Milando Pratt

Milando Pratt, son of Orson Pratt and Mary Ann Merrill Pratt, was born Sept. 30, 1848 at Harris Grove, Pottawatamie County, Iowa, about forty miles distant from Council Bluffs.

The family lived in a log cabin while Orson Pratt was on a mission to England. During the absence of his father, Milando was born.

In July 1851, Orson Pratt and family left their home and crossed the plains with an ox trail arriving in Salt Lake City, Oct. 7, 1851. They camped on the Temple Block and remained there two weeks. They then moved to the old David McKenzie lot, the corner of Sixth South and West Temple. A few days later they moved to the northern part of the city, the corner of Third north and third west, where Milando lived until he was married in 1870.

He was baptized Mar. 6, 1857 [page break] and confirmed Apr. 2, 1857 in the 19th Ward. He was ordained an Elder and received his endowments at the age of 15, Jan. 23, 1864, in the Endowment House.

He married Elizabeth Rich, daughter of Apostle Charles C. Rich and Sarah D Pea <Rich> May 16, 1870 at the Endowment House by Daniel H. Wells. Through this union they had five sons and two daughters.

He was a member of the High Council of Salt Lake Stake from May 9, 1873 to Feb 26, 1904. He was employed at the Historian’s Office for twenty years to write Church History. He lived in Ogden a short time and served as a Sunday School Missionary.

When the old Salt Lake Stake was divided into four <new> stakes, he was chosen & set apart as a High Councilor in Liberty Stake, which position he held till July, 1911, where he was called & ordained a patriarch.

At the October conference of 1876 [page break] he was called to go upon a mission to the United States. On Oct. 9, 1876 he was set apart for the Eastern States Mission. He labored in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut. He left Feb. 6, 1877 and returned Aug, 6, 1877, a six months mission.

He attended about the same schools as Sister Pratt.

<His death occurred on November 7, 1930> after a prolonged illness lasting nearly <twenty> years he passed on November 7, 1930. [page break]

“Biography of Milando Merrill Pratt,” MS 11803, file 1, p. 1-3. ( : Retrieved 23 September 2015) Church History Library, Salt Lake City.

[Transcribed by Mauri Pratt; Sep. 2015]

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