Joseph Kimball Passes

The death of Joseph Kimball on Sunday evening last marks the closing of a life of honor and service at the venerable age of 84 years. Born in Salt Lake City four years after the advent of the original group of pioneers, Joseph Kimball had all the stirring experiences of pioneer life. During his fourscore years he has seen the city of his birth grow from little more than a frontier post to a charming city and the state changed from a desert into smiling gardens, fertile fields and pleasant towns and thriving cities.

Joseph Kimball has taken an active part in the social, industrial, and ecclesiastical affairs of the various communities in which he has lived. He served as a judge of the probate court in Rich County where he lived during the early years of his married life. He was also an influential member of the House of Representatives of the Territorial and State legislatures. In the industrial life of Utah Mr. Kimball was for many years a leading figure, his activities ranging through the fields of mining, agriculture, irrigation and cattle raising. In the latter field he was one of the outstanding figures of the west. In everything that he undertook to do Mr. Kimball was an earnest and enthusiastic worker, performing every task that confronted him, and discharging every duty with a high and fine purpose.

Mr. Kimball was an ardent Church worker and loyal to its principles. For many years he served in various Church positions of honor and trust with credit and conscientious devotion to truth and right. In spirit and temperament, Joseph Kimball was a genial optimist. He met defeat with faith and courage and success and victory without undue elation. He was of a sympathetic, genial and kindly nature and extended the warm hand of brotherhood to all with whom he came in contact. He was proud of and honored the lineage from which he came, was tenderly devoted to his wife and children and had a tranquil and sensible philosophy of life. He had learned the secret of keeping young. As age came upon him, he remained serene in spirit and had the heart of a boy.

Joseph Kimball has led a life of dignity and honor. He leaves a large posterity of honorable men and women, and has won the respectful affection of all who knew him in life. The world is better from his having lived and worked therein.

[Editorial, Deseret News, Mar. 31, 1936]
[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Jan. 2006]


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