The Great Pyramid and the Last Dispensation

We have, on former occasions, made reference in this paper to the wondrous Great Pyramid of Egypt, and the theories concerning its symbolical character advanced by Taylor, Piazzi Smyth, Seiss and others who recognize in that immense mass of stones, piled up with so peculiar an architectural construction, the “altar and pillar” which ancient prophets declared should stand for “a witness to the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt” in the latter days. Considerable interest is taken in the subject, and a great number of individuals in various nations are attracted by the developments which have attended the latest researches and investigations into the meaning of the peculiar internal construction of the Pyramid of Gizeh, with the significant measurements and embodiment of scientific principles which mark this wonderful structure.

It will be interesting to such of our readers as have paid any attention to this matter, to learn that Elder Orson Pratt, while reflecting upon it recently, made as he considers a very important discovery connecting the symbolic references of the Pyramid with the great work of the latter days, the ushering in of “the dispensation of the fulness of times.”

It will be remembered that the principle of historic and prophetic measurement alleged to enter into the construction of the great building is one pyramid inch to a year, and that the various galleries, chambers, passages, etc., typify the various dispensations and symbolize the great and important changes to take place among mankind in connection with the plan of human redemption. The measurements that have been completed of some of these galleries and passages, have been shown to indicate the periods of the flood and of the dispersion of mankind from the Tower of Babel previous to the building of the Pyramid; the time of its construction; and since then, the leading forth of Israel out of Egypt by Moses; the continuance of the Mosaic dispensation; the coming of the Messiah, his death and descent into Hades or the place of departed spirits; the length of the Christian dispensation; and the commencement of another dispensation culminating in a glorious and exalted condition, typified by the lofty room denominated the “King’s Chamber.” For the data concerning these things we refer our readers to former articles explanatory of this subject which have appeared in the Deseret News.

The Grand Gallery is said, by the above named writers, to symbolize the Christian dispensation. It is a gradually rising passage, without any obstruction until what is called the Great Step is reached, which extends entirely across it to the height of 36 inches. The distance from its front edge to the wall is 61 inches. Piazzi Smyth measures the length of the Grand Gallery to the base of the Great Step as 1,812.9 inches. Each inch, signifying a year according to the Pyramidal theory, would bring the time down to the Fall of 1812. Now as this period does not mark any striking change in the history of mankind, Brother Pratt was led to the thought that perhaps some error had occurred in the measurement. And reflecting deeply on the subject he was forcibly impressed during a night in last March, with a method for the solution of the problem. The result of his cognitions and calculations we copy from the Millennial Star of May 5th, as follows:

“It occurred to him that in measuring the length of the Grand Gallery, Prof. Smyth had measured his Pyramid inches on the ascending floor line, until reaching the base of the Great Step, when he abandoned the method observed for upwards of three thousand inches, (or years,) and substituted an English foot or twelve English inches for a year, computed no longer on the prolonged usual floor time, but applied to the vertical line of the step. Prof. Pratt believed this to be a great mistake. He could see no reason why the floor line should be thus suddenly abandoned, and the unit inch discarded. He considered the Pyramid unit inch should still be marked off on the 3,355 inch floorline, until reaching the foot of the perpendicular let fall from the upper edge of the Step upon that line prolonged. At this point there is a final terminus in the ascending direction. At the upper edge of the Step, therefore, the direction becomes horizontal, and hence the inches or years from that point must be computed on that horizontal line.

“Elder Pratt was tempted, then and there, to arise in the night, make the necessary calculations and satisfy his mind; but he concluded to delay till morning. Judge his surprise and pleasure, when, on making the line from the upper frontal edge of the step perpendicular with the inclined floor of the gallery, and continuing the measurement of the gallery to that point, he found it demonstrated, by plain figures, that it reached the pyramid date of April 6th, 1830, the exact day on which the Church and Kingdom of God was organized, by the revelation and commandment of the Most High, at Fayette, Seneca County, New York, U.S.A.

After demonstrating this grand fact, Elder Pratt, whose attainments as a profound mathematician and astronomer are well known and established, pursued his investigations still further. He found that the step, as before stated, measured, from the upper frontal edge to the mass of solid masonry, the great wall, nearly 61 inches (or years). This period added to April 6th, 1830, carries the symbolism to the spring of the year 1891.

“It is now demonstrated that the date of the organization of the Church of Christ in the latter-days is among the symbolisms of the Great Pyramid. That peculiar structure also typifies that some remarkable phase of the history of the world will be enacted in the year 1891, and the inspired utterances of the great prophet of the nineteenth century point the prophetic finger to that time as a day of momentous occurrences. Surely such conspicuous exactness cannot be a matter of chance. If it were so, such harmonious coincidences would be without parallel.”

In presenting this matter to our readers, we do not pretend to decide upon the correctness of the calculations and deductions of the believers in what is coming to be called the Pyramidal religion, nor in regard to the discoveries of Elder Pratt or any other mathematician or scientist in relation to it. We simply state the matter as an item of news and leave the public to draw their own conclusions.

We will say, however, that in this crowning dispensation of God’s mercy to man, all the witnesses to the truth that have ever been vouchsafed in any age of the world; whether inscribed on tables of stone, engraved upon metallic plates, written on rolls of parchment, imprinted upon the rocks, typified in buildings designed by the Great Architect, breathed into the prophetic souls of the seers of old, or whispered in the ears of the spiritually-minded of any age, race or clime, will be brought forth and made plain to the Saints of the Most High who are striving to “live by every word that proceedeth out of His mouth.” There is nothing hidden but it shall be revealed, nothing secret but it shall be brought forth, for the glory of the Eternal King and the benefit, enlightenment and exaltation of His people. And when He speaks to them, whether by His own voice, by the declarations of His angels or the inspiration of His spirit through His appointed servants, he will utter no uncertain sound, but His way will be plain, simple, unmistakable, so that “a wayfaring man, though a fool need not err therein.”

[Deseret News, May 28, 1879]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]


“All That Is Needed.”

The Rochester Herald says:

“Orson Pratt, one of the leaders of the Saints, has recently taken advantage of the supposed mystical significance of the dimensions of the great pyramid in Egypt to predict the extinction of the Gentile race in 61 years from the organization of the Mormon church. It seems that it is 61 inches from somewhere in the great pyramid to some other point, and therefore—It is with such chaff that arch deceivers bait the gullible in Mormondom and elsewhere. All that is needed is a little mystery and much positive assertion, and the fools will tumble into an imposter’s net with the greatest facility and alacrity.”

All that is needed is a lying reporter and an illusion to the “Mormons,” and editorial sapheads will tumble into the press dispatcher’s net with marvelous alacrity and wonderful stupidity. The Herald is a great deal more than “sixty-one inches” from the truth. Neither Orson Pratt nor any other leader of the Saints has predicted the “extinction of the Gentile race in sixty-one years from the organization of the ‘Mormon Church,’ or at any other period. It is with just such “chaff” as the gullible Herald writer has swallowed, that manufacturers of “Mormon” news bait the item-hunters of the press in the United States and elsewhere. And while the Rochester Herald and other papers and persons snap up any scrap of sensationalism invented by our enemies, and pass by the simple facts as given by authority, they will continue to be the echo of liars and the tool of knaves, and to remain in the dark as to the subject of “Mormonism” and the “Mormons,” which they cannot let alone and will not take the trouble to understand. All that is needed to learn the truth, instead of being misled by falsehood, is to seek for information about the “Mormons” from the “Mormons” themselves.

[Deseret News, May 12, 1880]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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