Death Certificate of Emma Louise Pratt
Oct. 13, 1928

death certificate of emma louise taysum pratt
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State of Utah—Death Certificate

1. Place of Death
County: Salt Lake
City: Salt Lake
No. 887 Third Ave.

2. Full Name: Emma Louise Pratt
a. Residence: No. 887 Third Ave.
Length of residence in city where death occurred: 65 yrs 5 mos. 14 ds.

Personal and Statistical Particulars

3. Sex: Female
4. Color or Race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowd, or Divorced: Divorced
5a. Wife of O.P. Pratt
6. Date of Birth: April 29, 1863
7. Age: 65 yrs. 5 mos. 14 ds.
8. Occupation of Deceased: At Home
9. Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah

10. Name of Father: Andrew J. Taysum
11. Birthplace of Father: England
12. Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Ann Meears
13. Birthplace of Mother: England

14. Informant: Mrs. O.A. Gates
Address: 887 3rd Ave.

15. Filed: Oct. 16, 1928

Medical Certificate of Death

16. Date of Death: Oct. 13, 1928
17. I Hereby Certify, That I attended deceased from Feb. 11, 1928, to Oct. 13, 1928, that I last saw her alive on Oct. 13, 1928, and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 7 p.m. 

The cause death was as follows:

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Duration: 5 yrs at least

18. Where was disease contracted if not at place of death? Unknown
Did an operation precede death? No.
Was there an autopsy? No.

19. Place of Burial, Cremation, or Removal: City Cemetery
Date of Burial: Oct. 17, 1928

Undertaker: Jos. Wm. Taylor
Address: City

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