Nelson Edmund Pratt Timeline

by Paul DeBry

.1815 Born in Hartford, Washington Co., New York – Fifth child
.1827 Age 12 – Went to Amherst, Lorain Co. Ohio, with newly married Parley and brother Orson
.1829 Settled in Peru Township, Huron Co., Ohio
.1835 Dec 26 Married 19-year-old Finette Delano
.1836 Oct. 10 Bought 50 acre farm west of Havana, Huron, Ohio – pail $100
.1836 Property tax notice showed that he owned 1 cow
.1837 Feb. 25 Son Edwin Delano Nelson born in Havana, Huron Co., Ohio – Nelson’s only living posterity today comes through Edwin.
.1839 May 9 Finette died at age 21, buried in a small country cemetery surrounded by woods and farms – Boughton Cemetery, Norwich Township, Huron County, Ohio.

.1840 Feb. 24 Bought 5 ¼ acres for $42.00.
.1841 Dec. 22 Married Asuba Spaulding in Norwich Township, Huron Co., Ohio. Azuba was 21 years old and a first cousin to Finette, whose mother was a Spaulding
.1842 Sept. 5 Daughter, Hellen Orissa Pratt born in Havana, Huron, Ohio. She moved to California where she died. She had children, but no living posterity today.
.1844 May 21 Daughter, Aurilla F. Pratt born in Havana, Huron Co., Ohio. She had children, but no posterity survives today. She died in Beloit, Wisconsin
.1847 Dec 31 Azuba died in Peru, Huron Co., Ohio

.1849 Nov. 18 Married Marietta Ensign in Sherman, Huron Co., Ohio.
.1850 May 25 Bought 65 acre farm in Norwich Township, Ohio for $1,000 from Frederick Delano, Finette’s father.
.1851 Built a small frame house on east part of lot 30 for $900. (Parley probably visited him there).
.1852 March 2 Sold 50 acres and 5 ¼ acres to Ephraim Felton. Fourteen years later Nelson married Ephraim’s widow.
.1853 July 22 Son, Orson Ensign Pratt born in North Norwich, Huron, Ohio. He died at age five weeks on Aug. 27, 1853 in North Norwich. He is buried in the same cemetery as Nelson and his mother are buried.
.1857 February Parley visited Nelson
.1860 March 1 Bought ¼ acre in Norwich Township for $20 from Hiram Felton. This narrow strip of land gave him access to the road.
.1861 April 1 Sold parcel #2. 45 ¼ acre to L. Delano for $1,400, and sold 19 ¾ acres to Jane Delano. Total sold = 65 acres.
.1861 (probably) Moved to Garden Grove, Iowa.
.1862 Marietta died in Garden Grove, Iowa. She is buried there in an unmarked grave.

.1866 June 12 Married Mary Ann Fitch in Huron County, Ohio. She had been his neighbor and had been widowed twice before.
.1872 Aug. 27 Mary Ann died in Huron County, Ohio. Buried beside Nelson

.1889 May 8 Nelson died in the home of his son Edwin. The home and farm were in Norwich Township, Ohio.

Boughton Cemetery, West of Havana, Huron County, Ohio
Nelson, his wives, Finette, Azuba, Mary Ann and baby Orson are all buried in this cemetery.
Only Marietta is buried elsewhere (in Garden Grove, Iowa)

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