Tooele City, May 6, 1872.

Editor Deseret News.

The inhabitants of Tooele City and County were favored on Saturday and Sunday last with a visit from a few of the brethren traveling as home missionaries through the Territory. The following is a brief report of the meetings held—

Saturday, May 4 10 a.m.

The Saints of Tooele City and the surrounding settlements of the county met in our commodious and comfortable meeting house, when they were addressed by Elder Orson Pratt, who portrayed the duties of Saint sand exhorted to faithfulness, stating that the object, in part, of missionaries being called to travel amongst the Saints was to create a more fervent desire to serve the Lord and a reform from evil, that we might claim God’s mercies….

7 p.m.

Addresses were delivered by Elders W.G. Young and O. Pratt, on the subject of economy, which was ably set forth by the speakers to the instruction and edification of all present….

Sunday, 2 p.m.

The meeting was addressed by Bishop L.D. Young and Elder O. Pratt, on improvement, obedience more fully to the requirements of God, and encouraging peace and happiness in our families and associations. “Mormonism” was a practical work, and by our works we should receive what we merited. The brethren spoke also in relation to the resurrection and reunion of body and spirit, our eternal inheritances, being surrounded by our families and the faithful of God, treating also on marriage and the union of children and parents.

7 p.m.

Elder Orson Pratt bore his testimony to the validity of “Mormonism.” Knowing it to be true and from God gave him great encouragement to labor and endure persecution. He referred to the great events transpiring in this generation and the magnitude of the work requisite from the Saints of God.

Great good has been accomplished by the visit of the brethren, and a good feeling and influence have been diffused that will have a lasting effect with the Saints of this county. Our meetings were well attended, and the untiring energies of Prof. Bowen and choir, with their music and singing, tended much to happify us and increase our joy.


[Deseret News, May 15, 1872]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]


Local and Other Matters.

Elder Orson Pratt has just returned from a tour in the settlements in Tooele County. He enjoyed a splendid time. He was absent from home about ten days, during which time he preached nineteen times, to full meetings.

Tooele City, May 31st, 1873.

Editor Deseret News:

Dear Brother—We have been favored with a visit from Elders Orson Pratt and J.B. Nobles. They held meetings in most of the settlements in this country. On Saturday two meetings and on Sunday three meetings were held in this place. The time was occupied by Elders Orson Pratt, J.B. Nobles and James Ure, and much valuable instruction was given to the people.

On Monday morning they, in company with Bishop Rowberry, James Ure and Thomas Lee, started for Bush Valley. They visited St. John’s, Center City and Vernon Settlement, where they held meetings.

On Thursday evening they returned to this place, when Elder Orson Pratt delivered a long and interesting lecture on ancient history, from the Bible and Book of Mormon.

Friday morning they proceeded to Pine Kanyon settlement and held one meeting, after which they repaired to Grantsville, for the purpose of holding meetings on Saturday and Sunday.

Great credit is due to Elder Pratt for his perseverance and untiring zeal in traveling around, instructing and edifying the Saints. I am safe in saying that a great many have been benefited by the sermons and lectures delivered during the visit of himself and Elder Nobles, and I feel, in behalf of the brethren in this place, as well as in the other settlements, to extend hearty thanks to those brethren for their visit, and hope we will soon be favored with another.


[Deseret News, June 11, 1873]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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