Thrice Burgled

The residence of Laron Pratt at 239 West North Temple street was invaded by a burglar at 2 o’clock this morning, who entered the room of a lodger named Arnold and attempted to chloroform him.  The pungent odor awoke Mr. Arnold, and he was almost paralyzed to see the burly form of a burglar standing at the foot of the bed.  He finally sprang for the visitor and a hand-to-hand struggle took place, until an open window was reached, through which both fell to the ground below, a distance of a few feet, when the burglar succeeded in making his escape.  As Mr. Arnold was clad only to this night-clothes, he was badly bruised in the encounter and was unable to visit his place of business yesterday.  The festive burglar has evidently marked Mr. Pratt a house for his own, as the visit of yesterday was the fifth within the past twelve months.

[Salt Lake Tribune, July 24, 1891]

[transcibed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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