Two Days’ Meetings in the Salt Lake Assembly Hall.

Elder Orson Pratt delivered a discourse on the symbolism of the Sabbatic rest commanded an ancient Israel on the seventh day, the seventh year, and the year of jubilee. Showed that the Lord, after creating all things spiritually by the six days’ period in the beginning, created man and the animals temporally on the beginning of the seventh day and then rested; also that after the six “days”—or thousand years—had passed He would, the beginning of the seventh thousand year, perform the work of resurrection and spiritual sanctification, which would be followed by the great millennial rest spoken of by the prophets. Elder Pratt described at some length the jubilee commanded of ancient Israel, and showed that though no such law had been given to us, we looked forward with joyful anticipation to the great jubilee of the Saint’s rest and reward in the thousand years reign of Christ, our Lawgiver, our Redeemer and our King. He explained that we took no authority for any of our religious acts from the doings of the ancients or the commandments they received, but derived it in every instance from modern revelation direct from heaven. He expressed his joy at the jubilee of the Church, having belonged to it nearly from the beginning, and exhorted the Saints to endurance and faithfulness therein.

[Deseret News, Apr. 7, 1880]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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