Oklahoma Conference

Dollsberg, I.T., April 20, 1898

The 17th day of April 1898 was looked forward to with great pleasure by the Elders of the Oklahoma conference, for it was the day for them to meet in conference.

It was a typical southern morning, when the Saints and Elders gathered together to hold their semi-annual conference, all being present except Elders Jensen and Caldwell, who had not yet arrived.  At 11:15 the meeting was called to order by conference president, Wm. T. Harper of Albion, Idaho.  The speakers during the meeting were T.G. Naylor of Salt Lake City, Alfred Hogensen of Montpelier, Idaho, and T.J. Eades of Buckhead, Oklahoma.

The addresses made by these brethren were well received; the appearance of them, and the power with which they spoke, held the attention of the congregation, and as the words flowed form the lips of those humble Elders, they seemed to sink deep into the hearts of the listeners.

Two other meetings were held during the day, the time of the first being occupied by the mission president, Wm. T. Jack, who laid before the people some of the principles of the Gospel in such a way that it would be almost impossible to misunderstand them.

Elder Francis Woods of Ogden was the speaker during the evening.  His subject being faith.

The second day of conference was taken up mostly by Priesthood meetings, wherein the Elders gave a report of their past six months’ labor, and received some very important instructions.  Elder Jack said he was well pleased with their labors in the past and urged them to continue on in the work, and the blessings of God would be poured down on them.  He also spoke of the necessity of traveling entirely without purse or scrip.  He believed if we would exercise more faith and put our trust in our heavenly father that He would provide us with all that we need while in the missionary field.

After Priesthood meetings were over our regular meeting convened.  Elder Wm. T. Harper expounded to the people of this neighborhood the principles of everlasting life, and warned them against the judgments of God, which are to be poured down upon the wicked.

The third day of our conference passed by similar to the two preceding days, except during the afternoon, the Elders and a number of Saints made their way to Rock Creek, which is about two and one-half miles distance, where two believers were led into the waters of baptism.

Conference was adjourned and after expressions of gratitude and joy by the Saints and Elders at the good time which had been spent, an entertainment was announced and a good program rendered.

The Elders of this conference are at the present time enjoying very good health and the work is progressing rapidly.

The Elders who are here are doing all that is in their power and are meeting with a great deal of success.  We are still laboring in the Chickasaw Nation but expect soon to finish with them.

Wm. T. Harper, President.

[Deseret News, May 14, 1898]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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