The Diary of Annie E. Mead Pratt,
Widow of Teancum Pratt


January 1920 PAGE 195
Mathonia Pratt owes me nineteen dollars 19$ on his rent.  Paid me five dollars on the 27th of January which leaves 14 dollars.

Feb 1st
Geo Mead paid me$5 the first of Feb on his rent.
Geo “           ”     “    $6 dollars which pays until the 5th of March.  14th a big snow storm.

Paid in full.  He let me have a little cook stove (for the) $10 rest.

Joe Pratt got $100 one hundred dollars.  He (paid it to?)  GraceMecham.

Paid 5.00 cash.  She says she does not make enough to pay me in full as the agreement calls for which was to be 10 dollars pr month for intrest.  I have turned it on the principal for what she owes me on what she borrowed $350 three hundred and fifty dollars.

Grace paid me ten dollars.

Nov 3rd
Joe paid me ten dollars on the _ of cow.  He has paid it all.  He also has paid me the one hundred dollars he got of me.

 Nephi Pratt got $50 of me to go to Arizona with to see his children.  He started about the 15th of Oct.

Oct 4th
My brother George Mead and Orley Perkins came down to conference.  We had a good visit.

In Nov 1919 Nephi came from Arizona.  He worked up at Bingham geting Christmas trees.  He was helping Joe.  He was there about 2 weeks.

Feb 5 1920 PAGE 196
He is not working at the D. and R.G. (Denver and Rio Grande) Railroad.  He and his wife has parted.

He is still at work at the D. and R.  He is very kind to me.  He went to Sunyside the later part of June.

Mamie has not been to my house for some time.  She is a good soul.  Have not been to the temple for some time.  I have been ill for over a year; it worries me.  I hope to go and work as soon as possible.

Nephi went to Sunnyside about the last of June to work in the coal mines.  I received a letter from him also cash $10.

July 6
Joe bought my cow; is to pay me $50 fifty dollars and $50 on a debt he claimed I owed him.  (?)

Grace paid ten dollars on the principal.

Aug 13
Paid ten dollars on principle.

Paid five $5.00.  Oct 5 five ($)

Sept 1st
Mr. Doe came to rent the house on the east of me.  Paid me three dollars as part pament.

November first
Paid $10 ten dollars.

June 20th, 1920 PAGE 197
Mr.  Stokes (Stoker?)  rented the little house.  Paid $8 eight dollars cash.

July 8 eight dollars cash.

Oct 8
Peter cometa rented the little house.  Paid ten dollars in cash.  Has now paid $20.  two months ahead, Nov and December, until Jan 5th.

Nov 5
Adams has rented my 4-room brick house furnished.  Is to pay me fiveteen dollars per month.  Has paid me $10.

Her sister rented the small house.  Has paid until Jan 2.                       



Sept 15th 1921
J.M. Pratt done temple work for relatives of the Geo.  C.  Mead record.  first – Horace Green – second Benjamin Heartwell.

Oct 10th
Joseph Pratt came from Bingham sick.  Is under the Dr’s care.

Oct 24th
On Oct 23 he went up to the L.D.S. Hospital.  It was on Sunday morning.  How lonesome I feel.

Nov 2
Joseph Pratt while in the hospital had twins born to his wife.  They are getting along nicley.  They are a boy and girl. [Alma Glenn and Gladys]

My daughter Mary is up here at present in Bingham Canyon.

Aug 8th
Joe sent me ten dollars on interest.

Nov 1921 PAGE 198
Grace paid me ten dollars on the principal of the last money she borrowed of me two hundred and 20 dollars.

Dec 12
She paid me five on intrest.

Jan 10
She paid me five on intrest.

Dec 16
Joe is still at the L.D.S. Hospital.  He wants to go home next Saturday.  It is now Friday.  I am going up to see him today.

Joe and I went to Bingham about the 20th.  He stood the trip very well.  I was there 3 or 4 weeks.  I stayed until after New Year.  I came home soon after.



Jan 20th 1922
1 or 2 days Joe came to work in the temple.  Worked one week (time?)  Received a teliphon that his wife was sick with (rheumatism?).

Kisah Dimick went to Sunnyside in Jan.  One of her grandchildren was very sick.

Mamie has not been here for some time.  It is very cold at present.  I don’t get much done these days.

I rec’d a letter from Nephi from Arizona.

Feb 27,1922
Joe paid mother $10 on this date to pay what he owed in his sickness for car tickets and such.  Also paid $1.00 for stage fare previously borrowed and this squares up account in full.

Mar 10
Joe came down to and worked in the temple another week.

Mar 31st
Kiz has gone to Helper to help Arilla.  She has a fine girl.

Mar 28th
Smith rented my little house on the 20.

Feb 27 1922 PAGE 199
Grace Mecham paid me five dollars on intrest of the money she borrowed of me.

Mar 11
Grace paid me _ _ of the money she owes me.

Mar 30th
Grace got seventy five dollars is to pay 12 pr ct intrest.  She has bought another rooming house on 4th east 48.  I hope she will do well with it.  She paid me Oct 30 $75.

Apr 6
Fay Smith paid in full for rent and light.

Apr 7
We had a big snow storm.  Also on the 23rd of Apr.

Apr 22nd
Mathews rented the frame house.

May, June
Paid ten dollars

July 7th he now owes me twenty dollars.  He has paid me, all he owed me

He came down on buisness.

Feb 11, 1923 [entry out of order]
It is Sunday.  I have not written for some time.  I have not written in this book for over a year.  I have not been well.  I wish I could settle down to work again.  I was up town to Grace’s on the 10th of this month.  I get so lonesome to see my Dear Children.  I have to go and see them quite often.  Mathonia has not written for some time.  Mamie has not been here for over a year.           

Aug 7 1922 PAGE 200
Joe Pratt’s account: he borrowed one hundred dollars of me in Aprial 1922.
Paid me ten dollars for intrest.

Dec 19
Just sent Joe the Christmas News.

Dec 20
Joe sent me a nice piece of meat_ _ .

(Following is a letter from Joe.)
Ranch, July 20, 1922
Dear Mother:
Am encloseing ten dollars to you to pay interest on the loan and hope you will jot it down on your book.  This is Sunday and we have been to Sunday School and we are all well at present.  Hope you are.  I had a letter from Nephi and Thone wondering why you don’t write to them.  Come out when you can and visit a couple weeks.
Your loving son, Joe.                       

Oct 29, 1922 PAGE 201                       
I was uptown and had my little house insured.

Grace has paid me all she owed me.
I am going to a Relief Society meeting today.  Sister Sharp is going to quit.  Sister Tracy Cannon will be our president now.

She is a fine president and very good to the poor.



Jan.  10th, 1923
This is my father’s birthday.  Joseph came down from Bingham on the 9th of Jan. to secure some land up in Bingham Canyon south of his present homested.  I morguised my brick house and 2 lots 19 and 20 to help him to buy the land.  I let him have $300 three hundred to help buy the land.  We are suposed to share half and half of the proceeds if we sell it.  We would like to do work in the temple with the proceeds of the said land.  I do hope we will be able to do what we are working for is the prayer of Annie E.  Pratt.

Mar 22
It is very cold and dreary.  I have not been well.  Second of March Mrs. Knudson came to live in the 2 front rooms.

May 17, 1923
I have been up to Bingham for 4 weeks.

Sep 24 PAGE 202
I have been sick for a week.  I have written to Joe to come down.  Mathews moved from the small house today.  Payment in full.

Mar 18 1923
Joe was down and got several trees, shrubery.



Jan lst 1924
Joe paid $15 dollars on intrest to _ on morige of house $58.

Mar 15 1924
We had a snow storm.  Did not last long.  I have been out in the garden all redy planting rose bushes.  How I do love to work out in the garden.  Mr. Mecham came home from Idaho about the lst.  Mamie was down to S.L. last week.

My neighbor Mrs. Killpatrics sister died last week.  She was a (substitute?)  teacher and very well liked.  I went to her funerl last Sunday.

Mar.  10
Mr.  A.E. May came to live in the little house in Feb the _.

Apr 15
Another snow storm.

Mar 7
_ snow storm 5 inches deep.

Apr 5
Mamie and Ed came and stayed a week.  They moved to day, Apr 14 they came on the 5th Apr.  Ed is trying to get work.

Saturday July 26 have just come home from Bingham, Joe’s place on our land we bought together.  He payed me one hundred dollars on the three hundred he owed me that I moraged my home for.  (Next two lines illegible.)



Apr Sat.  4th 1925 PAGE 204
Mathoni my son came to Salt Lake on a visit.  We worked for several dead in the temple.

Apr 26
Saturday just came from the funeral of my neace Lydia Aby _.  Quite a young woman.           

April 27 (too illegible)

May 28
_ my son Joseph $45.00 to buy cow with.

Aug 20
Mamie came.  She sold her rooming house.  My East renters came Aug 23.

(Insert of newspaper obituary) MOSBY–Mrs.  Eva Mead Mosby, 22, wife of LeRoy Mosby, died Sunday at a local hospital.  She was a native of Green River, Utah.  She is survived by her husband, her father, George C.  Mead, and three sisters, Fern, Thorn, and Marie Mead, and one brother, Merrial Mead.

Oct.  5, 1925
We had a very nice conference.  My Bro.George came with his girls, Thoria, Meria, and 2 others, Fern the youngest one wich had a girl baby.  George had got a telegram that his eldest daughter was sick.  Her name was Eva.  She was married to Roy Mosby.  George’s son Merill came from Cal while he was here.

Oct 5
Eva Mead, daughter of George Mead, died at the county hospital from tuberculosis.

Oct 27
I, Reed Thompson [oldest son of Grace] was requested by Grandma A.E. Pratt to write a little in this “History-Biography”.  I am 18 years of age.  I have finished one and one half years in high school and I am at present taking a course in telegraphy.  I am endeavoring to work my way through.  At present I have a job at the U.P.R.R. yards.

I took a trip into the Northwestern states.  It was a wonderful experience.  I got my first glimpse of an ocean going vessel in Portland Ore.  It sure was interesting to see such a great hulk of steel floating so easily at anchor.  While in Portland I saw a large fire at the lumber docks.  Two speedy fire boats were soon on the scene and got the fire under control.

Apostle Melvin J.  Ballard is soon going to depart for South America.  There to open a mission.  Rebuilding a newer and grander order upon the ruins of the old as South America is the old home of the ancient Civilization that flourished on this hemisphere.



Jan 2, 1928
Myself, Evan Mecham, [son of Grace by Ephraim Mecham] rec’d permission from Grandma, Mrs. A.E. Pratt, to jot down a few lines in this book.

I have just read a lot of this book, and it is very interesting.  I am 13 years of age and am in the eighths grade in school.  I am taking a course in Spanish.  At present I am working for Mr. and Mrs.  Marcont tending furnace for $1.50 per week.  I don’t know whether I’ll be an aviator, a road engineer in the railroad when I get big.  An aviator has to be unmarried and 25 years of age and have 2 years of college education.

My brother, Reed Thompson, of whom you have read on the preceding page is lucky.  He makes over $100.00 per month.  Evan Mecham, author

November 1828 PAGE 209
I have not been writing in this Book for some time.  I have been to California and came back in Mar or Aprial.  Went to Graces to live in one of her rooms up stairs.  She is keeping roomers now.  She is very good to me.  Mary _ is living in the 2 front rooms; she came in Nov.

Grace and her husband came down for a few minutes.  It is Christmas day, one o’clock.



Jan lst, 1929
Ed Little is here and is going to eat dinner with us.  This is one of the best Xmas I have seen for many a year.  She, Kiz, has been a faithful worker in the temple for several years.  A.E. Pratt

Apr 17
My sister Kizia Dimic was married to Bro. Don Davis of Spanish Fork, Utah in the temple.  They went through for 2 that day they were married.

July 26, 1928
My son-in-law, Ed Little, was killed on the R.R. working for them.  It was a very great shock to me.  He has been very good to me.  How we will miss him.  He alwase called me Mother Pratt.

Dec 1929
My son Nephi came to see me.  It is his Birthday.  He is Fifty years old today.  A.E.P.

I have not writen for some time.  I tryed to get Nephi to write in this history of his fathers book.



Jan 15 1930 PAGE 210
I was just reading in the paper that my neace (Helen?)  Nelson had met with an accident in a sled crossing into an automobile.  It hapened on Monday.

Feb 1930
My daughter Hellon Grace came down to day Feb 5th and brought me 9 dollars that Mary Little, my daughter sent me.  They both have been very good to me.

My taxes this year has been fifty dollars and it has been very hard for me to pay.

Nephi is staying at my home and is working in the temple wich is a very great comfort to me.  Joe has gone to Corben (Carbon) Co. to work in the coal mines.  Mathonia is living in California and is Bishop of the ward.  He is living in Cal.

Feb 9th
Have been to Sundy School.  I have had Rheutism in my left leg for such a long time.           

Sunday July 27 1930 PAGE 211
I stayed home today.  They had a Pratt reunion in Parleys canon on the 24th of July.  There were quite a number there.  Had a good time.  Nephi is here; is geting redy to go to California.

Aug 13
It is my birthday.  I went up to the county building and rec’d my pension seven dollars which helps me a great deal.  I was 75 years old to day.

Aug 14
Nephi left to get work.

I was up to Joe’s on the 12th.  It is my granddaughter’s birthday Twila Pratt.  She is a very sweet girl.                       

Aug 20
Nephi left here with an other young man to get work.  They think of going to Bolders Dam.

Dec 12
Grace came down to day and brought Claria Fulmer and her cousin Olive Fulmer.  We all had a very good visit.

Dec 3
There is one thing on my mind that pleases me very much which is Even Mecham gave me his Pipe and tobacco this day this third day of Dec. 1930.

It snowed 6 inches in March 19.



Jan 13 1931
I sold my place 4 lots and two horses to the Church of the L.D.S. in Salt Lake Ciy Utah.  A.E. Pratt

Jan 16
Grace came down stayed all night.  It is the first time for so long.  We had a good visit.  Joe was down last week and done a lot of pluming and fixing the water pipes.

Aug 7, 1932 (By Annie about Helen Grace)
My Dear Daughter has just passed away.

Nov 7, 1932
Drusilla, daughter of Mathoni married in Salt Lake Temple.

Jan 3, 1932 PAGE 217
Jennine, daughter of _ , daughter of Mathoni was born in Provo, Utah.

Joe was (in) town 2 times one week apart.  (?)  He lives in the north about 20 miles from Salt Lake.  He is on a nice place called Farmington in Utah.  Nephi and Joe in June 1933.  (?)  Started on a p.  (?)  trip south east, 3rd of June.



Would like to work (?)  some.
I have been up to Joe’s place in Farmington in July.
I have not been well most of this summer.  Nephi has been staying here with me and has helped me.



Jan 18, 1937
Mother died of cold, influenza and pneumonia.  Buried in City Cemetery next to Ammon and Ether her sons, Jan.  24th.  May her reunion with loved ones be sweet and her reward sure.  (signed) Thone

[transcribed by Ruby Conlin, Oct. 2006, from typescript copy]

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