Helaman Pratt Correspondence 1907

Colonia Dublan
April 14, 1907
Dear Victoria,

We were all glad to learn of your safe arrival in Salt Lake, and that you were all O.K. and found all well. I was somewhat disapointed at your giving us no disciption of the Country of California and of your impressions of the same. You did not even tell us what part of the State you passed through. I hope you will be able to give me a full description in your next, as also of your various visits among the folkes, and how they are all getting long. We all would have liked to have been in attendance on the 12th and am sure you enjoyed it very much, and will give us details of all that passed, how many were in attendance, and what was said and done. We are all well here. I went to Juarez on Friday the 12th and brot Leon, Amy and Miss Cannon down. And yesterday we had a family reyounan here in honor of fathers one hundreth bearthday. All the Pratt and the families into which they have married were here, except Fanny Mack and her children. All contributed to the lunch for the children in the afternoon and supper for the older ones in the evening. Ira has just started with the school again and he will return tonight-He and Elmer Cardon are working in the pasture. I have my barn about 1/2 built and will finish this weak. I will have stanchions for 12 cows and a nice place for the Calves and will hold about 35 tons of hay. The cost will be about $800.00 but that is nothing for rich people. Ivas Call went to El Paso with her father a weak ago Saterday and the next day was opperated on for Apendicitus. She is doing well and expects to be home in about 8 or 10 days more. Our wheat never looked better at this time of year, and the potatoes and lucern are coming along nicely after the heavy frost we had just after you left.

Minny says she received a letter from May in which she expressis is some doubt as to whether she will return with your or not. I hope she will come so as not to loos the money spent for her transportation. She wrote to me some time ago that she had recd. The money I sent her and that if she did not come down for Conference she would come to Salt Lake about April the 20, I presume you are in communication with her. Will, Mama, I trust you will have a good time and be returned to us in safty. Remember me to all the folks and all my old friends you may meet.

Your loving husband.

H. Pratt

NOTE: One 1907 letter in Spanish, not transcribed

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