The Diary of Annie E. Mead Pratt,
Widow of Teancum Pratt



Feb 28, 1910  PAGE 177
Mamie came last night at 12 o clock.  She is a very dear girl and has helped me out very much with money.  She will surley get her reward in heaven.

I can’t seem to settle down to write in this book; my nerves are all unstrung from my accident.

Mar 15
Mathoni’s daughter, Genevieve May, born.

My son Nephi has been called on a mission to start in April 1910.  He has a very nice and good wife.  They lost their eldest babe stillborn.  His wife’s name is Marion Hurley.  She just came from Australia about 3 years when he met her.  Two of her sisters has came since and are now living with her.  Her parients has now come.

July 13
My sister Louisa Nelson came to see me.  Has stayed 4 nights and we are now going out to Linn to see my bro Orlando Mead.  My sister Loo is very kind to me.  She got the pass for me.  My daughter Mamie has been in the hospitial with apendicitas for 3 weeks.  I was very _ about her.  Amon [nearly 15] has gone to work on a farm for some time.  Ether is trying to pedle fruit and vegetables.  He trys so hard to get along and is quite ambisious and does a great deal for the family.  (Ether was spastic.)

Sep 21, 1910              PAGE 178
I have been to the temple today and saw Vern Nelson [Annie’s sister Loo’s son] married to a young lady named Addie Stuart from Provo.  In Aug 27 Marion gave birth to a girl 10 lbs.  They named her Effie.

In Aug about the 17th my sister Loo came to see me and she got a pass for me to go to Linn where my bro Orlando Mead lives.  She and children went also.  We came back by way of Provo and I went on to Helper and Price.  Was gone about a month.  Had a good visit with my daughter Mamie and my mother and sisters.

While in Price I received a telegram from my daughter Grace that her babe (Joseph, her third child) was dead.  The poor girl.  She is suffering as we all have to one way or another.  I have written for her to come and stay with us a while.  She writes she may come.  How glad we all are.

I atend Sunday School pretty reglar these days.

My memery is very bad.  In looking over the last entry I made I find I have written about my sister Loo coming and me going with her to Linn.

October lst
Marion came and stayed all night.  We went and got her chickens to her place.  She is going to stay with her mother this winter.  Conference is on us again in 4 days.

Sep 26
Thone [Mathoni] came from Los Angeles to get work here in S.L.  Received a letter from my daughter Mary.  She sent me $5.  She has been sending me $10.00 per month since I was hurt.  I think she is a lovely, kind girl.  She does without so many little things she would like so she can give me what she does.  She surely will get her reward, bless her heart.

Nov 29
She came to S.L. to her bro Parley’s funerel.  [Teancum and Sarah’s oldest son] He was killed instantly on the wires up in the O.D.S. power plant Nov. 27 in S.L.  Leaves a wife and 4 children, the youngest is 15 months old.  It is very _.  I have just come from the funeral.  Peace be to his ashes.

Nov 15  PAGE 179
Grace came from Mamie _ Helper.  Stayed 12 days then went home to Theodore.  She is a sweet girl and has been a great comfort to me.  I was in hopes that she would stay all winter with me.  I am so lonesome since my accident.  It is very hard to live without my children.  Ether and Ammon has gone to Hales to trap wild animals with Mr. Carter of Provo.  I hope they will have good luck.

Dec 3
Just wrote a long letter to Nephi who writes very good letters to me.  His wife ate Thanksgiving dinner with us.  He has a lovely wife.  Also wrote to Mathonia.  It worries me a good deal _ think of him in not living up to his privileges in the gospel.  My prayer is that he will turn over a new leaf and do better in the near future.

Dec. 23
Getting redy to go to Price to the Mead reunion.  My neace Ida Thompson, now Thaycock, came here today with her husband to get her eyes treated by a Dr.  Mamie was here last week; came with Ed.  He is on the greivence committee for the D.R.G (Denver-Rio Grande R.R.)  The ward brought us some nice grocries and sack flour for Christmas dinner.  They do that to all the poor of the ward.  Also gave us a nice roast of meat.

Bro. Thurley gave Ether a phonograph for a Xmas present.



April 20, 1911
A big snow storm.  We have had several large frosts, too.  I have been planting out flowers plants in the back yard.  We are allwase out there.  Why not have it more beautiful than the front.  The train goes to the back of the house – the Los Angeles.  It shakes the house every time; it is brick and I am often afraid of it loosening the foundation.

May 1911
Received letter from Mathonia.  He has a boy, 10 pounds, born March 7, named Cecil _.

June 6
A heavy snow storm breaking down trees and flowers.

May 1911  PAGE 180
Mathonia came here from Los Angeles Apr 30 to find work.  Work is scarse at present.  Presley Perkines came to see Ether about getting his horse to pedle ice cream with; says he will pay him $.75 per day at first.  Wants to board with us; says he will pay $5.00 per week.  He stayed about a month.



Aug 9, 1912
It has been over a year since I wrote.  I don’t seem to take the time.  Grace came from the Duchesne in Aprial or May.  She got her divorce about that time.  She stayed with me about 2 monthes and got tired of Salt Lake and the people and went to Idaho to canvass for goods.  In May or June my daughter Mary L. Little started to get some of the land of Helper straitened up and get some of the back money that was due us.  She is very concerned about her mother, as I am not strong since my accident.

Sept 8
Came from Helper.  I was down there 11 days on the 26 of Aug 1912  Amon went up to Idaho to work railroading or to make some new road.  It is very hard to write in this book.

Nov. 17
Sunday, have been home all day.  Am so tired all the time.  _ _ have not got rested yet.



Mar 27, 1913
I have neglected writing for so long.  Grace came from Idaho Saterday, 22; sent a telagram to Mamie at Helper.  She has been selling some land to her—80 acres out at Duchesne for $800., so Mamie and her stayed here 2 nights.  It has been storming lately _ _.

Apr 11, 1913  PAGE 181
My brother Orlando died Apr 11.  Was taken to Price to be buried; had one child, a girl.

My sister Amanda Checkets came to S.L. to get her youngest son who is at the (day?) nursery.  Mr. Checkets had him put in there and pays his keep.

Went to Mothers; found her sick.

Feb 3rd, 1915 [entry out of place]
Mother is beter now.  Was sick in bed one year and a half.

In April, 1913 Ether went on his land over the river close to Nephi’s place.  Him and Joe is living together they are making a celler and a well.  Amon is working for them.

Joe went to Washington to work.  When he had been there about 3 months he got his foot hurt; was taken to the hospital and had one of his feet (amputated).  How horrible it was.  In Sep about the _ 15.  He has sold out there now and has taken up a ranch in Bingham 160 acres, and gets around quite well.  They have a fine girl born since they moved there. [Twila Pratt]

About the _th of this month Ammon went to Provo to work is staying with Frank Curtis.  Sunday 21st Ernest Syliar went down _ _ him.  I have been putting up fruit today, 20 quarts of peaches and some tomatos that Nephi brought over.  We raised some peaches on our lot this summer and lots of currents.  My flowers are (rest of sentence illegible).

Oct 17
Joseph came home Tuesday 14 of October, 1913.  Had been to Washington Co. to work and got his foot hurt and had to have it cut off.  The left one.  I have writen about this before but it is on my mind so vivid I forget I have writen it before.  My mind is a reck anyhow since I was hurt in August.

Nov 1st 1913  PAGE 182
Grace came from Idaho.  She rents the 2 front rooms but cooks on the stove and does most of the work.  She has not been well of late.

Brother Mecham came here on buisness.  I am buying 20 acres of land of him.  I gave $300 or three hundred dollars in cash and one hundred on acount as Grace claimed she owed me _.  Poor girl, she wants to do right.  She is quite patient with me and I am very crankey these days.

Dec 20
Amon [age 18] came 21 of Dec from Ida where he has been for some time.



Grace went home on the 22 of Jan. 1914

Jan 26, 1914
Amon and Ernest Seiler started to get work.

Feb. 26
Amon started to Hales in the morning and I started to Price in the evening of the same day.  Got as far as Provo and stayed all night with my sister Louisia Nelson and her and I went on the next day to Mothers.  We had a good time but Mother was still in bed.  I returned home the 2nd of March.

Mother gave me $5 for work done in the temple.  I was apointed administrator of the Pratts estate in 1913 sometime Dec.

Apr 17
Amon came home from Hales.  Went and saw his sister Mary Lydia Little.

June 6
He has gone to Bingham to work for his brother Joe building a rock house.  Joe had taken up a quarter section on there.  Poor boy, he trys so hard to get along in life and provide for his famley.  In August I went up there, was there 12 days.  I spent my birthday there alone with little Lewis.

March 1914  PAGE 183
In March 22 on a Sunday morning 20 minutes to 9 o’clock my son Ether died in Idaho of (pneumonia?). [age 36]  He had been working very hard trying to get his land in shape.  He was very ambishious.  Poor boy; he has gone to his rest.  Oh how I miss him.

June 6
I have planted some flowers on his grave and they are doing nicely.  Everywhere I go out around the lots I see something that makes me think of him.  The other day Bro. Nemelka said to me how is Ether.  It made me feel queer.  Bro. N. has gone to Germany to get genilogy and also fill a mission at the same time.

Oct 1st
In Sept 27 Nephi came from Bingham Canyon sick with pleurcy.  He has been quite sick for a month; is getting better now.  His wife came 2 weeks later and will stay until Dec.  She had a fine girl 8 lbs. [Marian Pratt, b. July 1913]

Nov 11
Bought 4 grapevines.  I hope they will grow.  Have been trying to beautify the lots.  I had 5 peach trees bear this summer.  They were very good peaches too.  One tree had 63 peaches on.



Jan 1st 1915
It is some time since I wrote in this book.  In Nov. Amon went to a garrage to learn auto reparing.  He is quite determined to learn it.  Worked a month and onley got ($2.00?)  He is working at night now; gets home at 1 o’clock at night.  Christmas is past again.  I received a nice letter and $17 in cash from Mamie.  She is a blessed good girl to me.  I don’t know what I would of done if she had not come to my rescue; has been sending me $10 every month for a long time.

June 6 1914  PAGE 184  [entry out of order]
It has been raining for 2 or 3 days.  This morning it snowed very hard.  I have not wrote for sometime.  I have been working in my garden.  The flowers look lovley now.  I wish I could get in the habit of writing more in this book.

January lst 1915
Nephi and wife moved up to Bingham on the 20th of Dec 1914.  They had been here 3 months.  Marian, little daughter was born in Nov and is very young to move up in the canyon as they are doing. [It was Rose Winifred that was born in Nov 1914]

My sister Amandy Checkets has been here for sometime.  She is at Wrights now.  We went up and saw her little boy at the orphans home the other day.

Feb 3
Had a big snow storm.  On the 28 Mathonia and wife came from Los Vages.  He went back after he had been here 2 weeks.  His wifes uncle died 29 of Feb.  I went to his funrel it being on Sunday in the 16th ward meeting house.

Dec 23
Grace had a fine boy.  (Evan Mecham]

Joe has been working on the salt works for L. _ Gray.  I am getting redy to go to Price to attend court of the Pratt estate.  Bishop Cannon has been my agent and has helped me very much in getting some of the money that was due on land in Helper.

March 29, 1915
Had a good snowstorm.

My sister Zina Conor came from Price, Utah with her daughter Molley Dooley to go to the hospital for throat trouble.  Zina has been helping me clean the two lots burning weeds.

I am worried much these days about what to do in regard to whether to build a house to rent on the ajoining lot or to buy a few acres out on the surburbs.

My sisters Kiziah Dimick and Mandy Checkets came.  They rented a room in town.

Aug 28 1915  PAGE 185
My son Ammon started on a trip last night.  I dedicate him to the Lord.  I have been very much worried about him lately.  He don’t seem to get _ work.  Kiz [Annie’s sister Lydia Kiziah] came the 7th of Sept.  Roberta her daughter started to school the 7th.

Sept. 15
Ammon my youngest son [age 20] died on the 28th of Aug.  Fell off of the train when in motion.  I never heard anything about it till fifteen days after, then a railroad man came and told me.  But they brought his body to S.L. and we buried him.

Sept. 26
Sunday, I did not go to S. School today.  It is raining.  My daughter Mary gave me $20 to help bury her brother Ammon; she has been very kind to me in all my trubbles.  May God bless and cheer her is the prayer of her mother A.E.P.

Nov 17
Mathonis twins born. [Dorthea Jane and Drusilla Dorothy]



January 24 1916
My sister Kizy Dimick went up town to live.  Roberta her daughter is stoping to Killpaterchs to live this week.

Dec 24
It has been a long time since I wrote.  In Dec about Xmas Mary Lydia sent me a pass to go to Helper.  I was there one week.

The Bishop Cannon came and gave me $10 in cash.

Feb 28
 “        “           “          “       “      “     “     “    “     “  He is very good to me.

Feb 26  Uncle Geo Eldredge came from Idaho.

Feb 27
Joe was down from Bingham.

Mar 23rd
Had a great snow storm

Apr 24  Had another snow storm.

March 20 1916  PAGE 186
March 15 Mandy Montgomry came; rented 2 rooms of me.  Paid me 3$.  Bert and his wife came the 18 to _ an operation in the L.D.S hospital.  Grace came on the 23rd of Mar 1916 with her husband [Ephraim Mecham] to build on the lots I bought of Grace 2 years ago.

22 Mar
Mandy left; renting from John Powell.

Grace and her husband came from Idaho; he has built me a 2 room house; it cost me about $600.

Grace is hunting a little _ and house to live, and raise some chickens.

May 17
Lovica [Joseph’s wife] came from Bingham.

   “                                   “        “          “

Dec 6
It snowed last night and all day today.
My sister Kizah Dimick came here about April or June has been working in the temple.

Mar 15
Mrs Larson from Idaho was here about 2 months her son (June?) was with her to be cured for blindness.  Her daughter Eva was with her.

I went up to Bingham; stayed a week.

Joseph came to _ _ _ _.

Dec 1916  PAGE 187

I will try and write a little.  My daughter Mary Lydia came here to live for a while.  They sold out in Helper.  Ed went out to Garfield to work.  She has gone there.  (Now?_ has been in several times.



Mar 15 1917
Snowed 1 foot.  It has been the hardest winter the most snow I have known for years.

Apr 15
Had one foot of snow.

June 19
My sister Kiz went to Sunnyside.  Her husband is quite sick.  She had just come from Idaho where she had been visiting her sons _ _.  _ _ _ _ _.  Her daughter _ and her husband is in my _. _ _ _ _ lost a baby; it died in birth.

Bro Ephraim Dimick died.  [husband of Annie’s sister Keziah]

April 11 1917  PAGE 188
Mr. _ rented the 2 room house for $8 per month; paid in advance.

Apr 16
It is very cold out of doors so I cannot work in the garden.

May 29 1917
Gadd came in the new house.  Paid cash $8.00 also June and July.  Tomorrow is Decoracion day.

Kiziah Dimick went to Idaho with her daughter Birdie.  They went with Ira and his wife which had been in the hospital.  Arilla is left here which has been sick and lost her babe.  It was a boy. Arilla D. Turner left for Sunnyside this morning.

Mamie has not been here for some time.  She is a blessed good girl and has been my suport for so many years.

June 4
Mr Turner came from work he is quite lonesome.  Arilla came home.

My sister Kiz went to Sunnyside.  Her husband died; she stayed about 3 weeks.  She came home last night July 31st.  It seems good to have her back.  In July of the same month Saturday 14th I sprained my ancle.  I was up to bishop Saviges picking cheeries.  One of the large limbs broke.  I fell about 10 feet.  It has been 3 weeks since it was sprained.  It is getting better.  The 27 of this month Lovica came with the baby.  She gave me one dollar.

Sep 3
Mrs. Gadd paid me $8 cash for rent.

Oct 1
  “      “        “      “    “    “     “     “

Nov 1
Also payed me $12 rent for the brick house.

Nov 27 1917   PAGE 189
_ _ Mr Gadd died very sudenly with heart failure.  He was working out at Garfield at the time.

Dec 23
Sometime in Dec about the lst Mrs Gadd paid me 2 monthes rent in advance.  I went the next day and paid it on the morigage of my Brick house.  I have not spoken of morigaging my home before.  Mamie gave me a debt on Mr Mecham of $200.  And my Daughter Grace wanted me to get a small frame house built on my other lots so I could rent it.  So Mr Mecham built it for me and I had to morigage my home to get the lumber and material for building.  I want to sell it and get out of debt.

Dec 22
Reed Thompson my grandson [Grace’s son by her first marriage] came from Idaho to go to school as his mother had moved out of school range.  He is a very good boy.  He came about 2 days before Christmas.



January 9, 1918
Mamie came in from Garfeild in Jan 6 and I went back with her and left Reed with _.  Kiziah Dimick, my sister got hurt by an automobile in the head.  They took her to the emergency hospital.  She is getting beter now.  She has moved to town.

Jan 17
Sold the Hales quarter section to a man named _ from Winter Quarters.  The number of the patent is 233051.  I received one thousand dollars for the Hales land.  Paid L.H. Gray six hundred dollars for helping me secure the Hales quarter section and the four hundred that was left I paid off the morige on my brick house.  It is a great releif to be out of debt.

February 1st 1918   PAGE 190
Mamie was in, stayed a few minutes.  Has moved in another house out at Garfield, 3 rooms.  She had four in the other house which she sold.  Got a letter from Joe Pratt.  He sent 5 lbs of wool on a debt he owed.  Mamie is to bring the rest.  It is a debt of $18 he has been paying intrest on it for some time.

In Jan. 1918 got a letter from Grace from Idaho.  She has another boy.  [John Stephen]

May 6
Started to move back in my brick house, (Tadds?) having moved to Provo.  Thone has been here for a few days; it has been a very satisfactory visit to me.  We went up to see Joseph’s family at Bingham.

May 1st
Our beloved bishop has gone to live on his farm and has left Salt Lake.  Bro. Charles Darley has taken his place as bishop in the ward.  Bro. Cannon was a fine bishop.  I sure wish him success.  He has been in 22 years.  Mamie was here the lst of June.  She left me $10.  I don’t know what I would do if she did not come to my rescue.

It is very warm this month for June.



Jan 24 1919
It has been some time since I wrote in this book.  Joseph came down from Bingham 22 of this month.

Just heard my dear mother had passed away on the 22nd of Jan 1919.  I have been to Price to see my mother and spent Xmas with her; had a very good time which happened just a month before she died.

Jan 23rd 1919  PAGE 191
Am going down to Price to my mother’s funrel.

Joe proved up on his homestead in Jan 22.  I was one of the witnesses  Also L.H. Gray.

April 3rd
Mr. Hamilton paid rent on frame house.
May 3rd paid rent $8.

July 28
Mr _ paid $4 on acount of rent.

Joe came from Bingham this morning at 5 o’clock with a friend.  Brought some large hogs to sell.  They have another boy.  [Lee Teancum]  I may go up to Bingham with him on a short visit.  My peach trees are full of blooms.  Joe brought me a shoulder of meat.  It was fine.  Also some Easter eggs.  It is well to be remembered by your children.

My ancle is trubbling me considerably lately, being in the garden on my feet a good deal I guess is the bother.

Lovicia and _ came in July.  I wanted him to come and spend the 4th as they were going to have a great time but he said Mathonia and wife were going up to his place for dinner.  Received letter from Grace the other day.  She is sick in bed.  Poor girl, she is not strong.

Aug 12, Sep, Oct, Nov.
Thone came paid $8 for rent.

Feb 29 (1920) [entry out of chronology
(Thone) 10 ten dollars.

Paid 5 five dollars.

(Paid) 2.25 two dollars and .25 cash.
Paid 10 ten dollars.

June 19, 1918  PAGE 192  (Entry by Thone)
Am leaving  for Idaho this evening at 11:30.  Will make a point to see Grace which should be a source of great pleasure as I have not had a good talk with her for many years.  My intention is to take a job brakman out of Pocatello on the O.S.L. and if extra board is overcrowded shall immediately change my plans and look for farm work in that vicinity.  I just came down from visiting Brother Joe’s at Bingham with Mother.  We had a very pleasant visit and have also had a very enjoyable visit with Mother.  I arrived here from Los Angeles Sunday the 16th.  (THONE)

July 27th
Mr. Mc _ came paid $3.00 on rent.  _ did not come.  The house is empty.  Mamie was here in S.L. to Aunt Libbie Pratts funrel.  She was buried on the 23rd of July.  She was Mathonias wife, she was a very fine woman, was one of my best friends.  Mathonia has broken up housekeeping here in S.L. and have gone to Idaho to live.

August 15
Mamie was here gave me $11 eleven dollars.  Joe came on Saturday 8th of Sep 1918 and gave me some Bacon and Butter and tomatos.  He is very kind to me.  He also fixed up my spinning wheel.

Reed went up to Joes at Bingham in Sept abt the second of Sep 1918.  He is working for a man that keeps a daiary and gets $25 per month on a _.

Sept 10th, 1918  PAGE 193
Tuesday 10th, have been to R. S. meeting.  We had a very good meeting.  School has started and Reed is not here and will miss about 2 weeks.  I have not been writing very much lately as I have been very busy making quilts.

Oct. 1st
The people have came in the new house.  They paid $8 for rent.

Oct 0 Reed came home from Bingham in Oct.  Thone came back from Idaho in Oct.  About the 5th we went to conference l day  He works on the R.R. swiching road.  Reed went back to L.H. Grays to work in Nov. 20th.



Reed has not written yet.  School has been stoped on account of Spanish Influenzia that is raging at present.  It started Oct about the first.

1919 March 23rd
The 8th of Mar read letter from Grace.  In March 1919 Reed Thompson went to Cannonville with his Father [Joseph Thompson] on a visit.  His father worked in the temple one day for John Thompson his brother.

Mar 22
Thone was here last night went home this morning at 5:00.

Apr 3
Bro Mecham came from Idaho he had been down to Provo to see his sick mother.  Theay had telegraphed for him.  He stayed in town about 2 days and had started to the station then came back and asked me if I would like to go to a show.  It was Sunday.  I asked him if it was not rong he said no.  once in a while would not hurt.  We went and had a very enjoyable time it was very kind of him.

Aug 23 PAGE194
Went up town today to see about getting a loan of some money on my Brick house. $300 three hundred Dollers for Mr Mecham, my son in law, Grace’s husband.  They are thinking of going in a rooming house buisness.  He has been sick for sometime with heart failure.

My Daughter Grace came to S.L. to live about the last of July.  was here over a week before she came down to see me.  She has been very sick.

Sep 5th
I moriged my Brick house in S.L. to Grace Mecham for her to raise the money to buy a rooming house so she can surport her children and herself as her husband is sick.  Moriged for three hundred and fifty dollers.

Oct 6
George Mead my Brother has been here in Salt Lake over a month.  rented my 2 front rooms.  Started to rent the 20th of October.  he is acting as admistrator of Mrs Lydia L Mead.  He gave me a check of $62in Nov 5th.  Also gave Mathoni my son $100 wich is my share of the Meads estate.

Dec 24
George Mead gave me $3 on rent.

Dec – Thone could not pay his rent in Nov.  Reed 10$ from Grace on interest.

Jan 27
Five dollars from Thone on rent.  10 from Grace on interest.  Geo Mead owes me$9 on rent.

[transcribed by Ruby Conlin, Oct. 2006, from typescript copy]

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