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The families of the Apostles Parley P. and Orson Pratt will have a reunion, June 11, 1884, at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City.  The family has become very numerous in these valleys, so much so that many of the descendants of those noble men are strangers to each other.  A family gathering was contemplated at the time of Bro. Orson’s death, which event turned it into a funeral.

[Ogden Standard Examiner, May 21, 1884]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Apr. 2006]


The Pratt Reunion

The Pratt family contemplate holding a family picnic reunion at Liberty Park, on Wednesday, June 11. All the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited.

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, May 28, 1884, 3]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Apr. 2006]


The Pratt Family Reunion

The Pratt family reunion took place on Wednesday, at Liberty Park. About 200 relatives and friends assembled and partook of picnic under the shade of the trees. President Taylor and Counselor D.H. Wells, with a number of their families, joined in the festivities of the occasion.

President John Taylor said he was pleased to meet with the Pratt family and spend a little time with the wives and children of his early associates. Brother Parley brought the Gospel to him. He (President Taylor) was then living in Toronto, Upper Canada. After that Brothers Orson Pratt and Orson Hyde came over there and they all labored to build up a branch of the Church, and he (Brother T.) was chosen to preside. Their long associations had been of the most friendly character. There had never been an unpleasant word between either of these brethren; sometimes there had seen pretty hard “scratching” to get along, as these older members of the family well understood. It was not all fair sailing. I have been thinking since I came down here today what a change there is in the family of Brother Parley. When I first knew him he had only one wife, a very delicate woman indeed. I remember that she and Brother Pratt came over to Canada to make us a visit. There had been a prophecy about Mrs. Pratt having a child. I believe Brother Heber C. Kimball was the author, and he went so far as to say it should be a son, and his name “Parley.” It seemed a most unlikely thing that his delicate lady could have a child, she being about 40 years old and very feeble. There was considerable interest over the prediction, and my wife said to me, “Well, if that woman has a child, I will believe Mormonism, sure.”

I went up to Kirtland and while there Mrs. Pratt was confined, and sure enough this boy was born, although it cost the life of his mother. She died immediately after giving birth to this promised son. Here Brother Taylor enquired if Parley was present, being told that he was absent, the President remarked that he, Parley, was that child. I was thinking had it not been for polygamy, most of you present would not have been here today. When I returned to Canada, many members of the branch asked what about Mrs. Pratt. I told them that she had gone to another sphere, when their countenances fell. “How about the promised babe?” they inquired. “Oh,” said I, “that’s all right, he is safe.” When they heard this, their faces beamed with joy and faith sprang up in their souls.

Brother Orson was more fortunate in his case. His first wife had a large family. I am pleased to be associated with you and to know that you cling to the faith of your fathers. I have noticed that the boys are true to their covenants, and when called to fill missions they go; I think there are several now performing labor of this kind, viz; Helaman, in Mexico; Milson started yesterday to India and Moroni L. is in England. These mothers have striven to bring you along in the right way. God bless them. They like many others have not had the easiest time while their husbands were filling missions in the farthest part of the earth.

I rejoice that you are following in the footsteps of your fathers. May you honor virtue and pursue a noble course and increase in every good that will commend you to the righteous, that the name of Pratt may be perpetuated in the earth. I could ill spare the time to come out today, as I must have tomorrow, but I wanted to see you and become acquainted with the children of my old associates. They have left us some time, but their works will follow them. Gold bless you all. Amen.

Speeches and songs by members of the family were then given, and a general good time enjoyed. An organization was effected by the appointing of a committee consistent of Parley P. Pratt, Milando Pratt, Alma Pratt, Belinda Musser and Larinda Weihe. The committee were instructed to take steps to have a family reunion every year from this time. Milando Pratt was chosen custodian of the Pratt family record, after which the party retired, to their homes, cheered and comforted by the association and meeting together.

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, June 11, 1884, 3]
[Deseret News, June 13, 1884]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Apr. 2006]

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