which your name will appear: – I should therefore hear from you without delay; so as to know how to print my bills.  While in Tooelle, I talked with Pres Gowan, in regard to your singing with me, he regarded it, as a capitol thought.  It will take, on our part, faith, patience, hard work and Divine favor, if we succeed: – and I have the greatest assurance that we shall, if united succeed.  Your dear mother is more than pleased with the steps I am now taking.  Which I design to be a life labor.  There will be difficulties to overcome & obstacles to surmount, but if we do our part the Lord will help us and sustain us.  It has been made manifest to me that the above course is for our temporal, or financial difficulties to overcome.  Inclosed please find 30c in silver, I regret I cannot sent you more.  Will try & raise money for your fair home a little later.  Be of good cheer, be a good girl, and say your prayer, and shun, as you would a poisonous viper the very appearance of evil.  Watch as well as pray and you shall be blessed.  Give my kind regards to Sr. Emma, and tell her, I shall never forget her many unselfish acts of kindness.

Your loving father,

P.P. Pratt

[Parley Parker Pratt Jr. & Descendants, Cora S. Winkler, 1992]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Dec. 2006]

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