Richfield, Feby. 23, 1893
to Mrs. Elisebeth B. Pratt

Dear Aunt, I take my pen to write you a few lines.  As a family we are enjoying good health, all except myself.  I don’t enjoy very good health.  John and I are going to the Dedication of the Salt Lake Temple and, as my Sister Sarah Elisebeth told me just before she died that you were desirous that we should come and visit you, we thought we would like to come and stay during Conference.  I should wean the Baby and leave her home, of course.  I have had fourteen children, 4 dead, 10 living, besides Willie.  He has not married yet.  We have quite a houseful.  We have 2 girls married.  I have one, Thankful Halsey, named after Father’s first wife, one after you, one after aunt Mary, one after Mother.  I want one more boy, then will quit.  John has not been well this winter.  He got his arm blood poisoned last fall.  Came near losing his life.  He feels the effects of it yet, but is now getting firstrate.  I called at your house when Uncle Orson died but you were not to home.  My Parley was 21 last week.  He had a birthday party.

I sent ten dollars to George Q. Cannon and sons to pay for the steel plate of Father’s likeness for the History of Utah.  Nephi wrote me about it and that was all he wrote; he never mentioned any of the family and hardly himself.  I would like to hear how the family is getting along.  Don’t you think it would be a good idea to get up a reunion at conference time?  I would like to see all the folks, and that would be a good time to all meet together after the Dedication of the Temple and have a jolly time.  John and I have done our share of Temple work.  We have had endowments for 25 couples, all his folks.  We have enjoyed it too.

I guess I’d better stop scribbling or I will tire your patience.  My pen is like my tongue, it has not had much cultivation so you must excuse.  We are giving our children a good education.  Of course that shows me where I am lame.  Our oldest Daughter Aggie has been President of the Y.L.I. Association of Richfield for 6 years and is now Stake superintendent.  William is councilor to the Stake superintendent for Y.M.M.I. Association.  My children all belong to the Church and hold some office in the Priesthood, that are old enough.  Their ages are from 1 year to 29, so you see we have got all sizes.  Well, please write and tell me what you think about John and me coming to make you a visit, and I will remain, with love,

Yours truly,
Julia Pratt Gardner

(a) Julia was the daughter of Parley P. Pratt and Sarah Huston.
(b) Aunt Elisebeth was Elizabeth Brotherton, third wife of Parley P. Pratt.
(c) Aunt Mary was the sister of Sarah Huston, and wife of Heber C. Kimball.
(d) Uncle Orson was Orson Pratt.
(e) Nephi was Julia’s half brother whose mother was Belinda Marden.
(f) Willie was her half brother William Taussag, whom she and John adopted to take the place of their first son, John, who died in infancy.

[Gardner Cousins, Blane Gardner, 1983]

[transcribed by David Grow, Feb. 2007]

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