Wealthy Eddy Shumway Pratt Patten

Born 24 Mar 1810 in Salon, Somerset / Orange, Maine, or Hampshire, Massachusetts, to John Fuller Eddy and Rhoda Eddy (cousins). Married Stephen B. Shumway 6 Jan 1831; he died 8 Jan 1839; children Clarissa (30 Nov 1831), Ammi Warren (16 Dec 1832), and Mary Amanda (18 Oct 1838). Married William Dickinson Pratt 1 Mar 1841 in Kirtland, Ohio; later divorced; he died 15 Sep 1870 in Salt Lake City; children Martha Marinda (13 Dec 1841), William Jared (22 Jun 1844), Stephen (30 Jan 1847), Mirgo Lyona (1849). Married William Cornwall Patten in 1854 in Payson, Utah County, Utah. He died 9 Mar 1883 in Bloomington, Idaho. She died 18 Jul 1892 in Piano, Elgin or Parker, Idaho.


Wealthy Eddy was born in Salon, Somerset County, Maine, or Hampshire, Massachusetts in 1810. She learned to spin and to weave and made many things for her hope chest but never got to use them. When her father found out she had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints she fled from home, and never went back.

She married Stephen Billings Shumway in 1831 and they had three children. He died in 1839 of appendicitis. She then married William Dickinson Pratt in 1841 in Kirtland, Ohio, and they were later divorced. There were four children from this union.

In 1838, she and her first husband were on their way to Haun’s Mill but had to stop because she gave birth to a baby girl, and so escaped the massacre that happened there. She was a good seamstress and helped to make the burial clothes for the Prophet and his brother, Hyrum.

Wealthy and her fifteen-year-old son, Ammi Warren came across the plains in 1851 with the Brown Wagon Company.

She married William Cornwall Patten in 1854, and they had one daughter. William passed away in Bloomington, Idaho in 1883, and Wealthy passed away in Fremont, Idaho in 1892.

[Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998, 2316]


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