Know all persons by these Presents: — That we the undersigned Nephi Pratt
and Lizzie Mary Pratt his Wife, (before her marriage to him Lizzie Mary Warren)
do hereby mutually Covenant, Promise and Agree to DISSOLVE all the relations which have
hitherto existed between us as HUSBAND AND WIFE, and to keep ourselves SEPARATE and APART from each other, from this time forth.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands at Parowan
this 26 day of April A. D. 1869

Signed in the Presence of                             Nephi Pratt

Wm. H. Dame                                              Lizzie Mary Pratt

John George Baker


[MS 5719 (3) ]

[Transcribed by Cheryl Brawn and Rebecca Staker, Mar. 2011]

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