Boise Idaho, Monday, Feby. 6th. 1905.

This day I spent attending the Legislature. I met several of the Senators and Representatives who are influential members of the church. I circulated Among them a subscription paper asking donations for our new church, had some success, and raising $22.50.

I wrote some letters.

In the evening at 7.30 I met with the Sisters of the Relief Society. We had an extraordinary attendance there being about 30 Ladies present.

There were also several brethren present, among them the presidency of the branch. After the opening exercises, I stood upon my feet, and for an hour my mouth was inspired and great and glorious principles, doctrines, commandments and predictions flowed from my lips at times touching my auditors to tears, and afterwards to Laughter. When I had done,  we laid our hands upon the presidency of the Relief Society and the teachers of that Society and set them apart for their High and Holy callings. We I was mouth several times, begginning with the president Sis. Merrill.

[page break]


Boise, Tuesday, Feby 7. 1905.

I attended the legislature again today for several hours.

In the afternoon went to the extreme north west end of the town to visit some people named Baker.  They are poor people, but the father, mother, and four of their children desire to be baptized.

They seem to be good people, and I had quite an interesting visit with them, and among other things, taught the children about repentance and baptism, and what baptism is for.

Upon leaving this place and on my way up the Street, Sister Balou, called me into her house, and told me of the sadest and most awful calamity which had happened to her house that ever could be. Amid awful crying and mourning she recited how two of her daughters – aged respectively 15 & 16 years had been either seduced or drugged and ravished in her house a few weeks ago, while she herself was absent from home, by two young men acquaintances  of her daughters; Her girls had formed the acquaintance of these men at a dancing hall where they had been councilled not to go.

[page break]


Boise, Tuesday, Feby. 7, 1905 continued

These boys with some other young company had come to the house, and after the others had departed had remained all night one with each of the girls, and thus destroyed them. These scoundrels were made by Mr Belou to go with him and the girls to the police justice and <in> open Police Court & marry the girls. After the Marriage the men with scurrilous oaths, and obscene black guardianism repudiated the girls and left the town.

The two girls were present at this interview between their mother and me, and their crying and sobing was heartrending. It seemed many degrees sader than any habitation of death and mourning that I have ever seen.

At 7.30 met by appointment in priesthood meeting in our Church with the two Elders Nephi Hepworth, and James W. Boyden, and with the branch presidency, teachers, priests and male members of the branch. Glorious and deep principles were brought forth and expounded in this meeting myself and President Merrill being the principles teache  Speakers.

[page break]


Boise, Tuesday, Feby 7. 1905. (continued)

We organized a teacher Quorum with brother John Borup as president thereof, and he  alltogether had a most interesting meeting.

I now began to feel that I had accomplished all I could do for this time. Slept at Brother Merrils this night.  I forgot to mention that I had comforted Sister Balou and her daughters all I could, and instructed them to begin now, and sever <all> their connexions with the wicked: to repent by confessing their sins to Branch Prest. Merrill as they had done to me, and that I would instruct Elder Merrill how what to do in their case, and to make their repentance eternal, and from now on to ascociate with the Saints, and Keep away from the company of the wicked forever.

At 7.  After our priesthood meeting I retired <repaired> with brother Merrill to his home and remained over night at his house.

[page break]


Boise, Wednesday, Feby. 8th. 1905.

After spending several hours in the legislature and writing to Prest Smith  etc, at 4.10 took train for Anaconda via Pocatello. Arrived at Pocatello at 2 am in the night..

This was a very tedious trip

[page break]


Pocatello Thursday  Feby  9. 1905

At 7 am took train for Butte.  I had sat up all night and was very tired, and arrived in Butte about 4 p.m. and remained at brother Knights house over night.  Had some conversation with with a Mr. and Mrs Lusher, and listened to some lovely singing and piano music.

Retired and had a very lovely nights rest.

[page break]


Butte, Friday,  Feby.  10. 1905

I arrose in time to take the 7 am train to Anaconda in Company with Elder Nelson.

We arrived there at 8 o’clock and while Elder N. went to Conf. Head Quarters, I went and took breakfast, and then went to brother Augustus Shorts.

I found him and Sis. Short as usual, and after some conversation with them, went to See the Elders.  found them well and happy.  Learned some weeks ago that Sister Davis the president of the Anaconda Relief Society had feelings against me, and that owing to the report that I had remarked, that Saints of Anaconda Could Kiss my Arse, and had come into montana  a few weeks previous and had held a conference in Butte, and gone away without holding one in Anaconday  had been construed as a slight purposely put upon the Saints of that place, and several of the sisters were greatly offended at me, and my name had been the subject of considerable gossip, until my faults were so magnified that I was even suspected  of palliating the offense of Adultry <said to have been> committed by bro- Short, and had afterwards attempted to get him a recommend to go through the Temple. Knowing of his guilt etc etc

[page break]


Anaconda Friday  Feby. 10. 1905.

I spent this day going about among the saints and conversing with the disaflected ones, Especially did I go to Sister Davis’.  I found her sick in bed.  The elders were with us. We settled up our difficulties, and I went on my way rejoicing.  I told her plainly what I had heard as to her expressions and feelings, and I asked her to forgive me wherein I had erred and become an offense to her, to her husband or to the branch. I then showed her wherein she was wrong in her publishing to others her feelings against me, and the unfounded rumors, which had been spread in retalion to my sayings and doings: How she should have waited until I came and then to have come to me alone, and then we could have settled it between ourselves, and no ones faith have been weakened because of these accusations.  The spirit of instructions  and good feeling was with us. I went back to head quarters sattisfied that the evil, so far as her and I was concerned was settled.

In the evening I sent her a nice chicken.

Went to my Room
Prayed.and Retired,

[page break]


Anaconda, Saturday, Feby. 11th 1905.

I spent this day in visiting some of the Saints and the Elders.  Among others I had a long conversiction with brother Augustus Short.  He had been formerly president of the branch for years.  The rumor was about among the Saints that he had committed adultry.    That Sister Mary J. Trescott had acknowledged to some of the Sisters of the branch that before his present marraige, and when she was living at his house, he committed that crime with her.  I had been warned months before, by Elder Nephi Johnson of this rumor, and several letters had passed between brother Short and myself about the matter and in his letters he had denied it, but said in his last one that he would tell me all about it when I should come there.  Accordingly we repaired to the Parker house, to my room, and there <he> confessed to me that he had committed adultry with the aforesaid Sister Trescott:  He sought to excuse himself by the fact, as he stated it, that she had come to his bed, and that he could not control himself.  He said, that she said it had done her good, and for his part he did not think that any great harm had been done.  I told him a plain and unvarnished story about the heniousness of that crime, and that I should tell president Joseph F. Smith about the whole matter and let president Smith adjudge the case, and that he (brother Short) must at  would have to abide the consequences.

[page break]


Anaconda, Saturday, Feby. 11th  (continued)

He acquiesced in my decision.  He did not seem to sense that he had done a great wrong.

I went up to sister Davis’ house again and comforted Sister Her.

Spent the evening with the Elders, and wrote a letter to Prest. Geo Reynolds.

Went to my Room:  Prayed.

[page break]


Anaconda, Sunday, Feby. 12th .1905.

Attended Sunday School at 10 a.m. There were present of officers and teachers and pupils about 25.  After the class exercises were over I addressed the school for perhaps 30 minutes, and with a good degree of liberty, and had the undevided attention of the School.  After the School was dismissed there were unmistakable evidences that the numbers of it had been greatly pleased and edified.  At 2 pm we met in our Hall in the first session of our Conference, and though the attendance was not the best, had quite an interesting meeting.  I spoke all of the time that was allotted for speaking, teaching the saints how to do when they become offended one with another.  Rebuked them in great plainness for their sins, and follies in offending one another, and speaking evil of each other.

At the conclusion of my remarks, I presented the authorities of the mission, Conf. and Branch.  The branch authorities were as follows:
Prest Branch   Geo. A. Hunter
First Counsellor    W. Harry Green
Second  “        David B. Thomas
Press            Relief Society     Sis.   Davis
First Couns.  “             “          “        Amer
Second  “        “          “          “       Enger
Secy                “          “          “       L. Evans

[page break]


Anaconda Sunday  Feby. 12th 1905 (continued

Supt.   Sunday School                        John W. Boman
First asst          “          J.”        “                      Chas.  Maxwell
Second “         “          “          “                      Henry Peterson
Secy.                           “          “                      Mrs Enger

These were all unanimously sustained.

At 7.30 p.m. we met again.  Pretty good Attendance.  We called upon Brother Barker. Brother   Elder Johnson Elder Nelson,  Elder Robison, who occupied about 30 minutes.  I then spoke about 50 minutes.  Subject “Resurrection.”

We had a magnificent meeting, being blessed with a wonderful eloquence.  The meeting was very full of interest, and all were greatly instructed and edified.

I had feared to come up to Anaconda, I had been informed that several of the Sisters and one of the brethren had  hard feelings against me,  I had prayed much, and felt very sorrowful over affairs there, and was afraid I could not straighten out affairs there, and had written to Prest. Smith begging him to send one of the General Authorities there to help me w in this Conference.

I was so remarkably blessed in my visit here at this time that my heart was filled to overflowing with gratitude to the Lord.

[page break]


Anaconda Sunday Feby 12th 1905. (continued)

I felt that in my weakness I had been made strong, and the Lord had done a marvelous work through me at this place.

After meeting I went with Brother and sister Green to their home and remained with them over night. We had a most interesting visit untilmidnight.

Prayed and

[page break]


Anaconda, Monday  Feby 13. 1905

At 2.30 pm I met with the sisters of the Relief Society, and the elders were present, and one or two of the local brethren.

We turned this into a testimony meeting partially, and almost all present spoke with feeling and great freedom. I was inspired in a remarkable manner and spoke with the utmost liberty.

Our faith was increased in this meeting our hearts enlarged and every soul present fed with the bread of life.

I now felt sattisfied that my work was finished at this place and that all <what>had been done the Lord was well pleased with.

After visiting and administering to SisterDavis, I took train toButte.

In Butte I took up my abode with brother Knight, in whose house I met two families of investigators, who le conversed with me until after midnight. Our minds were all lit up with the deep things of God and we could hardly break away from eachother.  Oh, the happiness and joy of this Holy and Sacred work of the Lord!

I retired to my bed. filled with joy inexpressible

[page break]


Butte Tuesday  Feby 14th, 1905.

[page break]


Butte Wednesday Feby  15 . 1905.

[page break]


Enroute for Portland   Thursday   Feby 16. 1905.

[page break]


Portland       Friday Feby 17.  1905.

[page break]


Portland       Saturday Feby 18. 1905.

[page break]


Portland         Sunday  Feby 19. 1905.

[page break]


Portland  Monday  Feby 20. 1905.

[page break]


Portland  Tuesday   Feby 21. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
George Reynolds                                C.B  Cuter
John W. Boman                                  Worked on Records all day
Hannah Pratt

Spent some day <hours> in town.  In the evening at 7.30 met with the brethren and sisters of the Mutual   Imp. Assn.  Had the part of a very interesting programme consisting of a study of the “manual” on the subject of the three witnesses of the book of Mormon.  The responses from the class were universal, everyone seeming to be prepared.

After the lesson, we proceeded to organize the  society with the following officers:
Elder John W. Smith                           President
Miss Lou Simmons                             First Counsellor
Mr Earnest Bauerle                             Second     “
Miss Martha Bauerle                           Secy. & Treasurer
Brother Alfred  Edmunds       When the         Musical Director 

When this organization was completed, and had been unanimously sustained by vote,  I addressed the Society for about 20 minutes on the duties and the responsiblities of its Officers and members, to each other, and to the ward and its Officers etc.

Retired about 10.30

[page break]


Portland  Wednesday, Feby. 22nd 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Prest. Geo. Reynolds
Hannah Pratt
John W. Boman

Spent some hours down in town on business.  In the evening at 7.30 met with the brethren and sisters of the Mutual Improvement Association.  Ther  members were thoroughly prepared and discussed in a very able manner the manual Study on the Subject “The three Witnesses of the book of Mormon.

After the lesson we proceeded to organize the society with the following Officers
Elder John W. Smith                          President
Sister Lou Simmons                            First Counsellor
Brother Ernest Bauerle                       Second “
Sis. Martha     “”                                 Secy & Treasurer
Brother Alfred Edmunds                    Music Director

When this organization was comple and had been unanimously sustained by vote I delivered an address of about 20 minutes duration on the duties and responsibilities of its officers and members to each other and to the branch and its officers etc, and to the Elders.

Retired about 10.30

[page break]


Portland   Thursday   Feby 23rd. 1905.

Spent this day Writing up my daily journal.  Also wrote letters to Mrs. Hannah Pratt.  Sent her a P. O. Order for $5.00.  At 7.30 Met with the Priesthood (local) and with the Elders.  We selected the following officers for the Portland Branch of the church, to be presented at the conference to be held next Sunday.

Marcus W.F. Holling                                      Branch President
D. Alonzo Holman                                          Second Counsellor
Mary Westergaard                                          Branch Organist

No first counsellor was chosen, as we desired to have the services of brother Westergaard for that position if he decides to remain in Portland.

We chose brother Simmons to be The Superintendant of the Branch Sunday School and others as follows:
H.C. Simmons                         Superintendant
H.A. Oberg                             First Asst. “”
Edna T. Pope                          Second “”   “”
Martha Bauerle                       Secretary
Xemina Holling                       Treasurer
Xemina Holling                       {Auxillary organizationsOrganist
Mattie Holman                                    Asst. Organist

[page break]


Portland  Thursday  Feby 23, 1905 (contd)

We presented these names before the assembled priesthood, and they were unanimously sustained   ex  except as to Brother Holling. There were two brethren present who did not vote for him. These were Earnest Beauerle and his father. This was most regretable as considerable feeling was exhibited in some remarks by Ernest Bauerle.

I forgot to mention that Elder Brother Herman R. Smith was called to preside over the Deacon’s Quoroum.

After these were sustained, I spoke at considerable length on Each officers  paying due respect to the others and never coming to the elders with their grievances but submitting them to the proper local Authorities etc. I also spoke on forgiveness, and the cultivation of good feelings and harmony andUnion, among the Elders and other priesthood in the various departments etc.

We had a good meeting, and the Spirit of the Lord prevailed there.

After meeting I soon retired

[page break]


Portland  Friday  Feby 24, 1905

Wrote letters to:
J.W. Boyden
Gustave F. Jansen
London & San Francisco Bank

Took Sadie out for the day in the country. Had a very enjoyable day of rest.

Home in the evening

[page break]


Portland  Saturday  Feby 25, 1905

Went down town, bought me some clothing. Got my mail from Post Office. Wrote in my journal.

[page break]


Portland  Sunday  Feby 26 1905.

Sunday School at 10 oclock a.m. was attended with the greatest number of people that I have ever seen out in this City. Very interesting session.

Meeting convened immediately afterwards. This had been announced as a ward conference whereat we would fill up all the offices. We accordingly went  <presented> the following names of our brethren for offices as follows:
Marcus W.F. Holling              Prest.PortlandBranch
David A. Holman                   2nd Councilor “   “
Herman R. Smith                    Prest. Deacon’s Quorum
Emma Holling                         Prest. Relief Society
Petrina Westerguard               1st Counsellor  “    “
Mary R. Simmons                   2nd   “              “    “

Sunday School Superintendant    H.C. Simmons
1st Asst. ”                                            H. A. Oberg
2nd  “       “                                           Edna Pope
Secretary                                             Louise Bauerle
Treasurer                                             Kimena Holling

[page break]


Portland                                  Sunday    Feby 26.   1905.   (continued)

Mutual  Improvement  Assn.
President                                 John W. Smith
First Councilor                        Sister Lou Simmons
Second  “”                               Ernest Bauerle
Secy & Treas.                          Martha Bauerle

Musical Director of the Branch   Alfred Edmunds

Organist of the Branch                Mary Westergaard

Organist of the Auxillory organizations of  Branch   Xemina Holling

Assistant organist   “”         “”                      “”            Mattie Holman

These were all presented, and unanimously sustained by the uplifted hands of the people  except Brother Holling.  The Bauerle family were bitterly opposed to him,  and Father Bauerle voted against him,  the rest of that family having in their anger retired from the hall.

Otherwise our meeting at this time as well as our evening meeting was a grand success.  A Brother Martin from Salt Lake a Bsps. Councilor, visiting here, addressed us,  Also Brother Quibell, and myself.

In the afternoon, we ordained brother Herman R. Smith to the Office of a Priest, and set him apart to Preside over the Deacon’s Quorum.

[page break]


Portland          Sunday    .Feby. 26. 1905.     (Continued)

We also laid our hands on the head of David A. Holman  and Ordained him to the office of an Elder and set him apart to be the 2nd Counsellor  to in the presidency of the branch.

Our exercises all day were very interesting, and we felt like the Lord smiled his approval upon that which we had done.


[page break]


Portland,     Monday,  Feby.  27. 1905.

Wrote letters to
Hannah Pratt
Mrs. Alice J. Pratt

Sat in council with some of the brethren several Hours.   Was called out in the Afternoon and administered to Ernest Bauerle,  and in the evening went by request to  Alfred Edmunds home to administer to his little daughter Roberta.  She had some Kind of breaking out in large red bloches.  Elder Jenkins annointed her and I was mouth in the adminstration.  She was reported the next day very much improved.


[page break]


Portland          Tuesday  Feby 28. 1905

Wrote a letter to
Brother John W. Coombs about his business affairs.  Also sent him a Post Office Order for $10.  Because he was so poor.

At 10 a.m.  took Sadie, and the children, and in company with Elder John W. Smith went to brother Holmans on a visit where we spent a most delightful and pleasant day  which  with himself and family, conversing on Holy and eternal principles until 3 p.m.  Then we returned home.  Met sister Rosenbaum from LeGrande, who visited with us until her train time. We accompanied her to the depot and seen her safely off on her journey.


[page break]


Portland, Wednesday, Feby. Mch. 1st . 1905.

After breakfast we  I  for several hours wrote in my journal.

Wrote letters to-
A.M. Musser                           S.L. CityUtah
C.B. Cater                               TacomaWash.
Ira M. Schow                          ParadiseUt.
Prest. Joseph E. Robinson       San Francisco, Cal.
James G. Widdison                 Spokane

[page break]


Portland, Thursday, Mch. 2nd  1905.

Spent this day in writing and study. At home.

[page break]


Portland Friday Mch. 3rd 1905.

In company with Elders Geo. W. Quibell and John W. Smith  I took train for HoodRiver.  Arrived there in Safety.  Met Elders Darrington and Lee there.  Elders Quibell and they two remained to post up notices of our Sunday <evening> Meeting, and Elder  Smith and I  went up about 4 miles in the country to the home of brother Warren Davenport, who had ad  few days previously  lost a little 3 year old boy by drowning.

We remained at his house, and tried to comfort them all we could.  I was seized with an attacked  of billious colic  in the evening and continued very sick through the night.

We visited several families of the Davenportsw  in this neighborhood.

We gave out that we would hold a priesthood meeting on Saturday evening at 8 o’clock, and all the men promised to come to it.

[page break]


Hood River, Saturday, Mch. 4. 1905.

Elder Smith and I, walked through the woods, accross fields from Warren Davenports farm  home, back to the town of Hood River.  It was like fairy land.  The pines Spruce,fur, and Oak trees, and the rocks, brooks, etc. made the landscape a continual delight.

We found the Elders, and they had arranged notices of our evening meeting to be held in the artizan’s Hall there, and had posted them up all over town.

I went to the Hotel and took a room, and undressed and went to bed.  and rested for some hours because I felt weak and sick.

At Eight  o’clock we met in Priesthood meeting. We met to organize a branch of the church.  We called for nomination of Officers and the following were sustained.

Ezra Monson                           Branch President
Frank Davenport Jr.                First Counsellor
Jenkins                        Second  “”


Sunday School
Will Geddes                                        Superintendant
Gregory                                   1st  Asst.

We had a very good meeting.

Went to Hotel and

[page break]


Hood River,                Sunday,    Mch. 5. 1905.

Met with Saint  at School House near the home of Frank Davenport Sr.  There was a large attendance and especially of babies. The officers that haud  had been sustained in the priesthood meeting were nominated and sustained in this meeting unanimously.  After this meeting was dismissed we laid our hands upon  the heads of the  new officers and set them apart to act in their new calling.  I had forgotten to say that young  Earl Davenport had all    also been voted into the office of Secy. & Treas.  Of the Sunday School.

I was mouth in setting apart Elder Monson, and one of the others.

At 2.30 Meeting   convenend again,   and Elder Quibell and I occupied all of the time.  The Saints testified that they had a glorious time.

After meeting we  went to  down to the town, and at 8 o’clock convened in the Artizan’s Hall. Had Quite a number of Saints and  a few Strangers come in.  I spoke with fair liberty for about 50 min. and was followed by Elders Smith and Jos. A.West, the latter a visiting elder. We had a good meeting

[page break]


Hood River,                Monday Mch. 6, 1905.

This morning we had word from the home of our of the Davenports, about 5 miles off,  that Grand Ma Davenport had been taken very sick in the night,  and desired us to come and administer to her. Elder Darrington and I started on foot up there,  and was met on the road,  by a carriage,  Wer found the patiend some better.   We visited with her a few hours and administered to her,  giving her an inspired blessing.   We then,  after dinner, walked to Hood River, in time for me to take the 3 o’clock train for Portland, Elder Darrington remaining to carry on the work there.

The other two Elders,  did not,  for some reason,  get there to take this train.  I arrived home to Portland about 6.15  met the folks and Elders and found them as usual, except Sadie and Melissa who were suffering from severe colds.

I felt weary and not very well and retired about 10 o’clock.

[page break]


Portland,                     Tuesday, Mch. 7th . 1905.

Spent my time for an hour or two writing up my journal.  Wrote letters to:
J.L. Nelson                              Butte  Mont.
J.L. Osborne                            Tacoma  Wash.
Ezekiel Johnson                      Seattle    “”
Le Roy Lowe                          Victoria B.C.
Prest. John W. Bowman         Anaconda  Mont.
Elder Ball                                Vancouver   B.C.

Wrote upon other matters and remained home all day.

In the evening went with Sadie to the Marquam Grand Theatre.  Heard a great Italian Band.

[page break]


Portland                                  Wednesday  Mch,  8. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Rosie Whittle                                      Denver  Colo.
J.L. Nelson                                          Butte, Mont.
Marcus W.F. Holling                          City
May Morris                                         Spokane Wash.
German E Elsworth                            Chicago Ill
W.C.   Spence                                     Salt Lake City

This p.m.,  I both felt tired  and sick,  I laid down and went sound asleep for a season.  At 7.30 p m   met with the Mutual Improvement Assn.and delivered a 10 minutes address on the subject “Joseph Smith as a scientist”. We had quite an interesting session

Retired about 12 p m .

[page break]


Portland, Friday, Mch 10, 1905. <Thursday, Mch. 9th. 1905.>

Elder Quibell and I attended a releaf meeting at Sister Hollings After the regular Routine of Business, I was called upon to address the Sisters.  I did so at some length, with very fine liberty.and so also did Elder Quibell.

The Spirit of this meeting was very lovely.  At the close, there were many expressions of joy at the excellent spirit that had so abundantly been given.

After this, Sadie and I went out about 3 miles and stayed all night with brother and sister Holman.  We spent a very lively Evening.  Brother H. Played the violin and his daughter Mattie accompanied him on the Piano.  They played for over an hour

We retired about 11 p.m.

[page break]


Portland, Friday, Mch. 10th. 1905.

Returned to mission Head Quarters.  Found Elders Jardine, Cook, Jackson and and another Elder just come into the field.

Greeted them and breakfasted with them.

Wrote letters to:
James G. Widdison                                        Spokane
Nephi Hepworth                                            Boise
John A. Welch                                               Otto.Wyo.
Post Master                                                    Spokane
Marcus W F Holling                                     City

[page break]


Portland  Monday Mch. 13. 1905

Wrote letters to
Helen Browning                      Vallejo, Cal.
Des. News Book Store           S.L.City
Ezekiel Johnson                      Seattle, Wash.
Nephi Dahlstrom                     Idaho Falls, Id
May Morris                             Spokane, Wash.
Hannah Pratt                           Salt Lake City,Ut.
Juliatte P. Pratt                        “          “          “
James S. Hasford                    Woodville,Ore.

In the evening Sadie and I went out to Sister Westergaard’s to spend the evening.  I went to ask the Supt. of the O.R. & N. about my anual over their line.  I was told to call Friday next and see the general Supt.

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, Mch. 14. 1905.

Went to the P.O. Office Got two letters.  Asisted Elder Quibell completing Elders Record. and getting up report of elders recently returned.

[page break]

Portland, Wednesday, Mch. 15, 1905

Wrote Letters to:
Joseph L. Nelson        Butte
Bp. Wm B. Preston     SaltLake
Ezra J. Merrill             Boise
N. B. Lundwall          Bozeman

Studdied our Mutual lesson for several hours. In the evening stud met with the mutual Improvement Assn. and took an active part in the lesson. We had a very interesting session.

Felt sick with a bad cold. Retired early.

[page break]

PortlandThursday Mch. 16, 1905.

Lay in bed all day, with a bad case of La Grippe. Had a very sick day indeed. The elders addministered to me three times and each time I received relief and comfort. But remained very ill until way into the night.

[page break]

Portland, Friday, March 17, 1905.

Arose from a sick bed and went down town where I remained doing business until near 5 o’clock.

Am preparing to go with Elders Quibell and Smith and four other elders toSeattletomorrow, Saturday.

At 7:30 the Relief Society and members of the Portland Branch met at Mission Head Quarters to enjoy a sociable. I turned out to be one of the most enjoyable affairs.

[page break]

Portland       Saturday     Mch. 18, 1905

Bode my family good bye, and in company with Elders Ges. W. Quibell, and John W. Smith took the 8:30 a.m. train forSeattle. Arrived there at about 6:30 p.m. Were welcomed by the elders there and found fathered together including ourselves 27 Elders.

As brother Fritsche’s house was full I was obliged to take a room down town. I did so at the “Grand Pacific”

Rested well.

[page break]


<Seattle> Portland  Sunday Mch. 19. 1905.

The first session of our conference opened at 10 a.m.myself presiding.  The time was occupied by some very beautiful Singing. and by prayer.  Then several of the young elders spoke and I occupied about 30 minutes.  There was only a fair attendance at this meeting, but the spirit of the Lord was powerfully manifested, in the speaking of the brethren.

At 2 p m we opened our second session. We had a very great house full, including many outsiders.  Elders Quibell and Smith occupied about half the time, and I the remainder.  I believe there also were some young elders who spoke.  We had some delightful singing.  The Holy Spirit was so poured out upon us, that everyone spoke with the utmost freedom.  Especially was this the case with myself.  After meeting, Saints and Strangers on every hand were heard to say how greatly they had enjoyed themselves.

At 7.30 pm We again convened, and our house was litterly packed with willing and anxious listeners.  For the first time inSeattle

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our meeting room seemed too small.

At this session we presented the Authorities of the church both General and local, and they were sustained without one dissenting vote. The Mission Authorities sustained were as follows:
President of N.W.S Miss.                   Nephi Pratt
First Counsellor to Prest.                    Geo W. Quibell
Second “       “          “                         John W. Smith


SeattleConf. Authorities

President                                             Ezeckiel Johnson


SeattleBranch Authorities

President of Branch                            Charles Fritsche
Sunday School Supt.                          Joseph Smith
Choir leader                                                    Bitten
Sunday School Secy
Prest. Mutual Imp Assn.
First Counsellor
Second “     “

[page break]



After several of the Elders had spoken I occupied balance of the with almost unbounded liberty.

All in all our meetings were a grand Success, and our whole conference one of the best I ever attended, and our long to be remembered.

[page break]


Seattle Monday  20 Mch. 20. 1905.

Spent the day mostly with the elders, at head quarters, and in the evening went to a grand Social Party, where the Elders, Saints, and their friends met to enjoy the dance. A most delightful evening was thus enjoyed by a goodly crowd.

[page break]


Seattle, Tuesday, March. 21. 1905.

At10 a.m.Met in Elders priesthood meeting.  Called the meeting to order; Singing: Prayer: Sing.

This was the largest assembly of elders that has ever been together since my presidency of the mission began.  I called them the finest looking set of Young men I have most ever seen.  I congratulated them upon this happy occasion, and made a short address of wellcome to them, after which I called them one by one to speak,  The spirit rested upon the elders in great power and solomnety, many of them shed tears of joy as they poured out their feelings and testified before their brethren.  After they had all spoken I called upon Elders Quibell and Smith to speake, they did so with most excellent effect.  I then stood up and the might and majesty of the Holy Spirit seemed like it would consume me.

I spoke for about 45 minutes, and during most of the time I occupied there was not a dry eye in the room.  We all wept together, for very joy.   I had occasion to rebuke some of the Elders for breaking the rules of the mission, But the spirit of the Lord told me to forgive them this once, and that the

[page break]



Lord would forgive them if they would forsake there evils forever.  Every soul among them was softened. All who had been faulty particularly so, and as I concluded my remarks every soul in the room were crying.

In this meeting we released the following Elders Honorably
J.R Osborn     (time expired)
Richard Ott          “        “
W. A. Davis       No money
A. L. Beck       ( time expired)
G. W. Hulse     Father old   Needed at home

We appointed the Elders to their respective fields of labor as follows:
SeattleConference                President Ezekiel Johnson
Traveling Elders  J. J. Hendricks
“                N. Bitten
“                E. W. Johnson

Tacoma Conference            President James A. Larsen
Traveling Elders H. Y. Jeffries
“                O. C. Harmon
“                D. Ricks


VancouverConference          Pres. R. H. Teeples
R. L. Robison
M. E. Nelson
A A Iveson

[page break]



Victoria B. C. Conference     Pres. J.L Lowe
E. Cook
J. W. Sardine
W.J. Mitchell

Portland Ore. Conference      J. A. Bell


Butte Mont Conference        Pres. A. W. Ball
W. H. Wayment


In this mission <meeting> I read to the Elders the following Rules to be observed as far as practicable by all Elders who are now, or shall hereafter come into the mission.

1. 1  Elders are not to address each other by their given or sir names without saying brother or elder.

2.  Elders must not suffer, or indulge in rough play of any kind, at any time or at any place.

3.  Elders must never in private, or in the presence of each other, or of Saints or strangers try to expose each other to ridicule, or as it has been commonly called “run the rig on each other”.  They must always speak to and of one another with respect.

4.  All the Elders should be in “Head Quarters” as a rule, by 10.30 p.m., never later unless for some good, and sufficiant cause, and any elder remaining out later than this for any cause, must in-

[page break]


form the conference president as to why he was out late where he was, and the full circumstances of the case.

5.  No elder must wander off alone, unless sent by his president, He should be accompanied by his companion elder, at all times.

6.  Elders must not lay hold of, or scuffle, play and laugh and cut up with women or girls.  They may visit them in their general rounds, or go two together by invitations to their homes, to meals, but they must go only as embasidors of truth.

7.  Elders must not accompany women home from parties or meetings, must not seek occasion to meet them evenings for diversion, or to have a good time.  Elders are not here for the purpose of social enjoyment, but to teach the truth, and sow in tears, the seeds of eternal life.

8.  Where mutual or Sunday School lessons are assigned to the elders, it is their bounden duty to become thoroughly prepared, and it is the duty of each of the other elders also to become well up in a Knowledge of the lesson that they, above all others may respond, and intelligently  ask and answer questions, and take a prominent part in all such gatherings.  This they must do, in order to be examples to the saints.  When their names is <are> called out in Mutual, they must not respond by the word “present,” but must always answer “prepared.”

[page break]

9.  The president of a conference is supreme authority to the elders of his conference, and all elders must make Known to him their outgoings and their incomings, and must consult with him, on all things that they do, or desire to do, pertaining to their missionary work.

10.  Any infraction of these rules, <by the elders> must be in imediately noticed by the conference President, and the elders guilty of the same must be labored with, and if they do not immediately repent, it becomes the duty of the conference President to report their names, same to Mission Head Quarters with names and particulars, that the mission presidency may lay hold of the case.

11.  Any elder who is unwilling to subscribe to these rules, should notify the Conference Prest. to that effect, and the Conference President must immediately notify the president of the mission and the elder thus disaffected shall be dismissed from the mission without an honorable release, and may return home at his leisure.

[page break]

Seattle Wednesday, March 22, 1905.

At 10 a.m. all the elders and some few of the Saints took steamer, and went out to Bremerton, distance of 16 miles, to see the government docks, and whatever war vessels might be there at this time. We had several hours stay there and had a most enjoyable time. Arrived back at Seattle about 4 p.m.

In company with 4 other elders I went out to Green Lake to visit with and hold a <cottage> meeting with brother and sister Killduf’s. There were at our meeting two gentlemen and their wives and three ladies, outside of the members of the church who were there.

After Singing and prayer I arose to speak, and for an hour and a quarter I spoke with almost perfect liberty on the rise of the church, from the Prophet Joseph Smith’s first Vision, to the bringing forth and publishing of the book of Mormon. Every soul was edified and it was one of the best sermons I ever delivered on those subjects.

From a new and most perfect phonograph we listened to some splendid peices. then said our good night, and returned to town and to bed.

[page break]


Seattle Thursday Mch. 23, 1905

Rose late. Went with all the elders and had a group Photo taken at 10 a.m.  Ate breakfast. Wrote up my journal to date.

At 5.45 in company with Elders Quibell and John W Smith. I took the Flyer for Tacoma. Arriving there in a drizling rain storm, we went about 5 miles by St car to a cottage meeting at brother Christensens . Elders Quibell Smith and myself spoke. There were present only the Christensen family and brethren and Sister Niel, and a neighbor woman not in the church.

After meeting we went back to town and Elders Quibell, Smith, and me took rooms at the Brooklyn.


[page break]


S Tacoma Friday Mch. 24. 1905.

After breakfast Elders Quibell Smith and myself went to Visit brother Anderson and family. We had learned that Sister Anderson had been recently baptized into the Josephite Church.

We asked her about it, and she acknowledged it, and against all that we could say maintained her position. We soon after met Elder Larsen and the other Elders of Tacoma and with them went out to Fort Defiance Park and spent a very pleasurable and interesting afternoon. In the evening at 7.30 Elders Quibell and Smith returned to Seattle, and I remained to meet with the Saints of Tacoma on Sunday.

With Amelia Zinch I went to Sister Zinck’s and spent the evening very pleasantly.

[page break]


Tacoma, Saturday, Mch. 25.1905.

Wrote letters to

Hannah Pratt                S.L.C. Utah
Sadie M Pratt                Portland, Ore.

Went to Sister Vails and spent the afternoon with her and Amelia Finch

Went in the evening and took all the Elders to a 10 c Theatre.

[page break]

Tacoma Sunday March. 26. 1905

Went to visit with the Elders awhile, and with them went to meeting at 2 pm in Parker’s Hall.  The Saints were all there except brother and Sister Niel.

In this meeting we put the presidency of the branch upon Elder Larsen and honorably released Brother C B Cater who had previously been acting.

We also excommunicated sister Anderson, Sustaining all that we did by vote.  After the business had been attended to, the 5 Elders all spoke a few minutes each, and I occupied the most  <balance> of the time.

I did not have very good liberty and our meeting seemed a dull one to me.

It was decided that we hire this hall and the Saints agreed to it.

At 7.30 I took the Steamer “Flyer” forSeattle, where I arrived about 9.20.  Soon several of the Elders called at the Grand Pacific Hotel where I was rooming, and visited with me a little while.Brother Quibell brought me several letters.  I also received a telegram from Alonzo Raymond Informing me that he had been offered a Situation in Butte, and asking if he might accept it.  I wired him honorable release from his Mission

[page break]


Seattle, Monday March 27. 1905

This morning Elders G. W. Quibell and John W. Smith, and Ezekiel Johnson and myself took the Steamer Whatcom and sailed to Victoria B. C.  We arrived there in the Afternoon.  Went into the Park and to the Government building, then to Rooming home.


[page break]


Victoria Tuesday Mch. 28. 1905.

We Took the 9.20 train for ShawniganLake, which lies a distance of 28 miles out ofVictoria.  Arrived there in due time.  We took rooms at the Lake Hotel, and after dinner walked up to Sister Copeley’s House, distance about 1 ½  miles.  Spent the afternoon with her and her children, and had a very happy and interesting time.  In the evening at8 o’clockwe held a cottage meeting at her house, at which her children turned out, and we did enjoy it very greatly.  After meeting we bade the Copelys good bye, went back to the Hotel, and Prayed


[page break]


Shawnigan Lake Wednesday Mch. 29. 1905

At about 20 minutes to Eleven am took train to  <at> Shawnigan Lake for Victoria, Arrived there in due season.  The Elders and I took a gasoline launch and sailed up the Royal Gorge and spent the remainder of the afternoon in the Park.

At 8 p.m. I bid the elders farewell, and took the Steam Whatcom for Seattle. Where we arrived in the night.  Elders Quibell and Smith were to take a later Boat for Vancouver.

[page break]


Seattle Thursday Mch. 30th. 1905.

At 8.20 am Took train to Portland where I arrived about 5 p.m.  Found Sadie and the children and the elders well and happy.

Spent a very happy evening and night with Sadie and the children.

[page break]


Portland, Friday, Mch 31st 1905.

Went down town to see about getting an annual pass over the O. R. & N.  Ry line.  Was told by the Manager to apply in writing, did so today.

Wrote letters to
E. N. Stanworth                      Grafton Utah
J. W. Boman                           Anaconda Mont.
Geo Reynolds                         Salt Lake
Des. News Book Store                       “
A.M. Musser                                ”
D.H.  Kimball                             ”
Ezra J. Merrill                          Boise  Idaho
B.A Worthington  Manager O.R.&N. Co.   Portland

[page break]


Portland Saturday April 1. 1905.

Went down town with Elders Quibell and Smith and met and paid our respects to Gov. Cutler an Spencer Clawson and others from Utah who are here in the interests of the Utah exhibit to the Lewis and Clark Fair.

Wrote letters to:-
Frank Davenport Sen                          Hood River
Katie Condie                                       Spokane
J.L. Nelson                                          Butte
J.G. Widdison                                     Spokane
James A Martell                                  Spanish Fork Ut

[page break]


Portland, Sunday, April 2nd . 1905.

Attended Sunday School at 10 am and Meeting 2 and 7.30 p.m.  Good meetings.  I did not speak except to bear testimony in testimony meeting.

[page break]


Portland  Monday  April 3rd. 1905.

Spent my morning in writing up my journal.

In the evening met with the local priesthood and the elders.  At that meeting I spoke half an hour on the subject of priesthood.

[page break]


Portland  Tuesday, April 4. 1905.

I bade the elders and Sadie and the children good bye, and took the 9.15 am Train for Salt Lake.  Had rather a lonely ride.  Engaged in conversation with a gentleman on the principle of plural marriage.

At Pendleton Took Sleeper to Pocatello for $1.50  Retired about 9 p.m.

Prayed in Bed.

[page break]


Enroute to Salt Lake  April 5. 1905.

Rode all day, and arrived home about 8 p.m.  Found Hannah and the children all well. and was indeed glad to see the dear ones.  I had an evening of exquisite joy.

[page break]


Salt Lake Thursday April 6. 1905.

At 10 am I attended the first session of our 75 anual Conf.  After the opening exercises Pres. Smith spoke, and I never remember in the opening speech of any conference being so full of power and inspiration.  The house was crowded and I nev cannot remember the day when of a week day there was so great a crowd in attendance.

The great crowd continued in the afternoon and was even greater in numbers, and as the elders spoke the spirit and power of God was greatly manifested.

Among others I was called upon and spoke with fine liberty for about 15 minutes.

[page break]


Salt Lake, Friday April 7. 1905

Went to conference all day.  The meetings were attended by overwhelming crowds, and the spirit of God  lef  like a fire burned in the hearts of his people all this day. It was my good pleasure to meet my brother Heleman at this Conference, and I was overjoyed to see him.

I attended the priesthood meeting this night evening and the instructions were greatly eddifying and instructive

[page break]


Salt Lake Saturday, April 8. 1905

At 10 a.m. met in special priesthood meeting with the general Authorities of all the church,  No one was allowed in this meeting except by invitation,  It was one long to be remembered.

In the evening I met with the <returned> Elders of the north Western States Mission, and some of their wives and sweethearts.  I met with them by invitation and addressed them for about 20 minutes.

[page break]


Salt Lake, Sunday, April 9. 1905

This was the concluding day of the great conference, and the crowd was so great that the held overflow meetings in the Assembly Hall, and in the open air.

Elder McRea and myself were sent to hold the afternoon open air meeting, and  it was one of the best I have ever attended.  There were probably 2000 people present.  We had miss Cluff to sing for us and brother Clive with his violin to assist us.  Elder McRea spoke first and I afterward, and we certainly had fine liberty.

In the evening I went to the Deseret Sunday School Union Meeting and never was at so good a one in my life.

The singing was by the Ogden Tabernacle Choir, and was very fine.

[page break]


Salt Lake   Monday April 10. 1905.

At 11 o’clock met with the presidents of missions at the office of the First Presidency of the church, and had a most delightful visit of two or three hours with the three presidents, and with Apostles Lyman, John Henry Smith, Geo. A. Smith Reed Smoot and one or two other brethren.

And President Smith comm   expressed his confidence in us and exhorted us to be faithful and blessed us.

This was indeed a happy experience for me.

I called at the presiding bishops Office, and at the Des. News Book Store.

Wrote a letter to my Daughter May.  Spent a lovely evening with the family and Elder A. L. Beck who just returned from my mission field.

[page break]


Salt Lake   Tuesday, April 11. 1905.

Spent this morning writing up my journal.

Wrote letters to:
Geo. W. Quibell                      Portand Ore
Sadie M. Pratt             “              “
Ezra J. Merrill              Boise Idaho

Went in company with Hannah and visited with my daughter Annie Our Daughter Florence also accompanied us.  we spent an enjoyable evening there, and I took Annie’s baby in my arms and gave it a father’s blessing, and named her Margeret Lillian

Returned home, Read to the family. Prayed.

[page break]


Salt Lake. Wednesday,  April 12. 1905.

Wrote in my journal.

Wrote Letters to:
Elders J.W. Boman                 Anaconda
“         J.L Nelson                    Butte
“          Geo. W. Quibell          Hood River Ore
Mrs. A. J. Pratt                        Nephi Ut.

Remained home with family except a short visit to Annies and Bath at the Warm Springs, and Hannah and I visiting at my Son Parker’s.

We spent a most lovely and interesting hour at Parkers house.


[page break]


Salt Lake.  W  Thursday April 13. 1905

Wrote.  Went to the Temple to be endowed for brother Westergaard’s little boy, something over 8 years old, who is dead;  At the Recorder’s Desk I was informed that on account of the extreme youth of the boy I would have to see Brother Winder about it.  I did so and he said it was a ruling in the Temple that none so young could be endowed for.  When I found that I could not go through for him, I went to the Recorder and got the name of Benjamin Pratt (dead) and was endowed for him.

After I came out of the Temple I went to Adelbert Webb’s home at Forest dale to visit with them.  Found the house locked up and empty.  I learned from a neighbour that they were in the act of moving to Idaho, and could be found up town to their Son Franks.  Went and found them and spent a delightful evening in their company.


[page break]

Salt Lake, Friday, April 14, 1905

Wrote letters to:
Brother Westergaurd              Portland Ore

Went and visited in company with Hannah to visit at Joseph W. McMurren.

He was not at home, we visited with Sis. Mc an hour. Went from there and visited sister John Y. Smith, the sister of Edna Pope. Remained there an hour, and then returned home.

[page break]

Salt Lake, Saturday, April 15, 1905

My Sister Etta came to see me before I was up.

After meetin breakfast with the assistance of Wife Hannah and daughter Romey, I annointed her enlarged Neck and administered to her. We did so with faith.

We shall look for her to be entirely heald. This day I felt sick, like as though I had inflamation of the neck of the bladder. Went to bed and rested all afternoon.


[page break]

Salt Lake Sunday, April 16, 1905

Attended meeting in the Tabernackles in company with wife Hannah. The speakers were, Elders Ben. Goddard, and Rulon Wells.

Came immediately home from meeting. Were visited by James Phillips and wife. They and us were just starting to <6th Ward> meeting when Frank and Annie <Newton> came.  This hindered us until meeting was half over, but we went, and no sooner got into the House until I was sent for to the Stand. I was invited to speak which I did about 30 – minutes on Missionary Experiances.

James and Sarah <Mary> Jane Phillips accompanied us home, and we spent an evening singing.


[page break]

Salt Lake, Monday April 17. 1905.

At 8.30 a.m. took Train for Nephi in Juab Co. where I went to visit Wife Jerome.  Spent my day and night there.  With her went to a Minstrel show in the evening. Stayed in her house during night.  Kept myself from her.


[page break]


Nephi Juab Co. Utah

Salt Lake   Tuesday, April 18. 1905.

At 6.35 am took train for Salt Lake where I arrived in due time.  Have been very sick yesterday and today.

Wrote letters to:
Sadie M. Pratt             Portland
J.L Nelson                               Butte
Geo. W. Quibell                      Portland
J.L. Lowe                                Nanaimo B.C.

Retired to bed early evening very sick.

[page break]


Salt Lake, Wednesday, April 19. 1905.

Found myself almost well this morning.  Wrote up my journal.

I prayed considerably in the night to be delivered from my sickness that I might go and perform my labors in the Mission.  I certainly have received the blessing.

I have been using some tablets, reccommended by Ellen Matheny and they have a marvelous effect upon me.

[page break]


Salt Lake  Thursday Apr. 20. 1905.

Bade my family good bye, Took the 10.20 am. Train for Boise Idaho.  Waited several hours at Pocatello for Late Train.

Took Tourest Sleeper there, to Nampa.  Cost 1.00.

Spent night Enroute

[page break]


Salt Lake  Boise Idaho, Friday April 21. 05.

Went to Elder Ezra Merrill’s Residence where I remained during my stay in this place.  Spent most of my day visiting with the Elders and with Bro Ms. family.

Was very tired. and in Evening went with early to Bed.

Elder Merrill was in the country, and I have not yet seen him.

[page break]


Boise, Idaho:   Saturday, April 22. 1905.

Visited with some of the Saints, and in the afternoon met Brother Merrill who had returned and spent some hours with him.

In the Evening went to a Teachers meeting.  Heard Prest. Merrill’s Report of the Branch, and Head teacher Brother Borup’s and all the teachers Reports and then instructed them in their duties.

[page break]


Boise Idaho    Sunday April 23rd. 1905.

Quarterly Conference of Boise convened at 11 a.m. and we had many children among the congregation.  Only a moderate attendance of adults.  We had a very spirited meeting at which myself and a Brother Holliday were the speakers.

At 8 p.m. our church was filled with Saints and strangers.

Elder Geo. W. Quibell was the first speaker, and he occupied most of the time, and I was next and last.

We both had good liberty to speak.  The very choice part of the meetings was  <were> the excellent Choir singing by <under>Elder Hepworth’s leadership, but particularly two sacred pieces one of which was a trio sung by Miss Florence Benson and Brothers Hepworth and Hale.  This was sung both in the morning and evening service,   The other was a sacred song sung by Elder Hepworth, entitled “Face to face.”   These numbers were so beautifully rendered that the hearts of the audience was deeply touched.  We presented at the beginning of the evening service the general and local Authorities of the Church and they were unanimously sustained.  The local Authorities were as follows;

[page break]



Boise Idaho, Sunday April 23. 1905

Ezra J. Merrill                          Prest Branch
Chas. Jacobson                        First  Coun.
Heber Q. Hale                         Second ”


Carl Borup                                          Pres. Teachers Quo.


Relief Society

Mrs. Mary Merrill                                            Prest.
“”      Caroline Borup                                      1st Coun.
“”       Leona Brough                                       2nd  “”
“”       Grace Jacobson                                     Secy & Treas


Elder Nephi Hepworth                                   Chorister
Brother H. Q. Hale                                         Asst “”

Myself and several of the Elders laid our Hands upon Sis. Balieu <Bellew> and I was mouth in administering to her. for    She was very sick with something resembling Pendicitus.

We also set apart two Sisters for  to act as teachers in the Relief Society. I was mouth in setting sister Worthington apart, and Elder Halladay in setting apart  Sis. Bradbury.

Home    Prayed

[page break]


Boise, Monday, April 24. 1905.

Went out to Brother Taylor’s to dinner.  At 11 a.m. in company with Elder Quibell went to the meeting house to meet Elder Frank Woolley, where we visited with him awhile, and at his request laid our Hands upon his head and gave him a blessing, I being mouth.

Returned to Brother Merrill’s and spent some time with the elders, and writing up my journal.

At 4.30 went to Depot to take train for Spokane.  Found the train late. Left there after 10 p.m.

[page break]


Enroute- Tuesday Apl.  25th 1905.

About 9 p m Arrived in Spokane.  Took Room at the Grand Hotel, because I did not Know where the children live.

[page break]


Spokane   Wednesday, Apl. 26. 1905.

Went to Nephi’s place of Business.  Went to Spokesman Review office. Seen Nephi, Bert, and Bill and in the evening went to May’s and remained overnight.  They are all well.

This evening went with Nephi and Bert to a Theater.

[page break]


Spokane, Thursday  April 27.  1905.

Spent the afternoon with the Elders, with Sister Bowers and May,  at  <and> at 4.30 took Train for Portland.

Was accompanied to the train by sister Bowers, May and Myrtle.

Arrived at Portland at about 8 a, m.

[page break]


Portland   Friday  Apl. 28.  1905.

Found Sadie and the Children O.K. also the Elders.

Spent a very happy day with them.

[page break]


Portland,  Saturday,  Apr 29. 1905.

Home all day with family.

[page break]


Portland  Sunday,  Apr 30th. 1905.

At Sunday School at 10 am.  Good attendance.  Very interesting exercises.

At the meeting following the school, and the 8 oclock pm meeting I spoke with fine liberty.

[page break]


Portland  Monday, May 1st. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Alonzo Raymond                                Butte
Geo. Reynolds                                    S. L. C.
Thos Bath
Clara Copley
German E Elsworth

In the Evening with Sadie and Helen and Melissa event to 10 cent Theater.

[page break]


Portland  Tuesday,  May 2nd. 1905.

Wrote Letters to:
Hannah Pratt               S.L.C.
Alice J. Pratt               Nephi  Juab Co
Prest. F. M. Lyman     S. L. City
Rosie Whittle                San Antonio, Tex.
J. G. Duffin                 Kansas City, Mo.

At 8 o’clock pm Elder Crowther and Jackson and myself Held Streetmeeting on the Cor. of 4th and Washington St.

I spoke one hour and a quarter.  Subject Preexistance, and Man shall  sow  Reap what he sows.  I had very perfect liberty, and the people showed great interest in the discourse.

[page break]


Portland Tuesday <Wednesday> May 3rd. 1905

Wrote to:
G.W.Quibell                            Butte
Bp. W. B. Preston                   S. L. City

Went down town in the afternoon. Not very well.  Attended Mutual Imp. Assn. in the evening


Portland Thursday May 4. 1905

Wrote Letter to
Geo. W Quibell                       Anaconda.

[page break]


Portland, Friday May 5th 1905

Spent this day with Brothers Ben Goddard and Thomas Hull mostly at the Fair Grounds.  They were here for the purpose of selecting site for the Curio Stand to be erected in the Fair Grounds.

They succeded to their satisfaction before leaving here.


Portland Fri Saturday, May 6th 1905.

I continued my associations with Elders Goddard and Hull, and in the afternoon in company with the Elders and Sadie and the children , we hired a Gasoline launch and went boat riding several miles up the Williamette River.

In the evening went out to Sister Herman Smith’s and there f Sadie and Helen got her some nourishing food, and got supper for brother Smith, Sister S. is very sick with a fractured shin Bone.

[page break]


Portland Sunday May 7th 1905.

Attended Sunday Schl. and both Meetings.  Had very good time.  Our morning meeting was testimony meeting.  I bore testimony.  Our evening service was addressed by the two young Elders Bell and Lee.  They are about to Start for their homes.

Elder Bell is released, and Elder Lee goes on an indeffinate leave of absence, because he is sick.  He is to return when he is wholly recovered.

[page break]


Portland Monday, May 8. 1905.

Went about 8.30 am to see the returning elders off.  They took O.R.&N. Ry. and started home at 9.15. a.m.

Elder J.W. Smith and I went out to Sister Westergaards, took dinner there.  We went there for the purpose of looking over a nine roomed house of brother Westergaard’s, with a view of seeing if in our judgement, it would be wise for him to turn out its present occupants, and fix it up and furnish it for roomers during the coming fair.  In our judgements it would not likely pay him to do so.

In the evening we held a general priesthood meeting at Mission Head Quarters. (local and elders)  I spoke in this meeting giving an account of our general Priesthood meeting in Zion at the General Conference.  We voted unanimously that Elder Jackson should be clerk of these meetings hereafter.  We also, instructed the Elders to pass the sacrament in our Sunday morning meetings hereafter, instead of having the deacons do it, and that the latter should pass it only in the Sunday S.

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, May 9, 1905.

This morning I spent some time writing up my journal.

Wrote letters to: –
May Pratt Morris                     Spokane, Wash.
Elder W.H. Anderson                 “             “
Gustave F. Janson                   Eugene Ore.
AR Pratt                                  Salt Lake City, Ut.
J. G. Kimball                           “          “          “
Geo. E. Jenkins                       Hood River Ore.
Mrs. Elma Jenkins                   Junction City “
Prest. Jos. E. Robinson           San Francisco Cal.
James A. Larsen                      Tacoma Wash.

Went to a cottage meeting out to Herman Smiths.  There was a number of Elders and saints out there.  Also four Strangers 2 Women and 2 men.  I was requested to do the preaching by brother Smith.  I did so with much liberty.  After meeting the elders administered to Sis Smith.

[page break]


Portland Wednesday, May 10, 1905.

In the evening met with the Improvement Assn.

Very enjoyable meeting

[page break]


Portland, Thursday, May 11th 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Ezra P. Monson           Hood River
“      “     “                       “        “
Mrs. J.W. Combs        Colville, Wash
“ Alice J. Pratt             Nephi Utah
Geo. W. Quibell          Anaconda

Street meeting held by Elder J.W. Smith and others.

[page break]


Portland, Friday, May 12th. 1905.

Had a nice visit with Sisters Westergaard Simmons, and Day.  Good time.

Had been writing all the morning.  In the evening went to a theatre in company with Sadie & Helen.

[page break]


Portland,                                 Saturday,  May <13> 14 .1905.

Spent most of this day down town in the forenoon.   In the afternoon reading and writing,  and in the evening went to depot and there met sister Copley and her daughter Miss Copley.  They were from Shawnigan lake  on the Island of Vancouver B.C.  They received the gospel over there in good and honest hearts,  and were the cause of others receiving it.

They were now on their way to Salt Lake.  I had invited them to remain a few days in Portland with us.  I took them to Head Quarters, and Sis Copley who is  has  been a confirmed invalid with Asthma did not cough  any at all this day or evening, and although very tired,  was greatly benefited by her journey.

Three Elder called upon us who were enroute for Japan.  They went on their way at 11 o’clock p m.

[page break]


Portland, Sunday, May 14. 1905.

Spent this day in our usual Sunday School and meeting exercises. also at 5.30 p.m. with a few of the elders went and held a street meeting on the corner of fourth and Washington Streets, where I was the only speaker. We had a crowd of a hundred or two, all very attentive except one man who made considerable disturbance, But we were able to finish our meeting in peace.

Many of the saints were present and we had a glorious meeting.

I spoke a few minutes in the morning meeting, and Elders Bromley and John W. Smith occupied the balance of the time.

In the evening Elder Westergaard occupied nearly all the time.


[page break]


Portland, May  Monday May 15. 1905.

This day I took the two Sisters Copley and went to Portland Hights to the City Park, to the Fair Grounds etc.  We had a very delightful time. and upon returning home Sis C.felt fresher than I did.

Spent the evening in social converse.

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, May 16. 1905.

Recieved a note from Spencer Clawson commissioner of Utah Exhibit at the Fair Grounds asking me to come out there, as he wanted to see me.

When I arrived he informed me that whereas Goddard and Hull of the Bureau of Information had desired him to see after the building of their Curio Stand, because of <the> Friction, between the Commissioners of the Utah State exhibit and the church he could not have anything to do with it further.

He wired to that effect to them.

I rec’d a telegram from Goddard and Hull telling me to take hold of it.

Went to Cottage meeting out to St Johns at Sis. Petersons Residence. Had seven outsiders.  I did the preaching.  Good liberty


[page break]


Portland, Wednesday, May 17, 1905.

Spent this day in the fair Grounds.

Went to 10 cent Theater House.


[page break]


Portland, Thursday, May 18, 1905.

Spent much of this day in Fair Grounds. Got three bids from contractors on Booth. Wired the lowest bid to Hull and Goddard. Sent letter with all the three bids enclosed.

Wrote letters to:
Goddard & Hull
Ezekiel Johnson

[page break]


Portland, Friday, May 19. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Hannah Pratt
J C Howard
Ezra J. Monson

The choir had Practice at Sister Halling’s. I spent the evening with my family at home. Went with Sadie to a ten cent theater

[page break]


Portland, Saturday May 20th. 1905.

At 10.30 metSaltLaketrain, and found brother Heber C Jex who had been sent here by Goddard andHullto see to the building of the Booth for the Salt Lake Bureau of Information. I turned all papers over to him, Went with him to the Fair Grounds, and spent most of the day with him there. and in the evening went with him to the residence of Contractor Griffith and got him to sign up the contract.

Went to bed early.

[page break]


Portland, Sunday, May 21st 1905.

We this day held our Quarterly Conference; Meeting in our first session at 10 a.m. and in the other at 7 p.m.  Had a most delightful conference, our houses being full, and the singing exceptionally fine, and the preaching very spirited.  I spoke in both meetings a short time.  After meeting a young man by the name of Carter, who is a member of the church but has not been identified with it for years, came and expressed his desired to commence again, and do his first over again.

[page break]


Portland, Monday, May 22nd. 1905,

Wrote letters to:
Hannah Pratt               Spokane Wash.
Alice J. Pratt               Nephi  Utah
Mrs. Rosie Whittle      330 Omaha St. San Antonio <Texas>
J. C. Howard               Salt Lake City

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, May, 23. 1905.

Wrote Letters to:
J.M. Stogsdill                          Junction City, Ore.
Richards Smith                       Salt Lake Knitting Co.
German E. Ellsworth              Chicago, Ill.
Ben Goddard                          Bureau of Information

[page break]


Portland, Wednesday, May 24. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Ezekiel Johnson                      Seattle, Wash.
John W. Boman                      Anaconda Mont.
Ezra P. Monson                       Hood River
Dan Kimball                            Salt Lake

Read, Studied, Went to Theatre

[page break]


Portland Ore, Thursday May 25-05

Wrote on the subject of mans Origin

In the evening with Sadie, went and visited Mr. Warrell and his wife. She is in the Church, he is not.

[page break]


Portland  Friday May 26. 1905.

Wrote letters to
Frank Davenport Sen                        Hood River
N. J. Pratt                              Spokane
Ezra P. Monson                     Hood River

[page break]


Portland, Saturday, May 27. 1905.

Spent my time in Writing etc. in the evening went on the Street in company with Elders Darrington, Crowther, Bromley, etc. Held Meeting Cor 4th. and Washington. Good Crowd.  Preached with the greatest liberty for 1 hour ¼, on the personality of the Lord, and his church power over earthly matter.

I gave out that

[page break]


Portland Sunday, May 28, 1905

Our meetings were poorly attended. Our Sunday School was good.

[page break]


Portland, Monday May 29. 1905

[page break]


Portland, Mo Tuesday 30th. 1905.

[page break]


Portland, Wednesday, May 31st. 1905

[page break]


Portland, Thursday, June 1st. 1905.

[page break]


Portland, Friday  June 2nd. 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Mrs. S Maria J. Copley
Hannah Pratt

[page break]


Portland, Saturday, June 3rd. 1905

[page break]


Portland  Sunday June 4th 1905,

[page break]


Portland Monday June 5, 1905.

Wrote Letters to:
Jos. E Robinson,                     San Francisco
Shepherd Crowther                 Rigby, Idaho.
Josiah Call                                   “         “
Prest. Jos. F. Smith                 Salt Lake City

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, June, 6th 1905.

Wrote letters to:
Geo. Reynolds                                                Salt Lake City
Elder Ball                                            Butte, Mont.
B A Worthington Mngr. O. R. & N.  Portland
J. Richards Smith                                Salt Lake City

[page break]


Portland Wednesday, June 7. 1905

Home with family Writing Studying etc.

[page break]


Portland, Thursday, June 8. 1905.

[page break]


Portland, Friday June 9. 1905.

[page break]


Portland, Saturday, June 10. 1905.

[page break]


[page break]


Portland Sunday, June 11, 1905.

[page break]


Portland, Monday, June 12, 1905.

Wrote letters to –
Ezekiel Johnson                      Seattle, <meeting house> sent 50.00 on
Ezra D. Monson                      Hood River

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, June 13. 1905.

Wrote letters to
Nephi Hepworth                                 Boise
Anna M Burrell                                   Kokomo, Ind.
Josiah Call                                           Rigby, Ida.
Hannah Pratt                                       Spokane, Wash.
Frank Davenport Sr.                           Hood River
A.J. Pratt                                             Nephi, Ut.
Geo. E. Hill                                         Rigby, Ida.

Went to Post Office  In the evening held a street meeting  Spoke the entire time

[page break]


Portland Wednesday June 14. 1905.

Wrote letters to
A.W. Ball
Wm Crowther

[page break]


Portland Thursday June 15. 1905.

[page break]


Portland Friday June 16. 1905

[page break]


Portland  Saturday  June 17. 1905.

In company with sisters Westergaard and Simmons went to Hood River.  That night stayed with brother Ezra Monson.

[page break]


<Hood River> Portland Sunday June 18.  1905.

Was at Hood River came yesterday.  Held two meetings. Had midling good times Sisters Westergaard and Simmons each spok and I occupied the balance of the time.

Meetings were held at Frank Davenport Jr Sen. place.

[page break]


Hood River Monday June 19.  1905

The sisters Westergaard and Simmons and I returned home to Portland on the Early morning train.

[page break]


Portland Tuesday June 20.  1905

[page break]


Portland  Wednesday June 21. 1905

Wrote letters to:

In the afternoon at 5 p.m. Met at the Utah Building with the Press Club from Utah.  There were 54 members in the party, among them Apostle C.W. Penrose.  I met in a business meeting with them

[page break]


Portland  Thursday  June 22. 1905

Wrote letters to –
Hannah Pratt                           Spokane
Nephi Hepworth                     Boise
Miss Maggie Dolene   Butte
W.C. Spence                           Salt Lake City
W.C. Spence                           “      “       “
Wm Crowther                          Rigby

Took a gasoline launch Ride on the Willamette River for a couple of hours in co with some Salt Lake People, and my own family, Thomas Callister and his wife and daughter, and Aunt Helen Callister, and 6 Elders.

It was a most pleasureable Boat Ride, and one to be remembered.

Went with Sadie in the evening with some friends to a 10 cent Theatre.


[page break]


Portland,  Friday  June 23. 1905.

Wrote Letters to –
Prest. Geo. Reynolds                          Salt Lake City
W.C. Spence                                                   Salt Lake City
Mrs. M.J Copley                                             Fillmore.

Wrote two notices of Brother Penroses presence in Portland and that he would preach at our two services on Sunday.

These were written as locals for the local columns of the “Oregonian” and the “Journal” morning and Evening papers.  These were accepted as by the local Editors of those journals and will be published on Saturday.

With Aunt Helen Callister and Sadie, Went to a 10 cent Theater


[page break]


Portland  Saturday June 25 <24>. 1905.

Wrote letters to:-
R.H. Teeples                           New Westminster B.C.
Jos. L. Nelson             Thayne Wyo.
Hyrum A. Weston                   Preston Idaho

Brother Thomas Callister and Wife and daughter and Sis. Garf, Taylor and Daughter departed for Home this a.m.  I accompanied them to the depot.

Wrote up my journal. Went to Post Office. No mail.


[page break]


Portland, Sunday, June 25.1905

Wrote letters to –
Alice J. Pratt               Nephi Ut
Nephi Hepworth                     Boise

At 10 a..m. Sunday School.  Great attendance.  When about half out many Salt Lake parties came in.  At 11-30 meeting and night meeting the house was full.  Elders Andrew Jensen spoke first, and Apostle E. W. Penrose after.

W In the evening session was occupied by Bert Felt a few minutes and then by Brother Penrose. This was a very fine meeting.

Bro. Jensen came and took a room near us, of Ernest Bauerle, as he is going to get historical data of the mission on Tuesday.

[page break]


Portland  Monday, June 26. 1905.

Wrote letters to-
W. A. Ball
Chas Fritsche
Alma Larsen
John W. Boman

My son Nephi and his wife came from Spokane enroute for San Francisco Cal.  They are going from there to Chicago.  Nephi goes there to purchase goods for the Furniture store of Robbins Pratt & Robbins

I spent most of the afternoon with Nephi arround their Fair Grounds.

Spent the evening at Home with them.

[page break]


Portland, Tuesday, June 27, 1905

Wrote letters to
Mrs RosieWhittle                    Vanderpool, Texas
Ezra J. Merrill              Boise Id
W. C. Spence
Jos. E. Robinson

Was down Town with Nephi for a while.

He took train for San Francisco in the evening.

[page break]


Portland, Wednesday June 28, 1905

Spent considerable of the day in the fair grounds.

At 6:15 took train for Spokane where I arrived next morning about 10 oclock

Wrote a letter to
Ezekiel Johnson
A. Milton   Musser
A. L. Craig
Geo. Reynolds
J W Boman

[page break]


Spokane, Thursday, June 29. 1905.

Found Hannah and Romey at May’s, and found May and Bill and the baby, and Hannah and Romie all well. My joy was great in meeting these dear ones after an absence of several months.

Wrote letters to:
A. L. Craig                 Portland
Ezra J. Merrill             Boise
Nephi Hepworth             “

Went to a Thea

[page break]


Spokane, Friday, June 30th, 1905

Wrote letters to:
Women’s Health Institute       Ko—Komo Ind.
Frank and Joseph                    Salt Lake

Went to the Theater with Hannah and Romie to witness the Jessee Shirley Co. play the “princess of Patches.”

[page break]


Spokane, Saturday, July 1, 1905.

Went down Town. found Elders. Had happy interview with them. Found that they were intending to go into the country about 10 miles hoping to baptize a man and his two sons.

Took Dinner in a Restaurant with Hannah May and Bill and Romey. Home about 10 p.m. Prayers. Bed.

[page break]


Spokane. Sunday July 2nd, 1905.

Spent this day with my family, in the evening visited several hours with George Bowers and family took dinner with them, and we all went to a neighbours of theirs by the name of Armstrong, where we had Romey sing for us several pieces. Had a lovely visit.


[page break]


Spokane, Monday,   July 3rd .1905.

Spent the morning Reading, at home and writing up my journal.

Wrote letters to:
Mrs.  A.J. Pratt                        Nephi, Utah
Charles  Fritsche                     Seattle, Wash.
Geo. A. Hunter                       Anaconda,

[page break]


Spokane, Tuesday, July 4.  1905.

Spent the morning in reading, at May’s, and work some hours upon my Tithing accounts.  Took Hannah and went down town, from there to Natatorium Park.  Came back to town, and took lunch at restaurant, then went to the theater, and saw the Jessie Shirly Company play “a poor relation”.  Very enjoyable.

[page break]


Spokane, Wednesday,   July 5.  1905.

Wrote letters to-
Frankie Pratt                           Salt Lake
Samuel A. Jackson                  Portland

Spent the evening in company with Hannah, Romie, May, & Bill.at Mrs and Mr Robertsons.  They are musical people and wh  we had a very enjoyable evening together.

Retired about 12 night

[page break]


Spokane, Thursday, July 6. 1905.

Spent several hours writing letters to the following  persons.
Nephi Hepworth                     Boise
Wm  Hopkins                          Anaconda
Francis M Lyman                    Salt Lake
Geo. Reynolds                                    “          “
John W. Boman                      Anaconda

In the evening with elders and saints,  met in a cottage meeting at brother Heppy’s.  We had three investigators present, Two of whom came near 10 miles by buggy, to be present.  The meeting was a good success.  I did the preaching, and spoke on the restoration of the authority of the priesthood in this age,  and the lack of its and the power of it among the churches.

We went to Nephi J’s to sleep.
Retired about 12 night

[page break]


Spokane, Friday, July 7. 1905.

At  Nephi’s this morning, Mrs. Rowens, (colored) House Keeper told us, that Clair fell from a Car top yesterday, and was fell across a rail with his back, and was picked up insensable; He came home, but was found lying near the house on the side-walk almost unconscious. It was found upon examination that there was no bones broken. The poor fellow seemed very stiff and sore, but was up and arround, and quite cheerful.

At Nephi’s I wrote a letter to Mr. Craig of the O.R.& N. at Portland in behalf of Mr. Argle. Also wrote to Nephi J. and Myrtle.

Wrote letters also to:
Geo. A. Hunter                       Anaconda
Ezra P. Monson                       Hood River
Mrs Sadie M Pratt                   Portland

[page break]


Spokane, Saturday, July 8. 1905.

Spent considerable of the day at Home to May’s, and in the evening with Pres. Widdison and Elder Anderson, went and held a meeting on the corner of Stevens and Main Streets. We had one of the best street meetings I ever attended; As the meetings proceeded, people Kept coming up into our crowd until hundreds were listening to the preaching and were as profoundly silent as though under a spell. I discoursed for one hour and five minutes with the utmost liberty.

At the end of the meeting, the people present some of them, forming themselves into groups, became quite excited in discussing the pros and cons of the principles that had been presented.

Returned to Mays house very happy at this splended outpouring of the Holy Spirit,that had been so graciously given on this occasion.


This day when we arrived at Mays from Nephi’s we found that our old time friend of Mays, Mrs. Emma Carr and her son Jean and daughter Viola had come upon a visit to May.

[page break]


Spokane, Sunday, July 9. 1905.

Spent <the forenoon of> this day at Mays with the family, and with Emma Carr and her children.

At two p.m. we, Hannah Romie and I went out to Brother Heppy’s and with them their family, and the elders, and a young lady friend of the Heppy family, held a meeting, at which the three elders, & brother Heppy, spoke very short. Then I occupied about 45 minutes, on the subjects of, who is God, His personality, etc.

Went this evening with Hannah up to Nephi’s house, and stayed over night.

Our cottage meeting at Heppy’s was filled with the same spirit that was so abundantly with us in our Street meeting the night before

[page break]


Spokane, Monday, July 10. 1905.

Spent a great deal of the forenoon with the Elders.

Wrote letters to M
Mr Craig, at                 Portland
J.A. Early (Elder)        Spokane

In the evening went with Hannah, & Romie and the elders to Mrs. Vaugns, where we had Romie Sing, and enjoyed a very lovely social visit.

Went with Hannah to Nephi’s and spent the night.

I this day released brother J. A. Early from his mission because he was suffering so from a complaint of the Kidneys, which had come upon him from a hurt once recd wherein a Kidney had been torn loose.

I also let brother Lott Hancock go to Boise Idaho, for a change of climate because he is sick with the rheumatism. He goes to labor in that field for a while.

[page break]


Spokane, Tuesday, July 11. 1905.

Wrote letters to.
W. J. Mitchel               Nanicimo B. C.
W. D. Buchholz          Salt Lake City
Samuel A. Jackson      Portland
John W. Smith                            “
Ezra P. Monson           HoodRiver

Spent most of the forenoon with Elder Widdison and Anderson at their Head Quarters.  Had a very pleasant visit with them.

In the afternoon returned to Mays.  Spent the night there.

[page break]


Spokane, Tuesday <Wednesday>, July 12, 1905.

Spent some time this morning writing up my Journal.

Worked very hard all day getting up my Half yearly Report of Tithes and recieved and disbursed for 6 months Ending June 30. 1905.  When it was complete sent it off to the presiding Bishop’s office.

In the evening a neighbor Woman of May’s named Mc.Williams her two sons, and George and Hetty Bowers, came and spent the evening with us.

About 11.30 prayed


[page break]


Spokane, Thursday, July 13, 1905.

Went down town and bought Tickets for myself toBoise, Hannah toSaltLake, and Romie toPortland.

Telegraphed to Sadie to meet Romie without fail at 8 A. M. Friday morning.

Wrote a letter to Sadie Pratt

Took train in the afternoon at 4.30 for Boise.

Spent the rest of the day with the folks.  In the evening at 11.30 p Romie took the N. P. Ry. For Portland.  Her mother and I accompanied her to the depot put her on the train, took her into the Tourest sleeper, had to leave her sitting there without knowing wither she could get a berth or not.

[page break]


Spokane, Friday, July 14. 1905.

Spent this day till afterthree p.m.with my family.  At 4 pm took train forBoiseIdaho.  Arived at Umitilla at 2 at night.  Changed train there and sat up on day coach throughout balance of the trip.

[page break]


Enroute for Boise Saturday July 15. 05.

Arived there in the evening.  Went to Brother Ezra Merrills to take up my abode.  Found him and family all well.

[page break]


Boise, Sunday July 16. 1905.

Our meetings were deeply interesting.  They were well attended.  I had several visitors from Idaho and Utah, and called upon one of them to speak.  Pres. Ezra J. Merrill who had been President of the Boise Branch from its beginning, tendered his resignation because his business would take him so much away from Boise.  I made some remarks as to brother Merrills faithfulness, and then asked the Saints to vote to accept his resignation, and return him a vote of thanks for his faithful labors.

It became necessary now to have a branch president.  And in the evening meeting we took the matter into consideration, and presented the name of Elder Heber Q. Hale for Pres. of the Branch.  He was sustained unanimously, and brother Jacobsen was sustained as his first counselor, and at brother Hales suggestion the office of second counselor was left open for the time being for further consideration.  In this conference we had many speakers, and I wound up in the evening meeting. It was a very good conference.

[page break]


Boise Monday July 17. 1905.

Wrote letters to—
Mrs. Emma Holling                             Croyden Ut
Elder S.A. Jackson                              Portland
“     A.W. Ball                                  Butte
“     J.A. Larsen                                N. Yakama
“    Marcus W.F. Halling                  Portland
Prest. J. W. Smith                                    “
Elder Ezekiel Johnson                         Seattle

In the evening the elders and a Quartette club went down to Sister Mos’s house and held a cottage meeting.  There was one neighbour woman in, and several young neighbour girls in, and the singing was something splendid.  I occupied all the time on the subject of how the wicked served the Lord when he was on the earth, How they killed him: His resurrection from the dead, and how humanity will be when they are changed from Mortal to imortal.

I certainly had the profoundest attention from the audience.

[page break]


Boise Tuesday July 18. 1905.

Wrote letters to
O.C. Combs                                                    Colville Wash
M  J Copley                                                     Fillmore
Hyrum A Watson
Jos. F. Smith

Held another cottage meeting at sister Mary Smiths.  Had our beautiful singing there by the quartette club.  There were a number of strangers present.  I had good liberty to talk on the subject of New revelation and the necessity of it. Had good attention from the auditors

[page break]


Boise, Wednesday  July 19, 1905

At 2 p.m.  met with the Elders and the sisters in a relief Society meeting and had a most enjoyable time.  The sisters some of them spoke and I occupied the balance of the time.

In the evening at 8 o’clock we held a cottage meeting at Brother               at which were several outsiders, neighbours, both men and women. We had a most excellent meeting. I spoke with fine liberty upon the signs that she were to precede the coming of the “Son of man.”

We just after this meeting was ended administered to two Sisters who were sick.

[page break]


Boise, Thursday, July 20. 1905.

Wrote letters to
Lott Hancock  (release)                       Boise
Sadie M. Pratt                                     Portland
Geo. H Brimhall                                  Provo
Alice J. Pratt                                       Nephi Utah
Hannah Pratt                                       Spokane

[page break]


Boise, Friday,   July 21. 1905.

At 4 a.m.took train  for Anaconda  Mont.  Arrived at Pocatello in the afternoon.  Took a room at the Hotel. Had a spunge bath in my room. Wrote letters to:
Sadie M.Pratt                          Portland
Ezkiel Johnson                        Seattle
one other

[page break]


Pocatello  Saturday  July 22nd. 1905.

Took train at 7 am for Butte and Anaconda.  Arrived at Butte about 4 p.m.  Took Room at the Olsen house to remain in while I should await the night train to Anaconda.

Lost the train, that night as I got to the depot just too late by having been misinformed as to the time of its going.

Remained all night at the Olsen Block.

[page break]


Butte, Sunday,  July 23rd. 1905.

Took the  9.50 A.M. Train for Anaconda.  Arrived there at 10.40. Went to the meeting house.   Found the Sunday School in Conference assembled.  Their exercises were really very fine.  Held our Conference meeting at 2 and 8 p.m.

In the afternoon meeting I released Elder Walter Wayment who had been in the mission over 2 yrs  and one month to return home.  I gave him a good send off before the saints, and had him speak which he did with tears. a part of the time.

I occupied an hour upon the principal of spiritual and resurrected beings, their visits to man. The way man sees and senses  their presence, and kind red subjects.

In the 8 o’clock meeting s we had a family of investigators, and one or two other outsiders present.  I spoke with fair liberty upon the “coming of the Son of man.”  All seemed very interested.

Our conference closed with, with the saints all pleased and sattisfied

[page break]


Anaconda,  Monday,  July 24.  1905.

Wrote letters this day to
Hannah Pratt                           Spokane
Alice J. Pratt                           Nephi  Pratt  Utah
Henry Jeffries                         N. Yakama
Geo. W. Willis                         Salt Lake
W.C. Spence                           “     ”
Nephi Hepworth                     Boise
Ezekiel Johnson                      Seattle
E.Z. Carbine                            La Grande
Sadie M. Pratt                         Portland
Walter Wayment                     Butte

Went with the Elders and took dinner at 7 p m at the home of the saints where Geo A Hunter is living,  whose names I forget.

At 8 p.m. attended a party given by the Saints at the house of bro. John Boise. Danced once with a gentile lady.

Got tired and soon went home to brother Shorts, and retired.

In this party I delivered an address on the coming of the pioneers to Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

[page break]


Anaconda,  Tuesday,  July  25.  1905.

Spent some hours this morning getting up my diary to date.in the afternoon went with Elders Bowman and Reed, and visited with and took dinner with Sis. Rasmussen.also visited two investigators by the name of Flynn. Spent a very pleasant afternoon with this good family.

Wrote a letter to Brother W.C. Spence about getting RR Rates for Sister Harry Goodsell of Butte.

Went to the place of Geo. A Hunter and took my tithing Record and compared accounts with him.

Set his accounts in order.

At 8 p.m. attended  a cottage meeting at the residence of  brother Thomas, only had  a few Saints and two young women back sliders present, but the meeting was full of the Holy Spirit.

Elder Boman spoke first and I followed him upon the coming of the Son of man etc. I had the utmost liberty.

All present expressed themselves delighted with the meeting.

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Anaconda  Wednesday,   July 26.  1905.

Wrote letters to
American and Reporting Agency                   S.L. City
Alice L. Reynolds                                           Victoria  BC
S.A. Jackson                                                   Portland  ore
Mrs. Emma Holling                                         Croyden  Ut
Marcus Holling                                               Portland
W.C.  Spence                                                  Salt Lake

Went with the elders to Sis Davis’ Spent all the afternoon with Brother and Sister Davis.  Had a most delightful visit with them.  Conversed about the sacred principles of truth and about the experiances of others in missionary life etc.

Returned home

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Anaconda Thursday, July 27, 1905

Spent the day at Sister Browns and Sister Amer’s and held a cottage meeting at the latter place in the evening.

There were the elders with me, and at the meeting only a few Saints, but we had the spirit of the Lord and I spoke perhaps 40 minutes on the creation, the fall, the way the peopling of the earth began and how we were in our pre-existant state.

I slept at Sister Amers and in the morning came down to brother Shorts.  The elders were there ahead of me.

At noon, took train for  Butte

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Anaconda, Friday, July 28, 1905

Arrived in Butte about 12 noon.  Took rooms at the Olsen Block.  Wrote letters to-
Hannah Pratt                  Spokane
Birdie Robison       Fillmore Ut.

Met with the elders and found they had appointed a cottage meeting at the house of a gentile lady by the name of Lusher.  We had the room packed.  Brother Morton and other Salt Lake people traveling on Sunday School business was in attendance and Elder Morton spoke.  We had a house full of strangers.  I occupied an hour on Spiritualism. Had the closest attention of my audience.

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Butte Saturday, July 29, 1905

Busied myself in writing and in the evening the elders and I went to the Theater together.

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Butte, Sunday July 30, 1905

Sunday School in the regular Hall at 10 a.m.  Very few out. Spoke a few minutes after the regular exercises.

At 2 p.m. met in conference at Good Templars Hall.  After the opening ex-cercises I tried to speak and did so for a half hour but had poor degree of liberty.

I considered my effort a great failure. I felt deeply humiliated and cryed and plead with the Lord to give me his spirit in the evening meeting.  Elder Boman spoke in the afternoon also.

In the 8 o’clock p.m. meeting I called upon Elder Reid and Brother Short.

After they had each spoken a few minutes, I spoke upon the coming and mission of Elijah the prophet for one hour and twenty minutes.  Good liberty.  Close attention.  Splendid meeting.

After Sunday School, a few teachers and others met at my request and we Sustained Pres. A.W. Bell as Supet. Him to choose his counselors hereafter.

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Butte Monday July 31, 1905.

Wrote letters to:-
Sadie M. Pratt. Portland Ore

In the evening with Elder Ball went about 2 miles out of Butte to visit Mr. and sister Curnow. We spent a most delightful evening with this faithful sister and her good kind husband.

Sister Curnow gave us a lovely supper, and we conversed on Sacred things till quite a late hour. We were introduced to the son of these good people, whose name is Michel, who is 17 years of age and who stands over six feet high. He is a beautiful young man.

Returned home in peace and safety.

Prayed and retired.

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Butte. Tuesday Aug. 1, 1905.

Spent most of this morning was spent with brother Hovey looking through his tithing and other accounts.

In the evening took the “North coast Limited” Northern Pacific Train and traveled all night for Spokane, Wash.

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Spokane, Wednesday, Aug. 2nd 1905.

Arrived here about 10.30 A.M. When I arrived at May Morris’ found all as well as usual.

My Wife Hannah is very week. I purchased her a ticket to Salt Lake (Half fare) for tomorrow.

Spent the evening at Nephi’s with him and Myrtle and the children.

Nephi is having trouble in his business matters. The Robins men have been ignoring his authority in the firm. He has informed them of his desire to sell out, and they are begging him to remain.

We bid Nephi and family good Bye, and returned to May’s.

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Spokane, Thursday Aug. 3, 1905.

At 7 am Hannah and I took train to Pendleton, Rode all day and arrived there in the evening about 5.30. I got Hannah a berth on the Tourist Sleeper, and bade her good bye, she continuing her journey to Salt Lake. I sat up at the depot all night waiting for a train going to Portland.

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Pendleton Friday Aug. 4, 1905

About 7 a.m. a late train came along bound for the West, and I got aboard and arrived there about 8 p.m.

Found Sadie and the children all right, also the Elders

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PortlandSaturday Aug. 5, 1905.

Wrote letters to –
Mrs Kate B. Anderson           Portland
Mr. Glos                                  “
SaltLakeKnittingWorks.     S.L.City
Elder R.H. Teeples                 BlainWash.
Prest Jos. F. Smith
Elder A.W. Ball
John W. Boman
W.J. Mitchel
Maynard E Nelson
Ezekial Johnson
Mrs J. H Sampson
Ezra J. Merrill
Nephi Hepworth
Ezra P. Monson
Maggie Coleman
Marion Copley
W.C. Spence
J.L. Nelson

Went out for a walk with Sadie.

Home Prayers Bed.

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Portland, Sunday, Aug 6. 1905

I attended the meeting at 11.30. It was a glorious fast meeting, the best almost that I was ever at. I bore my testamony and spoke a short time about how things are in the mission.

In the evening meeting at 7 p.m. After two of the other brethren had spoken I occupied the balance of the time on the mission of Elijah the Prophet.

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