To the Memory of Orson Pratt.

We understand that the members of the family of the late Apostle Orson Pratt have started a fund among themselves, by each subscribing a stipulated sum monthly, for the purpose of erecting a suitable monument to the memory of their worthy sire and husband who has departed.  The record of a noble, well spent life, which Orson Pratt, of revered memory, has left for his family and friends to reflect upon, is a monument of itself more splendid and expressive than art could design; and the mighty truths, religious and scientific, that he, by inspiration of the Almighty and profound research, was enabled to understand and reveal by tongue and pen to a benighted world are a far more enduring monument than perishable stone.  It requires no marble epitaph to keep his memory green among the Saints, nor any memorial such as man can offer to secure for him than divine recognition and approval which he aimed through life to obtain; these are his already, and mortal power cannot deprive him of them; but it is eminently proper that his grave should be marked with a suitable tombstone, and the steps taken toward that end are to be commended.  There may be some question, though, about the propriety of limiting the subscriptions for that purpose to members of his family; in fact, we see no reason why all others who feel like doing so should not join in so worthy a work.  Though, as we understand, the family do not feel to ask help from other sources, we are sure that anything the public may choose to give towards this object, out of respect for the memory of Brother Pratt, will be accepted by them and sacredly devoted to the purpose intended.

[Deseret News, July 1, 1885]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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