Apostle Orson Pratt.

He Speaks in the Tabernacle at Salt Lake.

Yesterday afternoon the congregation in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, were greatly interested and pleased to see the aged and sterling veteran, Apostle Orson Pratt, in the stand.  This pleasure was enhanced by the opportunity of listening to the familiar tones of his voice, which used to be so frequently heard expounding the great truths of the Gospel in his characteristically clear and logical style.  His once powerful tones, which have often made the huge building ring, were comparatively subdued and modified, showing the enfeebling effects of physical debility.  He had not addressed a public congregation for nearly a year previous to Sunday afternoon, having been, for the most of that period scarcely able to sit up.

He expressed the belief that the prayers of the Saints had ascended to the Most High in his behalf, and had this not been the case he would probably before now have departed.  Monday, September 19th, it would be 51 years since he became identified with the work of God.  On the same day he would be 70 years of age.  He expressed his undiminished love for the Saints and the Work of God, although he was feeble in body his mind was filled with peace.  He knew that the Church was set up by the power of God and not of man.  He had had the teaching of the Spirit of God during his whole life.  He spoke of the marvellous work inaugurated in the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon, the plates from which it was translated having been delivered to the Prophet Joseph Smith by an angel 54 years ago next Thursday.  He testified that this work was of God and was in fulfilment of the prediction of the Prophet Daniel regarding to the setting up of the Kingdom of the Most High in the latter-days.

The speaker drew attention to the manner in which the power of God had been manifested in behalf of the Saints during their progress.  Although feeble in body he hoped he might yet be permitted to lift up his voice many times in vindication of the truth among the Latter-day Saints if not in the nations of the earth.  He prayed that the Lord might bless the children of Zion and favor them with that full and complete redemption promised in the revelations.

He was followed by President Geo. Q. Cannon, who paid a high tribute to the faithfulness and devotion of Elder Pratt and delivered an instructive discourse on the proofs of the divine origin of the Church.

[Deseret News, Sept. 19, 1881]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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