Tampe Nov 28, 1875
Salt River Maricopa County

Dear Wives, Victoria & Dora

Since writing to you before we have traveled about 100 miles, the country from the vVerdy to this place is not very inviting, although some part would make good grasing, The Salt River Valley is will average about 10 miles wide & it is 90 miles long, the land is of the best quality & watter enough to erigate every inch of it, the climate is very fine there being little or no winters, no snow, & ice only freases to the thickness of a windo paine There are is now about 1500 people located on the River, moslely meseicans The leading men escpress a desier to have the mormons come settle with in this Valley. It is the opinion of the [page break] Brothren that there is sufficient land & watter to sustain at least 10,000 inhabiting There is about 5000, Pemo’s & Maricopa indians, in this section of country, who are very peaceable & industrious people they farm esctensive on the GHela river 18 miles from hear,

I have not herd a word from you since I left Toquer, but I trust all is well with you. We will be at Tuson in about 1 week where I hope to receive letter from you, We have not made much head way in spanish yet, but we are now getting among the people who speak that language & we are in hopes to make more rapid progress, I wish you would Take lessons from Uncal August & learn to read & seak the language, enclosed you will find too of our favorite songs pleas learn to sing them, The boys are wating for me to go to the Post ofice so I will close with Love to all
in haste H Pratt

Helaman Pratt to Wives Victoria and Dora [Emeline Victoria Billingsly and Anna Johanna Dorothy Wilcken], 28 November 1875; MS 5263, file 1, pages1-2, Church Church History Library, Salt Lake City.