Jared Pratt Family Association

Descendants of Jared Pratt, his daughter Mary, and his five sons: Anson, William, Parley, Orson and Nelson.

Mrs. Percy W. Pratt
Corresponding Secretary
290 East 1100 South
Bountiful, Utah 84010
Phone: 295-3757

Dr. David Stratford Murdock
1579 South 800 East
Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: 225-7558

Greetings to all Descendants of Jared Pratt:

This letter has four purposes:

I. Notice of our Annual Pratt Family Reunion (scheduled to closely coincide with the date that Orson Pratt entered the Valley of Salt Lake, July 21, 1847.)  We encourage all who can to come and renew associations and make new friends.  The reunion this year will be in Liberty Park at Salt Lake City at the Small Bowery close to the tennis courts in the Northwest ¼ of the park.

Our Agenda:
Saturday, July 20, 1974

6:00 p.m. – Registration and get-acquainted hour.  We encourage the young people to come.  We will have a Volleyball Court available and we would like you to harmonize a little – “The Pratt Cousin Chorus” – not to be confused with our famous “King Cousins,” who are certainly a part of us.

7:00 p.m. – Picnic Supper.  Please bring your own.  We will furnish the ice cream.

8:00 p.m. – Short business meeting (including Treasurer’s report).  This year, we will propose an expenditure from family funds to commission a study for a new book on the life of Parley Parker Pratt.  We have the author – Steven Pratt.  He has had published by BYU his study on the circumstances of Parley’s death.  We propose that the family underwrite his continued research and writing of a book about Parley P. Pratt’s personal life.  This should then be followed by the life of Orson Pratt.  We will have more definite information for discussion at the meeting including estimated cost.  If you cannot attend, please send us your comments and support.

8:30 p.m. – A brief program – fun for all. 


II. Our main purpose still Genealogy.  We need family group sheets updated.  Please bring or send new group sheets and/or information to add to those you have already submitted.  The packets that have been offered the past several years are still available by mail or at the reunion.  They are as follows:

1973 Packet – brief historical and genealogical sketches of many paternal antecedents of Jared Pratt, not previously published by the Pratt family.  $2.25

1967 Packet of 10 sheets: Jared and Charity Dickinson Pratt, Jared and Polly Carpenter Pratt, Obadiah Pratt, Samuel Dickinson, Elnathan Griffin, Ebenezer Tolls and Rev. John Lathrop.  Also a special 8-generation Pedigree Chart, and a chart showing our relationship to the Prophet Joseph Smith and other prominent men.  $1.25

1968 Packet of 10 sheets: Christopher Pratt and Sarah Pratt, Ensign William Pratt and Hannah Hough, Joseph Pratt and Margaret Parker, Samuel Pratt and Elizabeth Peck, Lt. William Pratt and Elizabeth Clark, William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury, and an interesting history of a stalwart ancestor – Anne Marbury Hutchinson.  $1.25

“Our Royal Lineage” Chart: This traces our ancestral line, through Charity Dickinson, to three prominent European Kings – Alfred the Great (848), Charlemagne (742), and William the Conqueror (1024), and beyond, to the year 519 A.D.  It is 15 x 23 and also contains, in color, ancestral Coats of Arms.  $2.00


III. We are very interested in the living – and the great number that this association encompasses.  Wouldn’t it be very interesting to know?

How many descendants of Jared are there?
How many missionaries have served?
How many missionaries are serving?
Is it out of the realm of possibility to collect such information?

Will you write to us and let us know your ideas on how to make our association more meaningful?


IV. Naturally, we have to remind you that we need your monetary support.  Our dues have been set at $5.00 per family per year.  Our on-going Genealogical research, the cost of mailing and reunion will just about balance out our last year’s dues income.  If we are to take on a new project, we will depend on your support.  If you wish a copy of our financial report that will be given at the business meeting, please write to our Corresponding Secretary.


Percy W. Pratt, President

[transcribed from original and proofread by David Grow, Dec. 2006]

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