Cliff Ranch, May, 9th, 1889.

Dear Grandma

Please accept are love and good wishes and this small boquet of moss and ferns as a birthday gift. We are the are all well and t hope you are the same. We are living on or are own land now, and we call it Cliff Ranch, because of the beautiful Cliffs that are on the hills. There is a nother fameny <another> family one living with us their mane is Romney. The other night the Wovels Wolves howled but we have not heard them since. Night before last, just before dark one of the Romeny boys kiled killed two d <big> brown bears about a mu three miles off, he brought one home with him and it was a targle darge large as a half growen grown colt. There are lots of flowers out here. now and then folks that were here last year says that the hills are just crovered with flowers One of are nabers neighbors killed a Mountain Lion and a wild cat about two week agb ago, two or three [page break] miles from there. We had a very good time on the first of May, Last Sunday we went up to Cave Vally Valley, and saw the caves, the larges room to in one of Caves was as large as two good size rooms there were small rooms in the Caves made of large Adobies. We went in all the Caves on this side of the river it wis was very dark in the Caves, and we had to have a light. In one of the Caves we fond a part of a basket it looked frish fresh but when we toched touched it, it would crunble up. It was ny my birthday last m Monday and we had a b dinner partty party at night we d had a dance at our howse. and ue we had a very good time. I got a nice shoulder cape. We milk about seventeen cows, and are expicting to milk on more this sumer summer, and we are going to make cheese. S Grapes and cherries grow wild here, and the hop vines are just thick. Verde is a year and a haff half old, she has walked aver ever since she was a year ald old. she trys to talk but she can only say a few words, Goodg Goodby. Your ever loving Grand tau daughter, Anna.

[Transcribed by Walt Morrell and Suzanne Taysom; Mar. 2014]

From Anna [Anna Amelia Pratt Romney] to Grandmother [Mary Wood Pratt]. Letter. 9 May 1889; “Mary Wood Pratt Collection,” digital images, MS 25036, file 1, p. 17-18. ( : Retrieved January 2014) Church History Library, Salt Lake City.

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