President’s Office
Great Salt Lake City
June 30, 1857

Elders Orson Pratt and Ezra T. Benson

Dear Brothers—On the 24th of April I departed on my contemplated journey north to Salmon River.  I returned to this place May 26th, after an absence of thirty-two days.  We had a large company of fifty-six wagons and carriages, and one hundred and forty-two persons, but during the whole trip, I did not hear an angry word, or observe a malicious feeling.

On the 29th ultimo, Elders G.A. Smith, J.M. Bernhizel, and T.O. Angel arrived in good health and spirits.

There are many improvements being made in the city, streets, sidewalks, fences, buildings, &c.  There are between three and four hundred men upon the public works, and thirty teams rolling in the stone for the Temple.  Although money is scarce business is lively, and everything is flourishing with this people, because of their renewed diligence and faithfulness.

Our city looks as though it had taken an emetic and vomited forth apostates, officials, and in fact all the filth which was weighing us down.  The prospects were never better for a bountiful harvest than at present.  There is now more grain, and food is cheaper than has ever been the case previously at this season of the year.

The express company is prospering finely.  I have dispatched A.O. Smoot and N.V. Jones to locate permanent stations in the black hills; they have eighty men with them, and it is my intention to furnish them with sufficient provisions to enable several hundred persons to winter there, in case of such emergency as occurred last fall.  I learn from brother Haight, of Iron County, that the cotton and Indigo crops are looking well on the Rio Virgin.

The mail, conducted by F. Little, arrived at three o’clock, 23rd instant, twenty-two days and three hours from Independence.

By the St. Louis Republican, I regret very much to learn of the assassination of brother Parley by the villain McLean; one more good man has gone to assist brothers Joseph, Hyrum, and Jedediah in another sphere.  May God comfort and strengthen you in your afflictions, brother Orson.

The prejudice against us, which you have to meet, brethren, is nothing more than we may expect, it is the devil against Christ; and be assured that the devil will always howl when the Saints are faithful.

I sent a good many missionaries to the States and Europe, they left this place April 23rd with hand carts, and from latest accounts they were making better time than any company on the road.

Brethren, may the blessings of Christ abide with you continually.

Brigham Young

[Millennial Star, 19:556]
[Journal History of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, June 30, 1857, 1-2]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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