Sunday, 10 a.m., Elder Orson Pratt preached on the subject of polygamy; proved by the scriptures that the Lord had approbated and sanctioned its practice among his chosen people; that mankind have been led astray by the foolish traditions of past generations, and the uninspired dogmas of ignorant priests, especially in regard to marriage; showed that Adam and Eve when married in the garden of Eden were sealed for time and for all eternity, and argued that persons married according to the order of God would be exalted to reign as kings and queens over their own posterity.  Concluded by urging upon the strangers present the necessity of breaking off the bands and shackles of false tradition, and to use the right and liberty guaranteed to all men, of thinking for themselves, and when they found the truth to embrace it regardless of the prevalence of sectarian and catholic traditions, assuring them that in that way only could they obtain a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

[Deseret News, July 27, 1859]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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