Bountiful Briefs

Dr. Kesler, wife and daughter, Mildred, attended the Kesler family reunion last night which was held at the home of Alonzo Kesler, 5th East, beyond 12th South, Salt Lake City.  It was the 100th anniversary of the late Bishop Frederick Kesler of the Sixteenth ward.  The deceased came to Utah in 1852 and built the first flour mills ever erected in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Utah.  He was the father of 32 children who are scattered in different parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Ten of the number were at the reunion.  At supper, the brothers and sisters were seated at one table, at another table, the grandchildren and at still another table, … the great grand children.  In all there were between 100 and 150 present.

[Davis County Clipper, Jan. 21, 1916]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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