Mr. Milando Pratt, recently arrived from Bear Lake Valley, informs us that the grasshoppers had visited that county and destroyed about one-third of the crops, principally at St. Charles and Round Valley. Still, there will be a plenty to bread the people and leave a surplus. The pests had gone in a northwesterly direction from there. As Mr. Pratt was coming to this city by way of Ogden Valley, he passed through an immense host of grasshoppers on Blacksmith’s Fork, apparently going towards Cache Valley, as they, too, were moving in a northwesterly direction. It would be a relief of no ordinary kind of these destructive insects were to take a permanent departure from the Territory.

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, July 29, 1870, 1]
[Salt Lake Herald, July 29, 1870]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Apr. 2006]

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