Meeting of the Legislature.

On Monday, 12th inst., pursuant to resolution the Ninth Legislative Assembly convened at the Social Hall in this city at 10 a.m.

The following members elect were present and answered to their names on the calling the roll:


From Great Salt Lake and Tooele:
Dan H. Wells, A. Carrington,
Orson Pratt, F.D. Richards,
James Ferguson.

Charles C. Rich.

Weber, Box, Elder, Cache and Malad:
Lorenzo Snow, Lorin Farr.

Utah and Cedar:
L.E. Harrington, John T. Hardy.

Juab and San Pete:
Edwin Whiting.

Millar and Beaver:
Amasa Lyman.

Iron and Washington:
Geo. A. Smith.

…On Tuesday, 13th, the following committees were announced by the President of the Council:

Claims and Appropriations:–Orson Pratt, Lorin Farr, John T. Hardy.

Education:–Orson Pratt, James Ferguson, Albert Carrington.

Engrossing:–Orson Pratt, F.D. Richards, Albert Carrington.

Library:–O. Pratt, A. Carrington.

Public Domain and School Lands:–O. Pratt, A. Lyman, C.C. Rich, A. Carrington.

The Committees of the House will appear next week.

[Deseret News, Dec. 14, 1859]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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