The Family of Mary Irena Pratt and Louis Paul Cardon









Closeup of Mary Irena Probably Ira and Irene
(not sure which is which)
From Amy Odell


Irene with her children
From Amy Odell
The Cardons
From Amy Odell



From Amy Odell


Louis and Irene at temple
From Amy Odell


Note: I have copies of the following two histories from Amy Odell and can make them available to family members. If any family member is willing to transcribe them, I would like to include transcripts here. Please contact us if you are willing to help.

  • Edna Cardon Trejo, “Mother’s Life Story,” 42 pages with photos.
  • Stanley P. Cardon, “A Brief History of Mary Irena Pratt Cardon,” 1 page.

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