Helaman Pratt Correspondence 1900

Dublan , Oct 28, 1900

Dear Rey & Carl,

Yours of the 22ins, informing me of your safe arrival also that Carl was well was very gladly read. I here with submit to you your bill of expense as far as I know I trust you will have success in your labors, and the key to success is to learn what your teams can take and then not over drive, feed well, and keep moving every day. There is no money in over doing, and heavy expense in laying over, so go according to your strength and keep going.

We already hear of some of the boys doing that which is very unbecoming to latter-day Saints. I need not caution you and Carl against these eveles (evils). But I will enjoin upon you to use your influence where ever you can to correct or prevent these things. Remember you are my sons and every act of yours will be watched and will have its influence upon others, and as your father is caled to be a leader in this stake of Zion, so also was your Grandfather caled to be a leader in the church, and I now call on you boath to take up a labor with the way ward, and to be leaders among your companions for righteousness. And God will bless you in these labors. It is in times of tryal and temptations that streng of carictus (character) is developed and if you are exempelary and exert your selves always in favor of right you will become stronger and stronger, and weaker minds will naturally follow. Do not fail to give me a statement of your work up to date, I have been obliged to borrow money to pay Mexican for Husking. We have finished the upper peace and got 110 _____. This with the wheat I harvested from that peace if sold would pay for the land. I will write to Tarrazas in regard to that peace that was Azcartes next to mine, and see if I can get it for you. Goodbye. Good bless you

H. Pratt


Colonia Dublan
Dec 23, 1900

My Dear Boys Rey & Carl

I was glad to learn of your safe return to Naco. and of your continued prosperity, as set forth in your letters to Ma and I. I was pleased to learn that the mares had not lost their colts, but it would be nothing strange if they should do so before the year is out. In regard to mays not going with Bro. Call, it was a matter ___for her to choose. I thought if she could save $3.00 or $4.00 or a day by going with Farnsworth and also take out some supplies which she could not have done on the train, it would be better than to have to borrow more money to satisfy creditors. You sent $95.00. The amt. due on the wagons was $105.00 gold which I made up also I have payed on your accounts $2.50 per barrel, 2.50 to May, 58.50 to Clayson, 8.50 to Walser, 16.00 to H. Young making in all in the neighborhood of $108.00 more than the amt. you sent in,
, and have barley been able to keep every one good natured, now if May had of went by rail I would have had to borrow 50 or 60 dollars. M.S. I trust she reached there in good health, as I regard you both as my own children and have learned to love May not only because she has become your wife, but for her individual goodness of hart, and the many loveable qualities with which she is so abundantly endowed. Brown has failed to sell the stock and has put them out to feed for the winter at $3.00 per head, he sold one bunch when he took out after words by taking them to Kansas City, he lost $3,000.00 gold in that deal. I am afraid the others will no more than sell for enough to pay the expences. In view of this and in order to meet my obligations I have sold the little mare, Quean and my lots in Juarez to Bro. Ivins. The mare for $150.00 and the lots for $400.00 silver, this will pay for my gursey cows, and the amt. due on that upper peace of land, and a little of the money which I had to borrow to send Ant Dora home with her mother. Our note due the first of Feb. to Mr. Hildish for $125.00 gold, will have to be met by your earnings, so you can see my boys that we must economize all we can. I feel very proud of with you and your work, as reported to me by Bro. Thurber, and also from the fact that while others are failing you are gradually gaining, do not load two heavy nore over work your teams but do a little every day, feed heavy and take good care of your selves and animals. There is nothing here by which you could begin to earn as much as you can there and by the time you get through there I beleave we will be able to get the titles to the Dublan land and get good farms cheep. Mr. Stafford and Todd have been out and everything is very favorable. We are all well except Harold who has a very heavy cold. The Payson people brot the small pox to our colony, but we have at least got the thing under control. There are 4 cases but it is in a very mild forme, and those who have it will soon be well again, and all who have been exposed are under quaranteen. However this will cause a rather gloomy Christmas, as all publick gatherings are suspended. I wish you booth and also May, a merry Christmas & a happy and prosperous new year.

Your loving Father, Helaman Pratt


23, 1900

Dear Rey & Carl,

I have just retuned from a visit to Bro. Call and he reports to me that you are both looking and feeling well and that you are doing farely well. He sayes he left his acts. (accounts) with you Rey to collect. Now my boy, this places you in an other responsibal position as you will have to do your duty in colecting and remiting and should try to do it in such a way as to not give offince and still give satisfaction here. I am proud that you are deemed worthy of this responsibility. He bought $50.0 gold in for me 6.00 of which he used to get Leon a suite a clothes and $44.00 I told him to credit you on your wage act, as the next payment will be due before you can posibly get it here the first of Jan. The store is very hard pushed and perhaps we will have to borrow money to keep our credit good until the brethren can make payments. I will endevor to do all in my power to keep every thing of yours up at this end until you can finally meet it all. I understand you Rey have been sending a little money to ma. Now, my boy I do not wish you to carry my burdons, and if you can meat your own obligations and suport your family and save a little to build you a home with, I shall be very glad. We will get along some way. I am also furnishing Bro. DeWhitt a little flower along on your horse act. (accounts). I trust that you will continue to enjoy health and prosperty, and be delivered from temptation. Bro. Call says you have neather used tobacco nor lickor, for which I am very thankful.

Bro. Ivis and I expect to be out to Naco some time in February but I cannot tell you just when. We will be sure to see you as after visiting Naco we expect to go to Arispe to record the deeds to the Batapito purchase. We are very anxious to see for our selves just how things are going with you all.

I have written to Porfidio Vega in regard to selling me his land next to Gaskles ofering him $400.00 for it, but he wants the $400.00 and two cows and calves. I shall write him again today. Don Luis Terrazas says he will be out in the spring and determine wheather he will sell that peace up by the dam or not.

Good by Good Bless you all is my constant pray. Helaman Pratt

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