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Plain Talk to the Girls

Girls be industrious; be economical, be cleanly, cultivate order.  It is the first law of Heaven.  Procrastination is the thief of time.  Choose the highest model of perfection for your standard.  Try to pattern after your model in every way.  Take the Savior for your example, because in imitating him you will find no bad or disagreeable traits.  If you often fall far short of your aim, up and try again asking the blessing of God upon your endeavors.  The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and we must try to bring the flesh in subjugation to the spirit, although we often find the flesh the conqueror here.  Don’t get discouraged if your friends taunt you.  If you get smitten on one cheek, turn the other also.

Never give a hasty or angry word, for fear people will think you lack sensitiveness if you do not leave your enemies, if you have any, in the hands of God and do not seek revenge, but do as the Ancient prophet say the Lord rebuke the Satan and agree with thine adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him.  Do not wish to make others feel their humility for remember if you strive with all your might to do right and others through envy or jealousy or pride try to overthrough you, that God can humble them more than you can.  He will deal out justice to all.  The Savior came not in to the world to be ministered to, but to minister to others.  And He said, “The Servant of all is the greatest of all.”  And that the idler should not eat the bread of the laborer.  Study the commandments of God and His teachings.  Cease to sleep longer than is needful for it is throwing away time and causes ill health, and we will have to render an account of time thus spent.  Exercise keeps the blood in a healthy condition and God in his wisdom has so arranged things that we can find plenty of it to do if we do our duty.

“In the world’s broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!

Life is real!

Not enjoyment.

One more thing girls and I’m done for this time.  If any of you lack wisdom and R.C.  Remember to do this.  If you have a lover and your affections are drawn to him, and you think you never can love another so dearly, yet you know his failings, you feel he is not your equal in intellect, and that he is not living his religion, and will never rise in the world—the Pause—remember marriage is sacred and for eternity, if he is behind here he will be there for the intelligence.

[courtesy of Paul DeBry]
[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Feb. 2007]

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