Soda Springs
Idaho Territory
June 13, 1873

My darling Eva:

I am happy to say that Josh and myself arrived at our destination yesterday evening at 7 o’clock all safe and sound.  We enjoyed the trip very much with one exception that was having stop at Brigham Station all the first day and suffer from mice bites and the result was that we had to travel all night, and I caught a bad cold and suffered with my head for two days, the wagon did not __ it much you may be sure.  I would love the trip much better if you had bing with me to soothe my fever head.  I had the concerlation to know that you would do so if you had bing me.  I can’t say much about this place but that I have seen is wonderful and mighty grand.  It makes me think how small we are compared with God.  It makes me think how thankful we ought to be for being permitted to enjoy all this.  Thought, it is now so dark I can’t hardly see so you must excuse this short note and I will close with Joshes love to his wife and son and yourself and I have course enclose my own love to you all and kiss Joey for me and I will pay you 100 for 1 when I come back.  Write soon my own darling and forward all letters to the above address.

I remain,
Your Ever Affectionate and Sincere,

I will write more in my next you bet.


Soda Springs
July 11th, 1873

Yours of the 5th I received at noon today with extreme pleasure after I had read it I felt as if I was some body in the world to have such a loving girl to love me as you do and to have the concent of your mother to marrie you as you said in your I can’t express my gratitude to her and also my love towards you.  I think I am the happiest boy in the world.  I feel to thank our heavenly father for his blessings to us and I love your mother for her good wishes and blessings she shall never regret the day she made us both happy.  I think I can also thank Lovey sincere love your own dear self my darling pet Eva.  I wish I could say my own darling wife.

I remain your ever Affectionate and sincere,

My Eva Pratt


Darling is the name I give
To one who I love so dear
Tho separated from that one
Yet she seems so near.

Tanks to he who causes love
And leads us in his ways.
We will ever praise his grate name
Through all coming days.


Soda Springs,
July 22nd, 1873

My Own darling Eva,

I received yours of the 5th with extreme pleasure for the con___ was quite congenial to my feelings and I thank God, in his blessings to me and it makes me feel proud that I am about to have the choice of my hart for a wife and a kind mother to love me such a blessing I never knew.  I hope I have not mistaken your last letter it said your mother gave her concent to our wedding.  it sounds too good for me but I think it is God’s blessing on me and we will join hand in hand and thank him, your ____.  I did not say anything about coming home.  Well I am happy to say I can tell you my Own darling it will be in the 4th of August and I long for the time to come when love and study you the mistress of your own home and A comforter to me darling.  God is good to me and with your help we can go hand in hand to praise and thank him for his goodness it makes me feel to love every body.  We have had two strong days thunder & lightning, hale & rain worse than ever I have seen it yesterday it came through the tent and when I went to bed the blankets were as wet as if they had bing in the creek all day.  it is the same to day.  how is Roan do you ever see him if you do remember me kindly to him and Miss Slaid.  Josh and I are quite well and are looking forward to the time we shall see the object of our affection and comfort them once more.  I will close with love from Joseph to Lucy and Joey, and mine of course and please excet my of course I do the same with an addition that is my sincere love to my darling girl.  Eva how I wish you were here that I could kiss that pretty face of yours.  I am sorry I can’t spend any more time as the frost man in starting.  good bye for the present my own darling girl.  I wish I could say wife Eva.

I remain
Your Ever Affectionate and Sincere

Miss Eva Pratt

P.S. write soon and tell me what is the promise you speak of in your letter when I come back

[transcribed and proofread by Mary Lambert Taggart and David Grow, Jan. 2007]

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