Salt Lake City
April 16th 1890

Dear Hela

Since the change in our municipal affairs there is a general desire to locate our corners.  I have the new City Surveyors up here four times and according to the deed, (viz beginning 8 rods west & 12 ½ rods north from the north west corner of plat f &c – )  This throws my lines all out of kilter but that could or can be esily overcome by the city issuing a corrected deed which is now a common thing.  But here is the trouble with me;  I have applied to the City for some of the land adjoining me North & South & I made three applications & each petition was emphatically denied; our Since [page break] our lines are out so far the City will place our corners where we designate within the enclosure.  Now here is what I would like if you feel willing to do <it> is this that you give me a quit claim deed for the few <feet> between the cellar & the fence; for there is not enough for any body or thing only to widden my narrow strip  The gentile outfit now in authority are going to make it hot for us all.  Or, I will will make you this offer for the land outside of the original enclosure north & south, if you wish to give me quit claim deed for that I will contest it & if we get it divide it equally between us.  I have left a deed signed at Ben Driggs Jr. office subject to your order

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As long as we controlled the City – I should never have made this proposition <for> the land outside but as it now stands I do not see any materi<a>l wrong in it.

I saw Mame Thone & Lyn yesterday.  Mame has been sick about two months, just getting around the house.  Lyns eyes are no better.   Alma is an object pity – if not sorrow.   Lehi has gone down on the Sevier above Deseret to superinted that big Coop farm.

The last person has been removed who held office under our people.

A lot of Marion Merrells’ Joe Raleighs’ & old saloon toughs are now guarding the public peace & as a result the saloon men does not fear them very much.  We had a very long hard winter    I received a long letter from Dan Leg who says they have it

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severe there too.  Much stock have died & some men have suffered heavily.

Susie is now doing her own work.  I have been very sick nearly all winter & wound  up with the grip for the last 8 weeks & last night my throat look & feel much better but very weak.  Our children are all first rate & doing well & they often speak of your young folks.

Our kindest love to yourself & family.

I remain yous  &c
H C Jacobs

P.S. Please answer soon & oblige – If you cant make this out please let us know – & we will interpret it for you.

H C Jacobs to Hela [Helaman Pratt] Letter. 16 April 1890. “Helaman Pratt papers 1883-1909: Correspondence, letters received, 1886 December-1902 September,” digital images, ( : accessed January 2015) MS 199, box 1, folder 3, p. 48-51

[Transcribed by Nora Fowers, Mauri Pratt, and Doratha Rae Pratt Young, Apr. 2011]