Helaman Pratt Correspondence 1880, 1884

Salt Lake City Feb 6, 1880

Pres John Taylor & Brethren of the Council of the Twelve. I wish to buy a piece of land (about 1 ¼ acres,) which is situated imediatly north of Dr. Parks, mouth of City Creek Canyon for the purpose of building a dwelling house for my Self & Family, Hoping you will consider my desires favorably &, answer as to price &etc, at your earlist convenience.

I remain your Brother in the Gospel
Helaman Pratt


Calle de Donceles no. 29
City of Mexico, Nov 21, 1884

Prest Taylor,

Bros, P. P. Stewart & A. V. Robinson arrived here on the morning of the 17 inst. In good health and spirits, they were seven days in coming but were detained one day at El Paso, on account of the custom house regulations, the cost of their journey was about $75.00 each, $39.00 to El Paso, $30.00 from El Paso to Mexico and $6.00 for incidetals.

Through letters obtained for them by Bro. Spencer of your office there were enabled to get half fare rates over the Mexican Central.

Bros. Stewart, Robinson and I will go to Ozumba on the 22 inst. Where we think of arranging for Bros. S and R, to make their headquarters and from there they will be able to look after our obligations in that neighborhood and also be within easy reach of a number of indian towns, where we hope to meet with some success. Bro Snow will still remain in the city, and I will occupy my time visiting the different ____ as occasion or circumstances may requier.

There has been and still is a great deal of excitement here in the city the last few days. Congress is debating the question of their debt to England. The populace are very much against Congress acknowledging the same, and have at the opening of Congress each day during the debate gathered in large numbers, the excitement ran so high that yesterday and the day before the doors were closed against them, they then went howling through the streets breaking the glass of the street lamps and windows, & etc. The day before yesterday the students of one of the schools marched to the frunt of the halls of Congress for the purpose of making a demostration against the measure, and once there attempting to inter, the soldiers were ordered to fire, and report says 111 of the students were killed, Squads of soldiers and police are patroling the streets every night, and troops are being messed here from the surrounding country, as all hear there will be trouble on the first of next month when the prest elect, Profidio Diaz, takes his seat, We are all well, Hoping to hear from you soon and to receive any councel you may have for us.

I remain your brother in Christ
Helaman Pratt

Pleas direct to Calle de Donceles No. 29
City of Mexico

As we changed our place of residence on the first inst.

P.S. The excitement is runing so high this afternoon that we have decided to pospone our trip to Ozsumba until the storm blows over & the feeling quiets down again,

We are in very secure quarter & will be cautious, and avoid the streets when there is any excitement.



Calle de Donceles No. 29
City of Mexico, Dec 7, 1884

Prest. Taylor
Dear Brother

In the last letter we recd from Prest. Thatcher he stated that all matters of importance pertaining to this mission in future should be directed to you, he also said that he thought the day not far distant when the saints of this land who had means enough would be permited to gather to our colonies in Arizona, Now if it is your wish that any gather from this land next year, it seems to me it would be better for them to start about the first of April, for the following reason, 1st, The _______works have all started up & for the next four or five months there will be plenty of work, & if the people knew they were going, they by strict economy could begin to save a little of their earnings. Where as during the rainy season the works are closed down and many are out of employment and the little they have saved is soon used up, 2nd, Those who have animals, or small pieces of land to dispose of could do so to better advantage during the time that work & money is more abundant, 3rd, They would arrive at their place of destination in time to plant corn & beans which is there principal subsistance, and also would be there in time to help the brethren in there harvest of wheat which begins in may, and thereby could earn a little upon which to live during the time required for their corn to mature, Last, They being accustomed to a warm climat, would feel the change less, and would have the whole season to fit up winter quarters, obtain clothing, shoes & etc, as the great majority of there dress here in cotton cloth, and are without shoes,

We can arrange to take them to El Paso Texas in companies of not less than fifty for 25 per cent less than 3rd class fare, which would reduce the fare from $30.27 to $22.70 each, children from 7 to 12 years half fare, I do not know what it would cost from El Paso on, and perhaps arrangements could be made from your office to better advantage than from here, We have School teachers, Carpenters, Shoemakers, Weavers & Dryers, Boot makers, and those who have been accustomed to working in the Sugar factories and cane fields, also those who are accustomed to blasting, and lime burning, as well as the comon laborer,

If you think best, and we have your permission many by selling all they have could raise enough to emigrate, and others would have part enough. And if we could receive half from Zion to the amount of $1000.00 we could emigrate from 100 to 125 persons, And I can assure you it would be a great blessing to them as they are little better than slaves here, many are obliged to work hard and receive of pay from 25 to 37 ½ cents per day, upon which to support themselves and families. Whereas, if they were in some of our settlements, I firmly believe with the same economy they would son be able to refund the means that might be advanced to them,

The brethren are all well and wish to be remembered. Bros. Stewart and Robinson are now located at Ozumba, Hoping to hear from you soon,

I remain as ever your brother in Christ.
Helaman Pratt

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