Letters from Brighamine Nielsen Pratt to Daughter Cora, 1899-1917


Brigham City, Aug. 30, 1899

Miss Cora Pratt
231 Canyon Road
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Cora,

I have today received a letter to you from Oscar, but it was opened, as you see it was too heavy.  I can not send it without putting it in another envelope.  There were 2 bookmarks in it, but I will take with me when I come home for the letter would be too heavy.

As I wrote in my last letter I thought I might travel home on Friday the 1st, but the 4th is Emma’s birthday and she wants me to be here.  Now I will just as well head for home for I think I have been here long enough, but if all is well with you maybe it is best I be here until that time and then I’ll come home the 5th of September on Parley’s birthday.  I will probably take your clothing you wish and also the red hat.  Write now just as soon as you get this letter.  For if you wish it then I will come the 1st of Sept.  We have had an excellent good time and I thank Heavenly Father for that.

Aunt Emma has been sick for the last 2 days and is not well yet.  We shall go up to Anderons this evening.  Now good health to you all, from Mama.

Live well.  We will be in Salt Lake the 7th.  You may come down and meet us for I can not carry all these clothes.


Salt Lake City, Jan. 25


Dearest Cora,

When I came home from Brigham there was your letter and I was so glad, but when I saw that you had been sick and still not well I was very sad, but I hope that you are better now.  I thought very strongly on coming up to see you, but that would cost more than you could get a girl or woman to come and help you.  Also I have Edward to think about and Parley also needs his mother.

Irene is at home for a while, she almost works herself to death and must stop, but just as soon as she stops and gets rested she must go out again for we shall have to pay every month for the house.

Last evening I was down with Emma Sweeten.  She has been very sick for weeks at a time, it is her heart.  Owen is thinking strongly of sending her to California, but that will probably never happen.

We have a rather strong winter, but today it is beautiful weather, the sun is shining so beautiful.

Dagmar Orlob is dead in Calif. and today they are bringing her body home and she’s leaving a 2 week old baby.  It is a great grief.

Dear Cora, I hope you soon will be well again but do not talk of death for you well know you shall never taste death.  So live well and be healthy is the wish of your Mamma.


621 Wilmington Ave. S.L.C.
May 20 (1917)

Mrs. C.O. Winkler
2205 North 15th Street
Boise, Idaho

Dear Cora,

It is a long time since I received your letter.  I think were a bit depressed, but I hope it has blown over long since.

I think it will not be so long now before you come back.  Keep up your courage, it will probably be better.  I also have my trials, but this is nothing new for me, I am used to it.

Irene has gone to San Francisco.  She left the 5th of May.  She couldn’t hold out to be in the Club anymore; and now I am alone with Parley and Edward, and Parley is no company to me.  He works with a carpenter for long hours.  Edna is with Una still and it looks like everything goes well, and I am glad for that for then I know where she is.

I think anyway about all my problems that Heavenly Father has been very good to me and I hope that never the day will come that I will not acknowledge His hand in all things.

I hope you are all healthy and doing well.  I must not forget to tell you that Emma and the whole Sweeten family have been up in Idaho for four days.  They went up in the auto and had a really good time.

Tell Oscar and all the children and yourself you are remembered in the most cordial way by your Mama.


Salt Lake City, 29 Oct. 1917

Dearest Cora and Family,

We rec’d your letter and were glad that you came home happily and well.  I would have answered you before but Una came in fortunately, and wrote first so naturally she had written all the news so I will send you Parley’s letter and his new address.  We have of course not heard from him yet.

It will take weeks and maybe months before we hear from him and maybe never.  I will not attempt to write you my feelings for I think I hardly could.  I will only say that I have to try to bear my trials the best I can and must remember that I am not the only one.  There are thousands and thousands of Mothers that are in the same situation and that what we can do is to pray for their welfare and meeting again.

Now may I congratulate you on your birthday and may fortune and health follow you throughout the year and my hope and wish is that Oscar may have a good place in S.L. City and that we may all be together again.

An affectionate greeting to all of you.

From Mama

Send Parley’s letter when you write, but there is no hurry.

[Parley Parker Pratt Jr. & Descendants, Cora S. Winkler, 1992]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, December 2006]

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