A Double Wedding

A couple of marriages occurred at the Logan Temple, on Wednesday last, Oct. 28, 1885, two of the parties to which were Ortherus and Clomenia (Phelps) Pratt, son and daughter of the late Apostle Orson Pratt, and Juliette (Phelps) Pratt, the bride of the former being Miss Emma Louise Taysum, daughter of Andrew J. and Mary Ann (Mecars) Taysum, of the 20th Ward of this city, at whose residence a reception was held last evening, 30th inst., in honor of the young bride and groom. The bridegroom of Miss Clomenia Pratt is Brother Wm. Bailey, of Nephi, the son of Langley Allgood and Sarah (Andrew) Bailey, also of Nephi.

A reception in honor of both these couples will be held this evening (31st inst.) at the residence of Mrs. Juliette Pratt Crabb, 17th Ward, this city, where it is expected that a large assembly of the relatives and friends of the contracting parties will enjoy the proceedings of the occasion, as was the case at last evening’s reception.

Brother William Bailey expects to start for his home at Nephi next Monday morning, to which place his new bride will accompany him, and where the prospects are favorable for another reception.

Brother and Sister Ortherus Pratt will start next Tuesday monring for Scipio, Millard Couny, at which place the groom will resume his duties at the store.

We wish these fortunate couples all the felicity they desire in their new estate.

[Deseret News, Nov. 4, 1885]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, May 2006]


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