The Mormon Church.

Orson Pratt, one of the Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church, is preaching thrice on Sunday, and once on Wednesday evening of each week, at Temperance Hall in the City of Washington on Mormonism.

[Deseret News, Apr. 30, 1853]

Washington, April 25th, 1844.

Hon. Sir:

I take the liberty transmit through you to the council of our church the result of my labors thus far. I arrived in this place on the 23d inst., by way of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

I found Elder Orson Pratt here, Elder Page having been called home to Pittsburgh on account of his wife’s ill health. Elder O. Pratt has been indefatigable in his exertions in prosecuting the business entrusted to his charge. His business has been before the senate and referred to the committee on the judiciary, and the report of said committee is not yet rendered, which is the cause of his delay in writing to you….

Elder Pratt is faithful, useful, and true; he has got the run of matters here very well, and is with me in all my deliberations, visitings, &c.

Major Semple goes with us this evening to introduce us to the President, and to view the White House.

My heart and hand are with you. May Heaven bless you and me.—As ever, I am

Orson Hyde.

To the Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

[Deseret News, Aug. 19, 1857]


Arrivals, Immigration, &C.

Elders Orson Pratt, Horace S. Eldredge, Frederick Kesler, and George Holladay arrived in good health and spirits, on the afternoon of the 27th.—The last two named from a short church business trip to St. Louis; Elder Pratt from his mission in Washington and Presidency over the saints in the States east of the Rocky Mountains and br. Eldredge from the presidency over the Branch at St. Louis.

[Deseret News, Aug. 31, 1854]



Names and Residences of those now appointed to go on missions, and their destinations, as read from the stand in the Tabernacle in G.S.L. City, Sunday, Feb. 24, 1856.

To Europe.

From Great Salt Lake City—Orson Pratt, Ezra T. Benson, Orson Pratt, jun.; Phineas H. Young, Miles Romney, James Beck, James Ure, Truman O. Angel.

[Deseret News, Feb. 27, 1856]

Arrival and Appointment of Elders.

Elder Orson Pratt, sen., one of the Twelve Apostles, and Elders W.W. Raymond, George W. Mously, Francis Platt, Joseph E.S. Russell, Robert N. Russell, Hyrum P. Folsom, George B. Spencer, Anson V. Call, R.H.L. Parker, John H. Donnellon and John Hubbard, arrived at this port on the steamship Pennsylvania, from New York, on Sunday, the 17th inst., in good health and spirits.

Elder Pratt left Great Salt Lake City on the 7th of May, on a mission to Europe. Taking the stage, he proceeded westward to San Francisco, which city he reached on the 14th of May. Remaining there about nine days, he embarked on a steamer for Panama, from which point he crossed the Isthmus, by rail, the journey being made in about four hours, to Aspinwall on the Atlantic, where he again embarked on a steamer for New York, which port he reached on Tuesday morning, the 14th of June. On the 2nd of July he sailed from New York for Liverpool, having completed, on reaching this place, a journey of over 9,000 miles since leaving his home in Zion, and making his eleventh voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. We are happy to be able to say that Elder Pratt’s health is excellent, and his trip seems to have agreed with him. He has had as good health, since leaving home, as he has enjoyed on any previous mission, and rejoices much in once more having the privilege of going forth, in accordance with the requirements of his calling, to proclaim salvation unto the nations of the earth.

[Deseret News, Oct. 19, 1864]



Elders Orson Pratt and William W. Riter arrived here lately from the continent, where they have been laboring for upwards of seven months. Brother Pratt will, for a time, remain in this country, visiting the various Conferences, preaching and holding meetings. Brother Riter will also, for the present, labor under the direction of the Presidency of this Mission.

[Deseret News, Oct. 12, 1865]


Got Home.

On Sunday evening Elders Orson Pratt, George D. Watt and Wm. S. Godbe arrived in the city by stage from the east, Elders Pratt and Watt from their missions to Europe, and Elder Godbe from a business trip to the eastern States. They are in good health and spirits, saw no indians on the journey, and are glad to be home again. We welcome them back.

[Deseret News, Aug. 7, 1867]


Local and Other Matters.
From Saturday’s Daily, July 21.
Eastward Bound.

Elder Orson Pratt and accompanying missionaries passed Council Bluffs yesterday afternoon, all well.

[Deseret News, July 25, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Tuesday’s Daily, July 10.
For Wales.

The following Elders, all young men, missionaries for Wales, will leave tomorrow morning, for their field of labor, in company with Elder Orson Pratt—Joseph Hyrum Parry, Thomas F. Howells, William N. Williams and Walter J. Lewis.

[Deseret News, July 25, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Thursday’s Daily, July 26.
At New York.

Elder Orson Pratt and party of missionaries on their way to Europe, reached New York yesterday. When they left here it was their intention to sail for Liverpool last Tuesday, but, being delayed on the overland trip, by the railroad strikes, they will not sail till next Tuesday.

[Deseret News, Aug. 1, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Tuesday’s Daily, July 31.

Elder Orson Pratt and party sailed from New York this morning, on board Guion & Co’s. S.S. Montana. All well.

[Deseret News, Aug. 8, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Friday’s Daily, Aug. 24.

A private letter from Elder Walter J. Lewis states, that Elder Orson Pratt, himself, Elders Parry, Williams and Howell arrived at Liverpool about midnight on August 9th, three weeks and one day after their departure from here. They had a remarkable rapid and very prosperous trip, for, having been detained eight days on the way, it only occupied fourteen traveling days.

[Deseret News, Aug. 29, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Friday’s Daily, Sept. 28.

Elders Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, arrived last night, from England. Elder F.S. Richards also reached his home, in Ogden, having traveled in company with them.

They had rather a rough passage across the sea, but with the exception of Brother Richards, reached home in excellent health.

[Deseret News, Oct. 3, 1877]

Local and Other Matters.
From Tuesday’s Daily, Sept. 3
For the East.

The following missionaries left, for their various fields of labor, on this morning’s train: Apostles Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith, to the United States; Elders J.A. Halvorsen, C. Jensen, George Frandsen, Lara Svenson, N.M. Anderson, N.P. Rasmussen, and Goudy Hogan, for Scandinavia; and Elder Thomas S. Higham to the Southern States. They were accompanied by Elder William C. Staines, who goes to New York to take charge of arriving emigrants.

[Deseret News, Sept. 11, 1878]

Local and Other Matters.
From Tuesday’s Daily, Nov. 19.

President John Taylor and party, including Apostles Orson Pratt, Erastus Snow, and Joseph F. Smith, returned from the south, today. They were accompanied by Counselor Jno. W. Young and Bro. Leo Clawson.

[Deseret News, Nov. 27, 1878]

Local and Other Matters.
From Friday’s Daily, Aug. 29.
Coming Home.

Apostle Orson Pratt, who has been absent in Great Britain for over 8 months, is on the way home and will reach Salt Lake next Tuesday evening. He left Liverpool on the 16th inst. on board the steamship Nevada, and sent a telegram from New York yesterday morning announcing his safe arrival at that port and his intention to reach home as stated.

[Deseret News, Sept. 3, 1879]

Local and Other Matters.
From Wednesday’s Daily, Sept. 3.
Home Again.

Elder Orson Pratt, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, arrived home last evening in excellent health and spirits, from his eight months sojourn in Great Britain. We are happy to have our esteemed brother once more in our midst, and congratulate him on his safe return to his family and friends in Zion.

[Deseret News, Sept. 10, 1879]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Dec. 2006]

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