Orson Pratt Home in St. George, Utah

From http://www.greengatevillageinn.com:

The centerpiece of the Green Gate Village Historic Inn, this large, two-story home with, adobe walls 18 inches thick, was built by Orson Pratt in 1862. In 1861 Orson Pratt and Erastus Snow were called by Brigham Young to lead a group of 309 families to relocate to Southern Utah and establish the city of St. George. Their mission was to grow cotton, raise sheep and even silk worms in order to supply the dozens of new Utah cities to the north with much needed raw materials for fabrics. (These materials were then in short supply due to the Civil War as well as their remote location in the mountain West.) The beautiful home he built still stands today and is the oldest home in St. George. Approximately two years after it was built, Orson Pratt was called by Brigham Young on yet another proselytizing mission. This time to Austria, where they were denied permission to preach by the government, and thence again to England where he managed the perpetual immigration fund. Orson subsequently traded this home for one in Salt Lake City belonging to Richard Bentley.

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