Messages from the Missions

From a letter of Elder H. C. Mortensen, president of the Seattle conference of the Northwestern states mission, we learn that on Sunday, March 14, 1909, President Nephi Pratt paid them his farewell visit as mission president. All the elders, and the members of the branch and their friends were in attendance.

President Pratt gave a brief history of the work in this conference, and the establishment of the Seattle branch, some eight years ago, with but a few members. There is now an enrollment of over two hundred members, in Seattle alone, and many others scattered throughout the city and state. The Sunday School, Mutual and Relief Society, are all well organized and attended.

The speaker bore a powerful testimony to the divinity of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s mission. He testified also that he knew the Savior is the Redeemer of the world. On Monday evening a reception was held in the honor of President Pratt. Everybody turned out, to honor the “father of the branch,” for they love him greatly, for his work, testimony and counsel.

There was a program of songs, recitations, speeches wise and otherwise, eulogies and sentiments. Refreshments were served, and a general handshaking and sociable time was enjoyed.

During the evening Supt. C. H. Fritsche, in behalf of the Sunday School, presented Pres. Pratt with a beautiful watch charm, one side made up of Alaska gold, with a fine diamond in the center, the other side bearing the inscription “To Pres. Nephi Pratt, from the Seattle Sunday School.”

Elder H. C. Mortensen, representing the elders of the Seattle conference, presented him with a gold signet ring, with his initials beautifully engraved thereon. In the presentation speech many kind words were expressed for President Pratt showing the friendship and love in the hearts of the elders for him.

The president’s response was so kind, tender and full of love, that it touched the hearts of all present. He leaves this part of the mission with the love and esteem of all who have had the privilege of meeting and knowing him.

[Improvement Era, 1909]

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