Helaman Pratt Correspondence 1902

Dawson, Yukon Territary
Sept 8th 1902

Dear Brother and Sister Pratt,

Sometime has elapsed since we recived your letter. It was such a pleasure to hear from you. Through our letters are few and far between we often think of you.

The “Book of Mormon” you gave me many years ago, in Mexico has traveled with us to the far north, and is a plesent reminder of you. And in I’m happy to say that I find I under stand it better now than I did at that time. While at home two years ago I attend the lecturs given by Professors Mills on the “Book of Mormon.” I found them so interesting. Yes, thank God that we can say still in the faith, the more I see of the world and the shallowness of the diferent denominations the more I’m convinsed of the truth of our faith, that it is of God, and I long to live and associate with his people. It is the one great desire of my heart. It would not matter to me where – Canada – Mexico or Utah. I should prefer Utah because my people are there. I’m in hopes that next year we will have desposed of all interests here and free to go south. This is our fifth year her though, out of that time I spent nine months at home, leaving August 1900 and returned Jun 1991. Before leaving home in 1897 we George and I had our endowments in the Salt Lake Temple. It seems strange that my lot has been to be constantly in the world.

Hours out of the 24 – all thru June and July, May and August the days are also long – flowers grow in abundance. On the hills & thrue the woods and so fragrant here are also many kinds of birds one can hear them at all hours of the night. The hills are hevely timbered, vegetation grow very rapidly during the long warm days. We have almost daily showers – at present we are having a great deal of rain which makes the town very muddy being built in the swamp between the river and the foot hills, but it is a beautiful site for a town. This part of the country is now in rapid decline, people leaving by the hundred and every boat leaving loaded. Still here are many left and lots of mining going on but the out put of gold this year was only ¼ of what it was last year.

Well, dear Sister Prat howe are you? Try and find time for a line or two to me. When in Salt Lake last year I walked up the canyon I thought of you and tried to locate your old home but could not. It had been so long since I was there. I think we shall visit your coloni when we come south and hope to se you than. I know it must have been quite a struggle for you in that new country – at least it was new to you. I know something of pioneer life. I have had anough on this trip for a lifetime. We have not yet desided where to go or settle, but to me now it makes little difference so I can have the society of the saints and I belive it would difficult to find any place now but what had a mission astablished, unless it should be the “North Pool” and I don’t think we shal go thei yet ahwile. You perhaps would wonder what we are doing – George is not mining at present but imployed as colecter for a company here at $150.00 a month. I keep house for the manager and two book keepers and click which makes for —- family for my services I get $100.00 a month. The old house keeper has gone on six months vacation, I have ben her now two months. I find it a very plesent home and better satisfied ther to be in my own little home because in earning something my mind is also occupied. Consequently time pases moore rappidly – and I have not so much more to do then at home. I have a little girl of my brothers’ who we took six years ago at ther mothers death. She was with my mother the first three years I was there, but I brought her with me last year, she is now eight years old. She attends school here. There are about two hundred puples in attendance.

My sister Mrs Brixen is now a widow her husband died two years ago lasts June now I will close. I have written a long letter. George is not in town today or he would join me in kind remembrance to you all.

With love, I’m your sister in the Gospel
Mary C. Wilcox
Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

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