Scientific Expedition.

His Excellency Governor Brigham Young, the Hon. H.C. Kimball, and Major-General J.M. Grant, left this city about 12 o’clock, on the 18th, for the purpose of visiting the northern counties of the Territory; they were accompanied by Professor Orson Pratt, A.M., Col. Albert Carrington, T.E.; Jesse W. Fox, Esq., and a number of other scientific gentlemen.

The party was well provided with instruments and will most probably determine during their absence, the whereabouts of the Oregon line.

They were also accompanied by the Hon. Leonard E. Harrington, of Utah co., and Ezra T. Benson, of Tooele co., S.L. Sprague, M.D., and a goodly number of our citizens. They were fitted up in fine style, and have before them every prospect of a delightful and instructing excursion to the beautiful valleys of the Bear River.

[Deseret News, June 20, 1855]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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