Important Gathering of Mormons—
Messrs. Brigham Young and Richards on Polygamy.

Sunday (April 7) was a great day with the London “Saints,” it being their thirty-seventh anniversary, which they celebrated at the Music Hall, Store St., Bedford Square. Brigham Young, jun., was present with the latest news from “home,” he having recently arrived from Utah. There were in attendance also several of the apostles who are shortly to leave our “Babylon” for their “holy city.”

The morning proceedings were chiefly confined to receiving reports from the elders and teachers of the London districts. In the afternoon the hall was full, when Mr. Brigham Young, jun., presided, surrounded by about forty apostles and elders. The chief speaker was “apostle” Mr. Orson Pratt, who asked the “saints” to “sustain” the several officers whom he mentioned. He said their Church was not of human invention, but formed by direct revelation. It was not a succession of the priesthood of the Romish Church nor of any Protestant denomination. Mr. Joseph Smith was first called to the important office in 1830, on the 6th of April, thirty seven years ago. (The reporter should have said the Church was organized at that time). The “church” then was only six in number; but under his organization it grew from year to year. When he was taken away Brigham Young was called by revelation, by name, to succeed him, and he was still persevering in his mission, though between sixty and seventy years of age. He (Mr. Pratt) then asked the “saints” if they were willing still to abide by Mr. Brigham Young’s counsel, and sustain him as their revelator, president and prophet throughout the world. This was answered by a numerous show of hands as were the appointments of Messrs. Hemble (H.C. Kimball) and T.(D.)H. Wells as his first and second counselors. The twelve apostles were then “sustained” whose duty it is to preach the gospel throughout the world. Mr. Brigham Young, jun., was elected as the president of Europe.

–[Reynold’s Newspaper]

[Deseret News, May 29, 1867]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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