With the S.S. Montana, on Thursday night, August 9th—Elder Orson Pratt arrived from New York and Salt Lake City, having left the latter city July 18th. Brother Pratt is in England to superintend the republication of “The Book of Mormon,” and “The Book of Doctrine and Covenants”; the preparatory work for this purpose has been engaged brother Pratt’s attention for some time previous to his leaving Salt Lake City. The Book of Mormon will be divided into verses, and its value enhanced to the student, by ample marginal references; it will also be printed in larger type than other editions, so as to facilitate the reading of the same.

This able and indefatigable servant of God is heartily welcome to the shores of England, on this his seventh visit, and all the Saints will pray that he may be as successful in this mission as in those that are past; hosts of thousands can testify to his diligence, faithfulness and devotion from experience, and the present mission, although not specially one for preaching, is yet fraught with interest to the Saints here, to the Saints at home, and to mankind at large; the publication of the revelations of the Almighty as given in the Book of Mormon, and as given in the Book of Covenants, through the great Prophet of the nineteenth century—Joseph Smith, is an event which, although held in derision by the world is yet “set for the rising and fall of many”; by them shall many come to a knowledge of the truth, and by them also shall many be condemned.

The young missionaries who arrived at the same time were J.F. Parry, W.J. Lewis, Thos. F. Howells, W.N. Williams and Lorus Pratt; the latter is a son of brother Pratt, who has been in the missionary field in the Eastern States for near two years; all the brethren feel well, are in good health and fine spirits, and anxious to do good, this anxiety they will have abundant opportunity to cultivate among the “ancient Britons” where they are appointed to labor.


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[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Apr. 2006]


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